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Embraced by the Essence Your Journey
Into Wellness!

Using Pure Quality Essential Oils

Dr. Marcy Foley

Holistic Wellness Foundation I

Embraced by the Essence
Your Journey Into Wellness! Using Pure Quality Essential Oils

Published By:
Holistic Wellness Foundation I
Boulder, CO

Foley, Marcy

Embraced by the Essence! Your Journey into Wellness Using Pure Quality Essential Oils

Marcy Foley -- 2nd ed.

p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-9631452-5-8

1. Naturopathy. 2. Essences and essential oils. 3. Aromatherapy. I. Title

RM666.A68F65 2000 615'.321

1st Edition Published March 1998

April 2000

All Text © Holistic Wellness Foundation I

Cover Design by Marilyn Hager
Illustration Modifications and Illustration on Page 200 by Marilyn Hager

All Other Artwork © Walter Kaplinski, 1997

The back cover contains an Egyptian papyrus depicting wax cones, which were one of the earliest ways essential oils were used.

Table of Contents

Dedication xxii

Acknowledgments xxiii

Preface xxv

Chapter One

Caring For and Healing Yourself 1

Use the Glossary 2

Responsibility for One's Own Healing 2

The Naturopathic Framework of Healing 2

About The Format of this Book 3

The Power to Heal 3

Knowing When To Call in a Consultant 5

Helping Others 5

Chapter Two

Introduction to Aromatherapy 7

Gifts to The Christ Child 9

Quality of Essential Oils 10

A Few Facts About Essential Oils 11

Are There Side Effects to the Use of Essential Oils? 12

Frequency Research 12

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife 12

What Does Hertz Mean? 13

Tainio Technologies 13

Frequencies of Foods and Plants in MHz. 13

Frequencies of the Human Body in MHz. 13

Care of Essential Oils 14

Chapter Three

Biochemical Activities (Constituents) in Essential Oils 15

Chapter Four

Application of Essential Oils 21

Inhalation Therapy 22

Diffusing 22

Direct or Topical Application 22

Application Through the Feet 23

Application Through Vita Flex Points 23

Vita Flex Technique 23

Application Through Massage 24

Hot and Cold Packs 24

Applying More than One Oil 24

Application Through Acupressure/Acupuncture Points 24

Rain Drop Technique 27

Bath Therapy/Hydrotherapy 29

Vita Flex for the Ears 30

Auricular (Ear) Therapy 32

Auricular Internal Body Contact Reflexes 34

Vita Flex for the Heart 35

The Lymphatic Pump 36

Spinal Therapy 37

Innervation of Organ Supply 38

Scoliosis 39

Vaginal Retention Implant 40

Vaginal Douche 40

Chapter Five

Essential Oils & Floral Waters 41

Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) List of Essential Oils by the FDA 42

Chapter Six

Reference Guide to Using Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils 71

How Often To Use Essential Oils 72

Methods of Application 72

Stewardship 72

What About Symptoms? 73

Are You Allopathically Challenged? 73

Diseases and Conditions in the Body 74

Acne, Blackheads, Pimples, Boils, Abscesses 75

Addictions 75


Air Purification 76

Alcoholism 76

Allergy 77

Alzheimer's 77

A.L.S. (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) A.K.A.: Lou Gehrig's Disease 78

Analgesic 79

Anemia 79

Aneurysm 80

Anorexia 80

Antiseptic 80

Appendicitis 80

Arteriosclerosis 80

Arthritis 80

Asthma 81

Athlete's Foot 81

Attention Deficiency, Hyperactivity 81

Autoimmune Diseases 82

Balance, Equilibrium 82

Baldness 82

Bell's Palsy 82

Bile, Vomiting 82

Blood 82

Body Frequency — Electrical Balancing 83

Bone Deterioration 83

Cancer 83

Candidiasis 84

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 85

Cataracts 85

Cavities 85

Chemical Sensitivity 85

Cholesterol 85

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 86

Colitis 86

Concussion 87

Constipation 87

Convulsions 87

Corns 87

Cough 87

Crohn's Disease 87

Cyst 87

Cystic Fibrosis 88

Cystitis 88

Cytomegalovirus - CMV 88

Dandruff 88

Deafness 88

Dementia 88

Dermatitis 89

Diabetes Mellitus 89

Diarrhea 89

Dislike of Certain Oils 89

Diverticulitis 90

Drug Addiction 90

Drug Residues 90

Dyslexia 90

Ears, Balance 90

Eating Disorders 90

Eczema 91

Edema 91

Emphysema 91

Fatigue 92

Fever 92

Fibroid Tissue 92

Fibromyalgia 92

Flatulence (Gas) 92

Glaucoma 93

Gout 93

Gums - Bleeding, Gingivitis, Pyorrhea 93

Headaches 93

Hearing 94

Heart Attack 94

Heartburn 94

Hematoma 94

Hemorrhoids 95

Hepatitis 95

Herpes 95

Inflammation 95

Insomnia 96

Jaundice 96

Leukemia 96

Liver Ailments 97

Lou Gehrig's Disease 97

Lumbago 97

Lupus 97

Melanoma 98

Memory 98

Meningitis 98

Menopause 99

Menstrual Cramps - Irregular Periods 99

Metal Residues 99

Moles 99

Mononucleosis (“Mono”) 99

Mucus 99

Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) 99

Nausea 100

Nervousness and Hyperactivity 100

Neuritis 101

Neurological Disorders 101

Optic Neuritis 101

Osteoporosis - Wasting Or Deterioration Of Bones 101

Pain 101

Parkinson's 102

Perspiration Regulation 102

PMS 102

Pneumonia 102

Psoriasis 103

Seasonal Affective Disorder — S.A.D. 103

Shingles 103

Stress 103

Stroke 104

Syphilis 104

Teeth, Grinding 104

Thrush 104

Tinnitus 105

Tonsillitis 105

Tremors 105

Tuberculosis 105

Tumors 105

Tumors, Fibroid 105

Typhoid Fever 106

Ulcers 106

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins 107

Vasodilator 107

Vitiligo 107

Warts 107

Worms and Parasites 107

Chapter Seven

Fragrant Influences of Essential Oils and Supplements 109

I: Elimination and Detoxification System 111

In General For The Elimination and Detoxification System 113

Intestinal Flora Balance 114

Fructooligosaccharides - FOS 114

A Healing Crisis 115

Absorption of Chemicals 115

Antibiotics, Effects of 116

Bad Breath - Halitosis 116

Chemical Sensitivity - Chemical Reaction 116

Colon Inflammation 116

Liver Detoxification 117

Intestinal Detoxification from Worms & Parasites 117

Radiation Damage 118

Elimination and Detoxification Reference Table 119

Colon and Liver Detoxification 120

Fasting 123

Fasting with the Master Cleanser 124

II: Digestive System 127

Digestive System and Alimentary Tract 127

Digestion Reference Table 130

Gall Bladder Reference Table 131

Allergies 131

Liver - Infection, Inflammation, Irritation 132

Liver - Signs of Toxicity 132

Liver Reference Table 133

Hiatal Hernia 134

Stomach Cramps 134

Stomach and Abdominal Upset/Nausea 135

Ulcers 135

What Type of Diet Best Suits You? 136

Using Animal Proteins 137

The Importance of Enzymes in the Diet 138

Natural Foods Cooking 138

Preparation of Your Food 140

Fruits 141

Vegetables 141

Protein 141

Grains 142

About Sprouting 142

The Emotional Aspects of Eating 143

Blessing Your Food - The Spiritual Aspects of Eating 143

The Clock Diet 143

Stomach and Digestion in General 144

Appetite 145

Water & Fluid Intake 145

Weight Reduction 146

Weight Gain 147

III: Respiratory System 149

General Suggestions for the Respiratory System: 149

Allergies 150

Breathing Enhancement 150

Bronchial Congestion 150

Chest Infections, Colds, Flu 151

Cough 152

Lung Infections 152

Lung Infections, Severe (With Multiple Symptoms) 152

Respiratory System, Structural Alterations 153

Rectal Implants to Aid the Respiratory System 154

Respiratory System Reference Table 154

IV: Endocrine System 155

The Endocrine System 155

Adrenal Glands 156

Adrenal Gland Reference Table 157

Ovaries 157

Pancreas 159

Diabetes Mellitus 159

Hypoglycemia - Low Blood Sugar 161

Stages of Hypoglycemia 162

Pancreas Gland Reference Table 162

Parathyroid Glands 162

Pineal and Pituitary Glands 162

Testicles 163

Thymus Gland 163

Thyroid Gland 163

Checking the Thyroid Gland at Home 164

V: Brain and Nervous System 167

The Brain and the Blood-Brain Barrier 167

The Limbic System 168

Role of Essential Fatty Acids in the Brain 169

Studies on Human Growth Hormone - HGH 170

Attention Deficiency - Hyperactivity 170

Brain Function - Synapse - Neural Cortex 172

Communication in the Brain 172

Concentration 173

Dyslexia 173

Insomnia 174

Irritability & Mood Swings 175

Memory 175

Nerve Inflammation 176

Nerve Damage And Fever 176

Nerve Virus 176

Nerve Tissue, To Rebuild 177

Neurological Diseases 177

Parkinson's 178

Brain and Nervous System Reference Table 179

VI: Immune System 181

Super Nutrients -Rhododendron caucasicum & Wolfberry 183

Where Do We Get Chinese Wolfberry? 183

Anti-Oxidants & Free Radicals 183

Supporting Immune System Tissue in General 184

Bacterial Infection in General 185

Bacterial Throat Infection 186

Typhoid Fever 186

Viral Streptococcus 186

Whooping Cough/Pertussis 186

Fungal/Yeast/Mold Infection in General 187

Topical Fungal Infection 189

Viral Infection in General 189

Canker Sores - Mouth Ulcers 189

Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, Herpes Simplex 190

Epstein-Barr Virus 190

Influenza 191

Measles & Mumps 191

Mononucleosis (Mono) 192

Colds, Sore Throat, Throat Infection 192

Fever 193

Leg Ulcers 193

Thymus Gland 194

Immune System Reference Table 195

Lymphatic System 197

Lymphatic System Reference Table 199

VII: Urinary System 201

Urinary Tract and Bladder Infection 201

Diuretic, Edema, Fluid Retention 202

Kidney Detoxification 204

Kidney Stones 204

Urinary System Reference Table 205

VIII: Cardiovascular System

Blood, Blood Vessels (Arteries, Veins), Heart 207

Cardiovascular System: Plaque Removal, High Cholesterol 208

Blood 209

Blood Circulation 209

Blood Cleansing - Detoxification 210

Blood Clot 210

Blood pH 211

Blood Pressure - High (Hypertension) 211

Blood Pressure - Low 212

Arteriosclerosis 212

Aneurysm 213

Hematoma 213

Hemorrhoids 213

Phlebitis 214

Varicose Veins - Spider Veins 214

Vascular Cleansing - Chelating Metallics - Plaque Removal 215

Vasodilator 216

Heart Attack - Myocardial Infarction 217

Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disorders) 217

Atrial Fibrillation 217

Nervous Heart 217

Stroke 218

Tachycardia 218

Cardiovascular System Reference Table 219

IX: Musculoskeletal System 221

Bone Deterioration 221

Bone Spurs 222

Connective Tissue (Weak or To Repair) 223

Cramps - Night Leg Cramps 225

Joint Inflammation 225

Lumbago 226

Muscles - Pulled, Sore, Spasm 226

Muscles, Bruised 228

Muscle, Weakness 228

Rheumatism 228

Spinal Injuries 229

Balancing of the Spine 231

Herniated Disc 231

Infection in the Spine 232

Low Back Pain, Chronic 232

Sciatica 233

Scoliosis 233

Musculoskeletal System Reference Table 234

X: Special Senses

Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Sinus, Teeth, Throat 235

Deafness, Ringing, to Balance Energies 236

Noise Overload 236

Hearing Vita Flex 237

Ear Infection 237

Ear Wax 237

Motion Sickness 237

Blocked Tear Ducts 238

Cataracts and Glaucoma 239

Vision 239

Grinding Teeth 239

Gums — Abscess, Bleeding, Gingivitis, Pyorrhea 240

Gingivitis and Plaque 240

Mouth Wash 241

Toothache 241

Mouth, Teeth and Gums Reference Table 241

Nose Bleeds 242

Nose, Dry 242

Nose Polyps 242

Sinus Passages, Inflammation and Irritation 243

Throat (Sore) 244

XI: Reproductive System 245

Estrogen Deficiency 245

Fertility 246

The Added “Spark” with Spouse 246

Estrogen, Progesterone Table 248

Pregnenolone 248

Fibroid 249

Menopause, Hormone Imbalance, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats 249

Male & Female Reproductive Points 250

Menstrual Cycle - Cramps, Irregularity 251

Ovarian Regulator 251

Ovarian Cyst 251

PMS 251

Pregnancy, Baby 252

Sexual Challenges, Frigidity in Women 254

Uterine Fibroid 254

Vaginal Infection 254

Vaginal Yeast Infection - Candidiasis - Vaginitis 255

Vaginal Retention Application 257

Female Reproductive Reference Table 257

Male Reproductive System 258

Prostate 258

Sex Drive Regulation 259

Testicular Health 259

Male Reproductive System Reference Table 259

XII: Integumentary System

Skin, Hair, Nails 261

Hering's Laws 262

Abscess, Acne, Boils, Oily Skin, Pimples, Skin Eruptions 262

Aging Skin - Wrinkles - Rough Skin 263

Antiseptic 264

Chapped Or Cracked Hands 264

Corns 264

Fats (Hard in The System), Cellulite 264

Fungus on the Skin 265

Inflammations and Irritations 265

Moles - Rough Scabby Kind 266

Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry Skin, Allergies, Psoriasis, Rash 266

Skin Regeneration 266

Skin Tags 267

Sunburn 267

Warts 267

Dandruff 268

Hair Loss 268

Integumentary System Reference Table 269

Chapter Eight

Trauma, First Aid, Injury, Pain Relief, Wounds 271

Anesthesia 271

Antiseptic 271

Bites & Stings From Bees, Insects, Snakes and Wasps 271

Bruising 272

Burns 272

Bones: Bruised, Broken 273

Feet, Sore 273

Diffusing Clarity and Other Oils, Headaches Related to 273

Hormonal Imbalance Headache 274

Hypoglycemic Migraine 274

Indigestion Headache 275

Migraine Headache 275

Muscular Headache 275

Stress Headache 276

Structural (Bone, Connective Tissue) Headache 276

Inflammation 276

Injury, Selecting Oils 277

Insect Repellent 277

Pain Relief - (Analgesic Oils) 278

Scars 278

Shock - to Refresh and Revitalize 278

Whiplash 279

Wounds, Scrapes and Cuts 280

Chapter Nine

Degenerative Conditions Designing Your Wellness Program 283

The Degenerative Process 284

Terrain Medicine 285

What is Disease? 286

How Acute Disease Turns into Chronic Disease 286

Is There a Point of No Return? 286

How Do We Cure Disease? 287

Keeping Cleansed of Clutter 288

Living a Wholeness Lifestyle 288

Designing Your Personalized Wellness Program 289

In General for Regenerating the Body 290

Combining Supplements with Essential Oil Application in your Wellness Program 291

Allergies, Sinus and Respiratory Congestion 292

Cancer 293

Congested or Congealed Tissue 293

Regeneration of Bone Tissue 294

Regeneration of Breast Tissue 294

Regeneration of Liver Tissue 294

Regeneration of Lung Tissue 295

Regeneration of Lymph Tissue 295

Regeneration of Ovarian Tissue 295

Regeneration of Prostate Tissue 296

Regeneration of Skin Tissue 296

Regeneration of Uterine Tissue 296

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 297

Exhaustion (Physical) - Fatigue 298

Fatigue (General Debility) 299

Fibromyalgia/Fibromyositis/Fibrositis 299

Lupus 300

Chapter Ten

Emotional Health 301

Being The Peacemaker 301

Over Care-Taking 301

Setting Boundaries 302

Protection from Negative Emotions 303

Emotional Clearing 303

Body Frequency (Electrical) Balancing 303

Anger 304

Anxiety 304

Calming 305

Depression - Oppression - Suppression 305

Emotional Expression 307

Fear 307

Forgiveness 308

Grief 308

Grounding 309

Hatred 309

Negative Memories - Negative Expectation or Attitude - Negativity 310

Procrastination 311

Chapter Eleven

Supplements, Tinctures, Carrier Oils, Essential Oil Blends 313

Carrier Oils 314

Supplements 314

Tinctures 322

Essential Oil Blends 323

Glossary 335

Bibliography 339

Supportive Services for Your Healing Adventure 341

Foley, Dr. Marcy 341

Hippocrates Health Institute 341

Kaplinski, Walter 341

Mastery Systems 341

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and Original Swiss Aromatics 342

Southface Farm Sugarhouse - Grade C Maple Syrup 342

Tainio Technologies 342

Young Living Essential Oils and Dr. Don Gary Young, N.D. 342

Index 343



To the Creator:
the guardian of all bodies of wisdom and knowledge.

To you the reader:
for your courage and willingness
to come to planet Earth,
inhabit a physical body
and gain new experiences
with your physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual bodies.

May this book give you ideas
as to the care of your Temple of God . . .
your physical body.

May you have wonderful
spiritual awakenings
through the use of Essential Oils.


We are grateful for the many wonderful teachers in the field of Aromatherapy on the planet at this time who so lovingly share their knowledge and experiences with us so we may learn this ancient art and science of the usage of pure quality essential oils. May we unify ourselves with our common purposes, rather than to criticize and cause separation over our various differences in the usage of essential oils. May we all gain from this collection of knowledge, allowing it to take us into the realm of wisdom in the care of ourselves and our families at home, with dignity, respect, and love. The main body of essential oil and supplement usage is from the public teachings of Dr. Don Gary Young. Additional information comes from Pierre Franchomme, Dr. Daniel Pénoël, Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt and Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz.


This book is published by The Universal Life Church, under the name Holistic Wellness Foundation. It is compiled by several of our members who wish to have their efforts remain anonymous. As an aspect of our religion, we believe it is our spiritual responsibility to take excellent care of our physical body, which we believe to be the home or temple of the Spirit. This book is created to give our spiritual opinions, as members of the Healing Ministry concerning working with our first recorded medicine, essential oils. We believe that the body is the temple of God, and as such, it is up to us to keep it cleansed and pure.

“Do you not know that you are the Temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwells in you? And whoever defiles the Temple of God, God will destroy; for the Temple of God is holy, and that Temple is You.” (1 Cor. 3:16,17)

We find the use of therapeutically active essential oils a great adjunct in our spiritual way of life. The Bible has over one hundred references concerning the usage of herbs and natural remedies and the anointing of the body with essential oils. We have placed various Biblical quotes throughout this text. There are many others.

We share our knowledge concerning the functioning of the human body and how the use of therapeutically active essential oils may enhance one's innate ability for the body to heal itself. We must always remember that we do not heal. Nor, do any foods, herbs, essential oils or supplements heal. God heals. God uses certain tools to augment the healing process. We feel that the prayerful use of therapeutically active essential oils, along with a natural foods diet, distilled water, exercise, a strong spiritual connection to God, and living a positive emotionally and mentally expressive life will keep us well.

One of our missions as a church involved in the healing ministry is to search for the very best quality natural substances which God gave to us to use for healing and upliftment in body, emotion, mind and spirit. This book is our gift to those who obtain it, for the purpose of beginning our understanding about the wondrous world of Aromatherapy. The use of therapeutically active essential oils are what we consider to be some of the most effective products in the world for healing use in restoring one's wholeness.

This book is meant as an educational tool. It is not the intended purpose to create this text to promote the use or sales of products. If a person gets an idea from this book and decides to do some personal research and purchases products, that is their right. This book is meant to be a reference guide for the reader as to what we found to be useful in helping members of our church to feel more whole and closer to God.

The base material in this book, concerning chemistry, supplement usage and essential oil suggestions came out of various seminars and classes publicaly taught by Dr. Don Gary Young, as recorded by a very beautiful and devoted person, Ted Jacobs, who lives in Canada. We are reporting our interpretation and understanding of this research, along with the enhancement of information pertinent to the study of the Naturopathic Healing Model. Dr. Young may have other suggestions as well as the ones listed in this book, or he may have changed or improved upon any of these suggestions, since he taught this material. Thank you Ted, for your precious notes, and your willingness to share them, so that this book could be created.* Thank you Dr. Young for sharing your knowledge with us! Under the Freedom of Information Act, it is our right to share with you information which has been very useful information.

Thank you Dr. Young for sharing your knowledge with us.

NOTE: This material is presented as resource information only. It is not meant as a source to diagnose disease, nor prescribe remedies for a specific disease. It is against the restrictive laws of the United States for anyone other than a Medical Doctor to diagnose disease or prescribe remedies for disease. This book is a combination of medical research as well as what was noted by the effect of the fragrant influence of particular essential oils on body tissues.

When one begins to use therapeutic quality essential oils, often the intuition becomes more acute. So, there are also places where recippes are given in this book that are a result of something discovered through prayer, as well as by others who hae shared what they tried on themseelves that turned out to be beneficial. We choose to give equal and full validity to information gathered in prayer, as that which is “scientifically” verifiable. As Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

It is part of our religion to share the news with others about any special God-given natural remedies which we have found beneficial to aid our general health and well being. This is the basis upon which Embraced by the Essence was written. It is our gift to the reader or health researcher. We are not suggesting that you use any of these products or procedures for any particular conditions. This book is simply a recording of this information which others have found useful. You are guided always, to use prayer before you make any changes in your diet, use essential oils, or take any suppplements. Your “Inner Physician” always knows best!

“Moreover, The Lord spake to Moses, saying: Take thou also unto thee principal spices of pure myrrh...of sweet cinnamon...of sweet calamus...of cassia...and of olive...and thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil.” Exodus 30: 22-25 

Now is the time to get back to basics in health care. We are the only ones who can become our own care-givers. We can all realize and be grateful for the tremendous advances in medical technology, which gives us excellent acute trauma care in America. Yet, the majority of our health care challenges are often preventable, if we will just get back to basics, and learn how to care for ourselves, at home, with simple natural remedies. It is generally our lack of a wholesome natural diet, good positive attitudes, and experiencing the simple pleasures and good values in life which have caused our illnesses. Thousands of years ago people would use essential oils, one of the oldest known forms of restoring balance to our body, mind, emotional self, and Spirit. People used herbs in the form of teas, fomentations, compresses and all the other basic natural forms of healing. They used what was available and their health as a world was probably much better at that time.

Perhaps before our society was so automated with technology, people were more in tune with nature and their Creator, and less illness was present. As God saw the pollution and distortions on our planet and within us reaching a high, He intervened and sent His message to those who would be responsible for passing that message to others. Dr. Young had a serious injury which left him paralyzed, supposedly for life. Through his determination to find that which would heal him, Dr. Young researched many natural remedies. He spent long periods of time, fasting, praying, meditating, and experimenting with various combinations of herbs, essential oils, and dietary practices to heal himself. Not only does he walk - he runs marathon races, works a farm, does research and is a true blessing to humankind. We feel it was Dr. Young's calling and mission to go through his healing challenge, and engage in his own healing adventure so that he could learn about Aromatherapy, one of the most ancient of the healing arts. Likewise, we feel called to the same mission - to spread the word about therapeutic quality essential oils as one means of re-establishing a greater connection to our Creator, and thus healing for ourselves.

It is our intention to encourage you, with the tools available in this book, to gain the confidence in yourself to successfully attend to your personal and family health care choices. We consider our primary role as that of teachers in the area of the care of the physical body, the emotional body and most importantly the spiritual body. We feel it is important to understand what a person's body symptoms are telling them, what to do about those symptoms, and how to begin one's healing process in a mentally and emotionally balanced way, at peace spiritually. That is our goal for everyone who is drawn to work with us in our healing ministry.

We know that it will not be this way for everyone. While we have a great idealism for everyone to get totally well and balanced NOW, that is not in the Divine Plan. For reasons that we will only leave to the Creator, sickness occurs in the body. We know some pretty healthy people, and do not know anyone who does not have at least one health challenge. It seems to come with the territory of having a physical body. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become ill (on a subconscious level) so a loved one can learn compassion. We may allow ourselves to become ill to develop a bond with a plant for a healing aid; a bond with another human being; or to receive energies that we only know how to receive when in a state of lower vitality.

It is our truth that you can only let go of something once you have learned its message and allowed yourself to love it. Sometimes challenges come into our lives, for the growth we achieve in solving them. God works in wondrous and mysterious ways. It is one of the greatest challenges and joys in life to see everything which God brings as a lesson and a gift. We do not believe that God punishes us. We punish ourselves when we are stubborn and don't readily see or apply that which we are given. So, it takes a willingness on our part to apply principles of wellness on all levels so we can heal ourselves.

This book is not meant to be a substitute for seeking the services of a medical physician, attending any natural health care seminar or referencing books by other authors. As many natural healing practitioners (some who are in the older generations) are passing this plane, it is our most heartfelt desire (and we have made it our work) to continue compiling all the information from these individuals that we have found valuable in restoring balance and wholeness into our lives.

Use the Glossary

If there is a medical term with which you are unfamiliar, please check the glossary at the end of this book. It is our intention to put words about which some readers may desire greater clarification in the short glossary. In case we didn't, please get out a medical dictionary. We are asking you to do this for clarification as well as to show you that it is not that difficult to learn medical terminology. This is part of your process of self-empowerment in your healing.

It is both the freedom as well as the responsibility for people to make the choice on how they wish to work with their personal healing challenges. There are times when we choose to seek the services of a Medical Physician, and there are times to use prayer and the laying on of hands in one's home or church. We choose to work in cooperation with Medical Doctors, rather than to be in competition with them. It is our sincere prayer that all Medical Doctors, agencies and institutions will now feel this loving energy and do likewise with those of us who choose to work in harmony with nature in our wellness programs.

The ideas in this book are based upon the training, personal experience, intuition and research of many prominent Aromatherapy teachers, mostly Dr. Gary Young and others. Because each person and situation is unique, the author and publisher urge the reader to check with a qualified health professional before using any procedure where there is any question as to its appropriateness. The publisher does not advocate the use of any particular diet and exercise program, and believes the information presented in this book should be available to the public. Because there is always risk involved in any procedure done to or for the body, the publisher is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations, or procedures in this book. When you make changes in your diet, or go on a detoxification or rebuilding program, changes will occur.

Responsibility for One's Own Healing

Please do not use the information in this book if you are unwilling to assume responsibility for your own healing. It is your choice if you wish to consult a physician or other qualified health professional. It is a sign of wisdom, not cowardice, to seek a second or third opinion. Please realize that when you ask a Medical Physician concerning these procedures, this person may not embrace natural healing and s/he may not be familiar with the practices, procedures or supplements mentioned in this book. We therefore suggest, when you seek another opinion concerning a healing challenge, that you wisely choose a health practitioner who understands the principles of natural healing and is willing to work with you as a partner. Otherwise, you may hear that these remedies won't do you any good, or that what you really need are some drugs to “manage” your symptoms.

The wise use of the information in this book will be a service to all of us who desire to reclaim our dignity, our sovereignty and our power in caring for ourselves and our loved ones at home using natural, simple practices whenever possible.

The Naturopathic Framework of Healing

This book is created to help the lay person as well as the holistic health care professional to learn the ancient art and science of the application of essential oils. This book specifically discusses therapeutically active essential oils. If you use the suggestions in this book with inferior oils, you may not achieve the results you are looking for, and in some cases you may actually create more congestion. The use of lower grades of essential oils, distilled at too high a temperature or pressure, or distilled with the use of chemical solvents, can cause toxic chemical residues to build up in the body and/or create an allergic reaction.

Many individuals who begin the study of natural healing do so with an allopathic mode of thinking. It is this thinking and practice that gets people in trouble legally, as in the United States only a Medical Physician is allowed to diagnose disease and prescribe remedies for a disease. Also, this mode of thinking and practice does not restore the body to wholeness. It is consistent with natural healing to go towards that which we desire to achieve, rather than to go away from that which we choose to avoid. Therefore, we are bringing ourselves into a restoration of total, optimal health and well being. We believe that the body will always heal itself through God's Grace when we come into balance with nature.

This book is created to teach you the true Naturopathic principles and procedures, which takes you out of the mode of chasing symptoms. In Naturopathy, we treat the cause, not the symptoms. By putting into practice a naturopathic (or natural) wellness program, you may begin your process of restoring proper body functions, which may bring about your health and wellness goals. The purpose of this book is to teach you the broader context of viewing the body as a synthesis of body systems. As you understand that it isn't just our goal to get rid of symptoms, you will ask yourself what picture the symptoms are painting for you. This gets you to the cause. The true Naturopathic system of health care begins by working from the cause of dysfunction.

The body is composed of twelve systems which work together as a unit. As we assist one system in detoxifying and rebuilding, we help the other systems as well. It is also important to understand that we are not suggesting that essential oils or any of the supplements mentioned in this book cure disease, or that they fix anything. Essential oils and natural supplements may enhance the capability of the body to facilitate necessary corrective action. This book illuminates research that has been conducted on various essential oils, as to their chemical constituents. These chemical constituents have been studied by various scientific researchers all over the world, as to what their action is in the body. It is this information that we present to you in this book. Please refer to the Bibliography for further study.

It would be incongruent with a natural wellness program to merely use essential oils, herbs, or a cleansing program without providing the raw materials physically, emotionally, mentally and most importantly, spiritually, to create a state of optimal health. This means we must make a true commitment to ourselves to eat the most nutritious foods and drink sufficient pure water daily We must cleanse and nourish the emotional and mental body. We must begin or enhance our personal spiritual practices, for only God can heal. Only that which created us can restore us to total wellness. And, we must do our part. God helps those who help themselves! The attainment of true health and well being is the result of conscious discipline in cleanliness of body, mind and spirit.

About The Format of this Book

This book is divided into twelve chapters. Chapter Six consists of a symptom and a reference section, which will give introductory information on the various components which may have caused a given condition to occur. The reader is then referred to the twelve systems of the body, to further research the areas requiring detoxification and rebuilding. Chapter Seven has subdivisions for the twelve systems of the body. There are additional chapters on Trauma and Pain Control, Degenerative Conditions and for Emotional Health.

You will make the best use of this book by referring back and forth through the various components that make up your individualized disease picture. One-by-one, you unravel each factor which may have contributed to your disease picture, and you will heal yourself, God willing. You will make up your own wellness program, out of the various factors discussed in this book. Remember, you can't really do it “wrong.” As healing ministers, we urge our church members, as well as our readers, to always spend quiet time alone in prayer and meditation to find their truth and their path. We like to think of our books as giving you many ideas, and to then teach you how to understand your own body well enough to put our suggestions, (with any additions which you may receive in prayer or meditation), into a wellness program for yourself.

The Power to Heal

What is the power to heal? When we have restored our Vitality, balance and integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, we will be well. Many of us are looking to the health care professionals to heal us. These people are important to use as consultants, and yet the true point of power is always within. Can you give yourself permission to be healed? Can you touch that point inside yourself, your God-self and merge with that Love? The most important healing quality with which to merge is love. Love isn't simply the only true emotion that exists, love is the essential nature of who you are. God is love. God created you in love. God is within. You are love. You cannot be separate from your Creator, except in your heart/mind. Let us learn to integrate our Wholeness, for in that Wholeness is The Creator. Refer to Emotional Health.

“Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.” James 5:14

Each of us wants total health and well being emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Each of us wants exuberant energy and a vitality about living that is exciting! We want to contribute to our world in our own unique way. Yet, for many of us, these goals always seem to elude us. Why?

Many young people take their health for granted, thinking that they will never be old or sick. They may engage in many health-destroying practices, never considering the consequences. Many older people spend a great portion of every day trying to regain the health which they lost in their youth. When illness strikes, people are willing to spend every last dollar they have and will do whatever it takes so that they can just enjoy a day in their life. It is our intention in this book to address both age groups so that the younger people will work to prevent ill health, while the older people work to detoxify and rebuild their bodies so they can restore the quality of health that is abundantly theirs. We feel it is our inherent birthright to feel great each and every day! Let's go for all the gusto that we can in life! Feeling good is a choice. Make the choice to feel great. Just love yourself into wellness!

We wish we could tell you that there is one simple pathway to health. We have looked for one thing which we could tell to all the world, whereby everyone could totally regain their health. We have found out that while there are general good health measures, there is a “puzzle” within each person to figure out. Part of the life process is to decipher your own puzzle considering your genetics, your childhood (family practices, nutritional and other considerations), the experiences you've had in your life, your emotional and mental selves and your attitudes about life. Anyone who tells you that there is a magic formula to solve all health challenges is mistaken.

We mention again that while we love all of our beautiful essential oils, remember that essential oils don't cure anything, and they are not the magic bullet to all of our health problems. They are simply some of the best tools that we know of in the physical world to augment the Divine Love of God. Remember that it is God who heals, for it was God who created us. Let's always keep this in proper perspective to prevent letting our excitement take the form of making health claims concerning any product or procedure.

We choose to share with you in the simplest manner, in language everyone can understand, what we feel constitutes abundant health and how to bring it into your life. We invite you to read our words with an open mind, an open heart, and allow yourself to feel the Love and Light of God emanating through the pages of this book. You have this same love and light of God within you. Let us merge our God-selves in the writing and reading of this book to receive the answers we now choose to bring into our lives. Let us dance a spiral of love with each other, as we explore our marvelous temple, which our Creator gave as a gift of love to us. Let us learn to take exquisitely wonderful care of this temple! When we properly appreciate and care for that which our Creator gave us, we show our gratitude. We believe gratitude is God's “food” which we give. As we give this gratitude freely, we have room for more of God's love to come into our entire body/mind/soul complex. Have the courage to claim and receive your Divine Birthright to be happy and healthy and excited about life!

We desire to share with you a little bit of our philosophy. We feel there are many “dimensions” to the human being. These include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one's life. In order to attain health, all of these areas must be considered. This information is meant for those who are sincere about doing all they can to help themselves and their loved ones. May you enjoy these ideas. As always, take what is comfortable for you and leave the rest.

Knowing When To Call in a Consultant

Sometimes in the alternative healing circles, there are a great many lay people “helping” others. It is a big responsibility to work with someone else's health. Remember that just because one person's symptoms look similar to yours, and a given remedy helped you, it does not mean that this will help the other person. If there is any doubt, please consult with a physician who is aware of natural therapies to guide you. Something that is important to teach yourself when working with others is to be quiet long enough to allow that person to communicate to you. Observe their body language. Observe their use of language. Feel how their energies feel to you.

Remember that “cookbook” type care is not what this book is about. By this we mean when someone wonders what to do for a given healing challenge, and they look it up in a book and just follow directions. Naturopathic healing is not like following a recipe. It is our intention in this book to teach you to learn to think and feel for yourself, given the particulars of each healing challenge. Then take whatever action is necessary.

Each person will have a unique picture which created their healing challenges, and will require that each of these areas be addressed for a complete healing to take place. This kind of thinking comes more easily for some than others. If this is not something that makes sense to you, call in a consultant.

Sometimes well-meaning lay people can do more harm than good when they prescribe remedies for their friends. Besides, this is illegal. We must be very careful when we are working with others. If something worked for one person, a person may suggest it for others with similar situations. Sometimes these other situations guide you to another area to look for the cause. We choose for people to be independent and take care of themselves, and also be wise enough to bring in a consultant, when necessary.

Helping Others

One area that has been very neglected in the education process with alternative practices is to address the concerns of what to do when helping others. You may be reading these notes thinking, “This will help Aunt Mabel, and this would help Susie, and this would help John.” People are always asking how they can get their friends and loved ones to use these remedies and therapies instead of seeking care with a Medical Doctor. Our only comment is to be gentle. You may suggest that these remedies and practices are available, but never tell another person not to seek Allopathic Health Care if this is their choice. Don't make them feel guilty, or that they are doing it wrong if they don't use natural health care procedures.

The Natural form of healing is not for everyone. It is for those who are courageous and mostly for those who take responsibility for their own health care. Not everyone is at this level. Some merely choose to take drugs, or have surgery, and then complain about the side effects and after-effects of these procedures and practices. The best that you can do for your friends and loved ones is to first pray for them or pray with them, and ask for guidance. Give them freedom of choice. We simply mention to people that there are other practices, and to ask us about them if they are interested.

Please don't try to cram natural healing information “down the throats” of people who aren't ready to hear it. In this way, you might be in for an ego trip, rather than to give them the help they are seeking. What everyone needs is unconditional acceptance and love. The true definition of love is allowing people, as God allows us our freedom of choice.


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