Embraced by the Essence

Volume IV, Number 1, March 1999

An Essential Oils Newsletter



“Landscapes of the Heart”



Spring is the time of new beginnings on the Earth. Buds begin to appear on trees, crocus and tulip bulbs we planted last fall begin their mighty voyage to push up through the Earth, and awaken to share their beauty with us. It is a symbol to us of that which we planted in our consciousness, which is now manifesting.

As our bodies are symbolic of the Earth, this means we can take in this new energy into our body, heart, mind, and soul. What have you been germinating within your consciousness that is now emerging?

Spring is the time during which we often engage in Spring-Cleaning of our homes and yards. Let us remember to do the same with our physical bodies, our emotional bodies, our mental bodies and our Spirits.

Spring is a very emotional time of the year. We've “wintered through” our various life challenges, waiting for the courage to change, to reach out, to find that which is new within us.

What better way to celebrate this time of new beginnings than by making a commitment to yourself to honor your beautiful Emotional Body.

I've had more calls coming through to me on heart conditions, than anything else lately. As I call myself an Inter-Dimensional Physician, I emphasize that it is important to work on all levels of our beingness. We need to give nourishment to our physical heart. It is also very important to understand the connection of the physical heart to our emotional body.

The heart is the gateway or doorway to the emotional body. This is an area of our consciousness that is VITAL to our life experience upon Planet Earth. I congratulate many of you for recognizing this and for working on your emotional body.

Our emotional body is the richest area within our consciousness, the most precious gift God gave to us. Often, all I hear is complaints! This is simply because of a lack of understanding of this most sacred part of ourselves.

Dr. Edward Bach, who invented the Bach Flower Remedies, stated that all physical ailments stemmed from emotional causes. He found that the sacred energy contained within flowers provide a powerful resource to human beings, for emotional clearing.


One of my teachers, named Akanthos, shared with me that there is one true emotion - LOVE. Many other emotions are of the opposite polarity to love, which is why they are termed “negative” emotions. This doesn't mean that these other emotions are “bad”. They can be some of our greatest teachers, if we learn to work with our negative emotions. In order to do this, it is important to engage in Emotional Ownership.

I was privileged to come across some old copies of a most beautiful newsletter created by three men - Donald Johnson, William Shaffer and Kent Davidsson. These three men have a strong commitment to healing their emotional bodies. This newsletter was called “Sacred Ground - The Journal of Emotional Ownership”, and was published in England in 1997-98.

This title touched the very core of my heart because I realized these men understood the true gift of our emotional bodies. Their journal shared articles on our beautiful emotions and ways to engage in healing the emotional body. I have spoken with these lovely souls about the possibility of resurrecting this journal, to be published in America, because I found it quite valuable.

While I love using essential oils and have found them invaluable in emotional clearing, there is sometimes the missing ingredient in truly being willing to experience the emotions present in our life experiences.
Some of us just want to hurry up and get rid of our anger, fear, grief, or other negative emotions . . . so we can “get on” with living our lives. I am here to share with you that experiencing our emotions IS getting on with life! It is life itself to have the opportunity to feel our beautiful emotions. They teach us who we are.

The fact that so many people are afraid of their emotions, deny or repress them, is one reason why I feel so many people have lost their identity. It isn't that we ARE our emotions. It is that by exploring our emotions - having the courage to feel our feelings, and in learning what they have to teach us, we learn to honor and respect the beautiful souls that each of us truly are.

I thought it appropriate to explore this topic with you in this newsletter, in honor of spring, new beginnings and healing our physical heart. This will be an introduction to some of what it takes to heal the heart, on all levels, including the physical level.

Anger can show you that you are “off course” - that you stepped onto a pathway that is not going to get you where you wanted to go. You aren't going to get your intended outcome. It is just as useful to know what you don't want, as what you do want.

In exploring your anger, you may choose to engage in a meditation. I suggest using 2-4 drops of Harmony, placed over the liver. Your meditation can be done sitting in a chair, lying in bed, or even lying in the bathtub. Simply ask your Higher Self - the part of you that is always connected to God - what or who you feel anger about. Then write this down.

Fear can show you where you feel a real or imagined threat to losing something of value to yourself. There is positive fear and negative fear. In a positive way, fear can be used, by God, to help you take small steps - and not to try to do everything yourself. It is my truth that we are meant take a small step, then pause and look for God's step, then we take another step. In this way, we engage in a co-creative process, which I call “The Sacred Dance of Life with God!”

Fear can also be used in a negative way when you allow your fears to stop you from taking some action that your Higher Self wants you to take. Courage is simply doing something when you have fear - and not letting your fear stop you. Let's be courageous!

To explore your fears, start by putting Valor on the bottom of your spine and the base of your skull. Put a few drops of Awaken, Inspiration or 3 Wise Men on your forehead. Go into a meditation to discover what you feel fear about - thing from the past, in the future, or in the now. What or who do you allow to stop you? Write it down.

Grief can show you where you are living in the past. What is it that you have not yet let go of? In these new springtime energies, this is a most important emotion to explore.

It is very necessary to grieve when we have lost something or someone that is precious to us. It is a natural process of letting go of that which is no longer there, and moving into what is next. And yet, if carried out too long, grief can prevent us from being present in the now.

Grief is one emotion that is most often associated with heart conditions. You can hear people who have a lot of stored grief, as they tend to sigh a lot. This is their way of slowly oozing out grief.

In exploring your grief, use Gathering, Hope, Into the Future, Forgiveness or Present Time. Put 1-3 drops of one or more of these oils over your heart and lung areas. Ask your Higher Self what it is that would be in your highest interest to let go of.

Once you let go of that which no longer serves you, or is no longer available to you, you can have many new beginnings in your life. Remember that you have to give to yourself before you can receive.


After you have explored your emotions in a meditation and written down your experiences, then it is time to take action. Simply be willing to feel your feelings.

(1) The first step is to recognize what emotions are present within your awareness, and to honor your expression of them.

(2) The second step is to actually feel your emotions. Feel them for as long as you need to. Learn to love your anger, fear or grief - or any other emotion that is present. Don't be so anxious to get rid of your emotions until you have gotten all the “gold” out of them.

(3) The third step is to let your emotions be transformed. Ask and allow God to transform them back into Love.


Now that you have allowed God to transform your negative emotions back into love, it is time to engage your energies on the physical level for your heart.

CardiaCare, HRT Tincture, Super B, AromaLife, Cypress, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang and Helichrysum are all supplements and oils that help our physical heart.

CardiaCare and HRT Tincture are beautiful herbal foods, formulated to provide nutrition to the heart.

Super B is useful to improve circulation to the blood vessels. The famous Niacin Flush occurs because this B Vitamin opens up blood vessels, to allow more blood flow. That's why the face can become suddenly red.

Ylang Ylang, applied over the heart, or on the neck, is very supportive to Super B. This essential oil helps change blood vessel diameter, making it either smaller or larger - whichever the body needs. Ylang Ylang helps remind us of balance. It helps to balance masculine and feminine energies, or to regulate areas of the body which need to be more flexible.

If you don't have straight Helichrysum, use Aroma Life - which contains Helichrysum - Marjoram, Cypress and Ylang Ylang. Marjoram helps our muscles (the heart is a lovely muscle), which require a lot of support from us. Cypress assists in circulation and strength. It can be placed on the neck, or over the heart.


Stress is one of the major factors in our daily lives which taxes our heart and our nervous system. Stress is a factor that causes us to have a decrease in our emotional enjoyment of life. It distances us from others. It robs us of oxygen and certain nutrients, such as Vitamins B and C, and certain minerals.

If you have a lot of stress in your daily life, at work or at home, I encourage you to soak your stress away! Put 2-3 drops each of Lavender and Roman Chamomile in your hand. Rub your hands together and stroke over your face and neck, or over your heart. Cup your hands together and take several deep breaths.

Then, get in the bathtub and relax. As you allow the warm bath water to open up your pores, it will speed delivery of the oils into each and every cell of your body for deep relaxation. Remember that these two oils, together, create a natural antihistamine. So, a side benefit is that they may improve sinus conditions.

There are many oils for stress relief, such as Harmony, Release, Gentle Baby, Sacred Mountain or Surrender. Rather than to drop the oils into the bathtub, I prefer to put them on me before getting in the bath.


Speaking of stress, I have mentioned in previous newsletters about my various computer challenges. Finally, after 8 months of stress, I bought a new computer. I was once again without my computer for a 6-week period of time, and thus got very behind in my work.

I apologize to many of you who e-mailed me, and had to wait so long for my response. As I said earlier, if I don't respond to an e-mail from you within 3-5 days, please phone me.


A woman called to tell me that a friend was making her transition one day. I asked her if she wanted me to come and put some oils on this woman. She said the woman was in a coma. I told my friend to go and get a rose and bring it to me. I put 5 drops of Awaken inside the rose, for spiritual awakening.

I went with her over to this woman's home, and her husband ushered us into her room. When we got there, she had blood coming out of her mouth, so we knew she didn't have much time left in this dimension. We held the rose close to her nose, so she could take in the scent of the oils. Then we gently laid the rose on her chest. I held her feet, sending in some energy for transformation.

I moved up to put my left hand on her heart and my right hand on her head. She coughed up a lot of foamy blood. About 15 minutes after we got there, she stopped breathing. Her heart was still beating, but she wasn't breathing. Then she took a couple of deep breaths, and though I couldn't feel her heart beating, the veins in her neck were still pulsating, very gently. Then, pretty soon that stopped as well.

It was a total gift to me to be able to help ease her over to her next phase of life. Her husband said to the hospice nurses that came how he felt that she was just holding on, probably not wanting to leave him until I got there and she experienced the essential oils, and my healing touch.

He said he felt it was my help that assisted her in making her transition, in peace. She had gone into a coma last night after she fell. They were a very spiritual couple, and while he was still very much in love with her, after 30 years of marriage, he knew it was time for her to go back home to God. He had been preparing for it for several months, as Spirit told him she would be going in December. Then, she just kept hanging on, which was very difficult for him, because this woman was in a lot of pain. I am so happy that the essential oils helped make her transition easier. I felt honored to know about the oils, and also to be able to use them in this beautiful way.

When the nurses got there, they both said how beautiful she looked, and that she had such an expression of peace upon her face. Right before she took her last breath, she emitted a tiny tear. My friend said, “The tear of peace.”


I will be in Sweden between 22 March and 22 April. In my absence, my office assistant will process your requests for books. Some of you have requested to have Energy Evaluations or Vibrational Remedy Programs done. In some cases, I took your request over the phone for me to send you a Case history Packet.

In the absence of my computer, I could not send those out. I didn't realize I did not have originals to make copies. Now that it is this close to when I will be going to Sweden, I ask that you wait and send in your Case Histories for Energy Evaluations to arrive the last week of April to the first week of May.

I am in the process of once again restructuring my business. I will have some wonderful help in my business to make my newsletters more professional, help answering the phone and taking book orders, and help in many other capacities.

This will free up my time so that I will be able to attend to the part of the business that only I, as a Physician, can do. In this way, I will be able to focus more of my energies into providing the very best service to you, much quicker. This will please me more than any of you could know! I thank all of you for your patience.


The energies on our planet are changing very rapidly now. Because we reside on Mother Earth, our physical and other subtle bodies will also go through many changes. I have been experiencing some pretty rough times lately in my physical body. I have had some very passionate headaches, and pressure behind my eyes. I know three other people who are also having a similar experience.

While I felt these were changes taking place in my brain, the energy centers in my head, and perhaps even on a sub-cellular level, into my DNA, I did go to an Eye Doctor to have myself checked out. There was nothing wrong physically. I feel that these are changes that many of us will begin to experience, as our planet makes changes in its frequencies, causing changes in the weather patterns such as high winds, unusual storms, out-of-season fluctuations in the temperature, etc.

What I have found that helps to some degree is to use the oils high in sesquiterpenes - Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Lemon, My-Grain, Clary Sage, and others. These oils help open up the pineal and pituitary glands to allow a greater circulation of oxygen in the brain. Also, some sessions with my massage therapist have provided additional benefits.


Sometimes, I send out hard copies of the newsletter to everyone on my mailing list. Most times, I only send them to those who have sent in their donation for subscriptions. To ensure you will get all issues, please send me a check for $12 or more, which simply helps with the cost of printing and postage I do newsletters quarterly.


You are welcome to print out and photocopy my newsletter to share with others.

You are also welcome to photocopy a limited number of pages out of my book without my direct permission, for the purpose of teaching a class or sharing with a friend. I just ask that you not photocopy more than half of any given book.

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