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  E3Live TM

E3Live - Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae

"E3Live TM is a qualitative leap compared to the other AFA coming out
of Klamath Lake."

- Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D

all natural Kosher

**** Special Offer US Residents Only - Includes Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air ! ****

E3 Live 4+1 Free Bottle + A Free Gift
E3AFA, Enzymes, Phycomin, Probiotics or "Renew Me!"
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(This is a 160+ Day Supply (4 Bottles + 1 Free Bottle) = $29.16 per bottle includes shipping)

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4 Bottles of  Fresh Frozen AFA - E3 Live
+ Get 1 Extra Bottle FREE
- Includes Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air
(This is a 160+ day supply (4 Bottles + 1 Free Bottle) = $29.16 per bottle includes shipping)


**** For Canadian Orders - 4 Bottles + 2 Free Bottles ****

$189.80 (US$) Incl. Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air / Customs & Tax!

If ordering from Manitoba or Alberta a Broker's Fee of $30.00 will be added
as required by Canadian Fed-Ex Delivery
A 3rd Free Bottle of E3 Live will be included in your order
to make up for the additional cost
Please call before placing your order
if you have any questions

If you want to order more than 4+1 bottles, please e-mail us  for pricing

Other E3 Algae Products


E3AFA 50 g Flakes

Blue Green Algae in Powder / Flake form
Up to a 50 day supply

Kornax Price $26.00
Free US Shipping (Must Use This Link)

International Orders

E3AFA 460 g (1+ lb) Flakes

Blue Green Algae in Powder / Flake form 
Up to a 460 day supply

Kornax Price $220.00
Free US Shipping (Must Use This Link)

International Orders

E3AFA 90 caps 500 g each

Blue Green Algae in vegetarian capsules
This is up to a 45 day supply

Kornax Price $24.95 - Free US Shipping

International Orders - (Must Use This Link)

E3AFA 500 caps 500 g each

Blue Green Algae in vegetarian capsules 
This is up to a 250 day supply

Kornax Price $120.00 - Free US Shipping

International Orders - (Must Use This Link)

*Note: After requesting and testing samples from several companies that harvest Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae, we found the Algae from Vision, Inc. (E3) to be of superior quality and we are proud to be able to offer it to our kornax.com customers. Although kornax.com is a discount brand name store, Vision, Inc. (E3) do not permit us to sell their products at a discount.

We therefore offer most of the E3 Blue Green Algae Products with
Free US Shipping (Must Use This Link)

Excerpt from Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Dr. Gabriel Cousens is one of the worlds foremost authorities on living food nutrition, holistic lifestyle and complementary medicine. A graduate from Columbia Medical School with a specialty in biochemistry, he is a holistic physician, psychiatrist, homeopath, family therapist, and a shining example of health himself. Dr. Cousens is the author of Conscious Eating, Depression-Free For Life, Spiritual Nutrition, Rainbow Diet and several other books. Following are some excerpts from an interview with Dr. Cousens:

EJR (Eliot Jay Rosen) - As far as I know, you've been eating and recommending Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), the cyanophyta (nutritional algae) that grows in Klamath Lake, longer than any other medical doctor in the world, almost 20 years, which in my book, makes you an expert. GC (Dr. Gabriel Cousens) - That's true. However, I want to make clear from the very outset that throughout that time, my commitment has been, and still is, only to the highest quality AFA and not to any company. I have no affiliation or financial interest in the company that is behind E3Live ™. In this way, I can have the cleanest, most scientific approach. I can switch to better products and not compromise my integrity when it comes to recommending what is best for my clients. I've shared AFA with thousands of my clients throughout the years. The reason I'm speaking with you today is because I've experienced that E3Live ™ is a qualitative leap compared to the other AFA coming out of Klamath Lake.EJR - How does E3Live™ compare to store bought vitamins and minerals?GC - I don't see E3Live ™ as a collection of vitamins and minerals. In nature, there are certain energies that were given to us by God to use for our human development.

For instance, the herb milk thistle has an affinity to the liver. Siberian ginseng is a specific for the adrenals, etc.In the same way, E3Live ™ has a unique energy that has an affinity to improving brain function. We now have clinical research showing AFA balances EEG readings and improves central nervous system functioning. So I don't like to equate AFA as just being a good source of certain vitamins and minerals. Sure, it has the most reliable and plentiful amounts of B-12 than any other non-animal food I know, but this in itself is just an added bonus to the gift that AFA really is in the grand scheme of God's creation. But I think this algae is so much more than that. To compare it to man-made supplements is to minimize the value of AFA. And now that AFA is available in its liquid, live form, this for me is really the exciting part.EJR - You were one of the first physicians to recommend E3Live ™ frozen liquid even though you were already using the powdered version of the same species of AFA?GC -

That's correct. I'd been eating AFA from Klamath Lake since 1982. I happened to be at a Live Food Expo in San Francisco where I met the developers of E3Live ™. My first experience with E3Live ™ was quite dramatic and wonderful. I felt the difference immediately. I felt such a paradigm shift compared to the other AFA I'd been using, that I am now recommending E3Live ™ to my clients, and the response has been wonderful for so many different health concerns.EJR - Could you compare the energetic and nutritional differences between E3 AFA and say, Spirulina, or Chlorella.

GC - For those who know about nutritional edible algae, there's a tendency to want to compare algae in a competitive way. But this isn't the way I look at it. Each of these algae have their proper roles. Chlorella is very specific for getting mercury out of the system. Spirulina is very good for hepatitis. Although Chlorella or Spirulina may help mental functioning a little bit, it's nowhere near the effect that AFA has on mental functioning. So Spirulina works more on the physical body, and E3Live's™ real gift to humanity is that it works more on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, yet, still has tremendous effects physically, as I've been mentioning. But it's the mental functioning where people really feel the difference.

Primordial Food:  Aphanizomenon

A Wild Blue-Green Alga with Unique Health Properties; Christian Drapeau, MSc.

An informative booklet on the many great health benefits of AFA.

Kornax Price: $5.00

200+ species of marine phytoplankton.

Another extremely powerful algae product, not from the E3 company.

Read more

Kornax Price: $29.95


vegetarian    algae

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