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Embraced by the Essence - Your Journey into Wellness Using Pure Quality Essential Oils by Dr. Marcy Foley Davidsson

Embraced by the Essence –
Your Journey into Wellness Using Pure Quality Essential Oils

Dr. Marcy Foley Davidsson
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This reference work on essential oils is Dr. Foley’s most popular book. Dr. Foley’s expertise as a Naturopathic Doctor is combined with the knowledge and wisdom of aromatherapy masters such as Dr.’s Gary Young, Daniel Pénoël, Pierre Franchome and Kurt Schnaubelt. Methods of application are discussed and clearly illustrated. The book teaches you to think your way through a disease to avoid diagnosing and prescribing. Readers report, “An invaluable tool for learning how to create good health; it is full of practical suggestions that even a lay person can use.” “After reading a dozen or more books, yours is the most useful for bringing the use of oils into my world as it teaches about the Natural Miracles contained in the oils.”

8½” x 11″, 351 p., ISBN 0-9631452-5-8, $33

Integrated Aromatic Medicine (1998)

Integrated Aromatic Medicine (1998)
– Proceedings from the First International Symposium –
– Grasse, France – March 21-22 1998 –

Consisting of presentations from 21 different health professionals from all over the world, this volume presents advanced uses of therapeutic essential oils and the results that have been obtained in clinical and laboratory testing, primarily in Europe. Presenters include pharmacists, MD’s, naturopaths, PhD’s, and a dentist. Topics range from gynecological infection to fibromyalgia, from HIV to ADD, from allergies to emergency care, and from colon health to acupuncture—all in the context of treatment with essential oils. Includes an illustrated presentation on essential oil cultivation and distillation in the U.S. by Dr. D. Gary Young, ND. Translated from the original French into English.

8½” x 11″, 150 p., $19.95

Integrated Aromatic Medicine

Integrated Aromatic Medicine 2001
– Proceedings from the International Symposium –
– Grasse, France – March 2-4, 2001 –

Twenty presentations from health professionals in Europe, North American, Asian, and South America. As with the previous two volumes, presenters in this volume included primarily doctors, but also chemists, pharmacists, and biologists—all involved in the research and testing of various forms of essential oils as medicines. Topics range from respiratory infections to stress and tension; from DNA protection to cancer; from psoriasis to rheumatoid arthritis; from ear infections to natural cosmetics. This volume is also heavily focused on a variety of topics pertaining to essential oil chemistry and the use of essential oils in curing childhood diseases. All presentations are translated into English. An excellent source for researchers and health professionals. Foreword by Dr. Daniel Pénoël.

8½” x 11″, 166 p., $19.95

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