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3 Book Excerpts

Free Excerpts of Books Published by Kornax Enterprises

Akanthos - A Book of Channeled Insights

A trance channeled book full of profound spiritual insights. Topics include Soul Mates, True Love, being an Adventurer rather than a Warrior in life, and much more.

Out of Print!
Embraced by the Essence - Your Journey into Wellness Using Pure Quality Essential Oils

Dr. Foley's most popular book, this Aromatherapy Book is an unsurpassed unification of the fields of Essential Oils and Naturopathy. An educational tool equivalent to hundreds of hours of classes and courses.

Out of Print!

Heal Your Depression - and Celebrate Life!

Clinical depression is a serious illness involving the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one's life, all outlined in this booklet with practical steps to put them into use in healing depression.

Illuminating Physical Experience

A book on spiritual and emotional self-healing work, based on reality of reincarnation and other principles known to students of metaphysics.

Right Use of Will

We feel that the eight books in the series beginning with ”Right Use of Will” are some of the most powerful spiritual books ever written. It is imperative that they be read in order.


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