Embraced by the Essence

Volume IV, Number 2, June 1999

An Essential Oils Newsletter



Taking Responsibility


My newsletters reflect my present state of awareness and truth within me. As I have made a total commitment to my own Emotional Ownership and taking personal responsibility for my life, I choose to share my recent insights with you. My life has always been an “open book” for your learning and self realization process.

I am not here to tell anyone how to live or what to believe. I simply share my truths with you for the purpose of stimulation for your own insights. Part of this process in my life, called Emotional Ownership, means that I am perfectly honest with you in what I am experiencing. This sometimes brings up feelings of fear or anxiety within me. I know not all people will agree with me. In the past, I allowed this fear to stop me from being who I truly am. This is no longer acceptable to me.

Some people may be offended by my truths due to their religion, beliefs or values in their life. In the past, I allowed these considerations to prevent me from sharing my total truth. I am now growing past this former consideration.

I know that this fear within me was because I was in denial of my own emotions, and I feared to stimulate another person to feel strong emotions. However, my Higher Self will no longer tolerate this cowardice. I am here to share my truth. You are here to share your truth. As always, use what resonates within you and leave the rest.

I spent two years of my life in the creation of my book, “Embraced by the Essence!” This book is loaded with all the information I could put together from a third dimensional, physical way as to the Naturopathic Model of healing and the essential oil and supplement suggestions from the research of Gary Young.

The longer I engage in Emotional Ownership, the more I am drawn to finding all the answers within me, rather to just take a pill or rub on an oil and expect all my life challenges to suddenly disappear.

It is time for all of us to fully and completely empower ourselves. While the remedies are physical manifestations of God, the true point of power is always within. This is now my teaching focus. I share my own insights in my newsletters, based on my personal experience, with you in what has brought about the most significant healing changes in myself, and in the people who are drawn to work with me.

My work is very different from the way many others use aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbs or other supplements. I have three books that describe very well the remedies to use for certain conditions, which helps in a physical, third dimensional way. My newsletters contain my most up-to-date research in what is underlying the reason as to why the condition manifested itself to begin with. My focus in all the work that I do is to help you empower yourself.


Welcome, my friends, to summer, another season of being outside in nature, and reconnecting to our beautiful Mother Earth. She is expressing her emotions big time in some parts of the United States.

Weather patterns are the emotional expressions of planet Earth. In New Mexico, we have had some very strong winds. Strong wind stirs up energies in our physical and subtle bodies. It can represent anger. I've certainly owned the formerly repressed anger in me, as the winds have been so strong!

Yes, I have used Harmony, Forgiveness, Peace and Calming, Gathering, Release and many other emotional oil blends to help draw my anger out of the many places where it was stuck in my body. And, I did the next step, which was to OWN my anger, and accept responsibility for it.

Tornadoes are the rage of Mother Earth. While I have compassion for the destruction caused by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, it is nevertheless a symbol for the consciousness of those in that area.

It is no coincidence that we are drawn to live or visit certain places on the planet, at given periods of time. Each energy has something to teach us about ourselves.

I was drawn to visit Egypt because of many lifetimes I lived in that part of the world. It also taught me to come into my full power as a woman. Living in a predominantly Muslim society reminded me that it is my choice to live in true equality with men.

My recent experiences in Sweden taught me to tune in more to nature, and to be willing to express my true emotions, in the moment. In Sweden, as in Egypt, there is a great emphasis on everything being pleasant, and to give wonderful hospitality. However, in this desire for pleasantness, there can be the tendency to repress emotions, to keep the status quo, or to not rock the boat.

Take a look around where you live and see how whatever is happening is a mirror of your consciousness. Rather than to judge things in terms of “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”. Just observe, look inside you, own what your external environment is showing you about yourself. Then, you can choose what you want to do about what is going on. Perhaps some Acceptance, Magnify Your Purpose or Motivation oils would be useful as you tune in.


Everything on this planet is a symbol for something within our consciousness. It is part of my work on this planet to assist people in learning about the symbology of our physical body, and how that is a symbol for our own emotional bodies. So it is with the planet, on a much larger scale.

We are living on a living being, which we call Earth. We have a physical body, and She has a planetary body. However, some people still don't realize that She has a consciousness, just as we do. As many of us have not always respected our Earth Mother, She is now expressing her emotions. This is a very wonderful reminder to those of us in human bodies to do likewise.

Disease happens in our physical bodies because of our denied emotions. There are no coincidences or victims. We don't “catch” diseases from others. We draw to us whatever goes on for many reasons. The primary reasons are always to learn about our state of awareness and consciousness.

Tornadoes, earthquakes, avalanches and floods are here to remind us to Wake Up! It is time to think of more than just ourselves, as we are all One in Spirit. We grow as we work together for the common goal of Spiritual Union, rather than to focus on separation and the “me first” attitude that is so prevalent in America at this time.

I entitled this newsletter “Taking Responsibility” because I find this is one of the most important principles in healing ourselves, and also in living a full and richly satisfying life. Have you ever met a victim or a martyr who is truly happy and living a fulfilled and satisfying life? I'm sure you have not!

The reason is that these people do not know what it means to take responsibility for their own life. So, they deny their own emotions. They project their unexpressed, unexperienced emotions onto others, and then blame others.


I shared with you in the March newsletter about Emotional Ownership in regards to heart conditions. I will be using this expression a lot, as it is my truth. Until we, as a human race, put into practice the principle of owning, accepting, taking responsibility for and expressing our emotions, we are going to stay stuck, living frustrating, stressed-out lives while wondering how in the world we can feel peace, serenity, and the satisfaction we choose to have in our lives.

When I was first introduced to therapeutic quality essential oils, and most especially the emotional and spiritual blends, I truly thought I could just rub on an essential oil, and “get rid of” my unpleasant (so called “negative”) emotions. Yes, I did feel much better just using the oils. It brought up my repressed emotions to the surface. That in itself was a remarkable change, and I felt much better.

However, I have learned that until I take ownership of my emotions and see them as my friends, rather than as enemies, they just move from one place in my body to another. It is my truth that no oil, homeopathic, flower essence, gem elixir, pressure-point technique, sound therapy, hypnosis or therapy talk will bring about true and permanent healing without the concurrent principle of Emotional Ownership put into action.

Only in loving and accepting our emotions, and in learning what they have to teach us, do the symptoms of these formerly repressed emotions disappear in all aspects of our bodies. It isn't that we “get rid of them.” It is that we loved them into the wholeness of our expression.

Yes, all of these techniques and remedies are very wonderful. I have utilized and benefited from them all. And, I am here to report my truth that we need to take personal responsibility and get much more involved in our healing processes. I would not be where I am in my healing were it not for all these beautiful essential oils, and the other remedies and practices which I use. However, I would be remiss in my role as a true healer, without reporting my new realizations that there is more to the picture.


The way I engage in emotional clearing on a person is to have the person lie, face down, on my table. I hold Valor on their feet until they pulse evenly. If this takes more than a few minutes and my intuition tells me this person is not going to come into balance with just Valor, I check to see if the spine is vibrating. I find in 9 cases out of 10 lately that it is not.

Many people have radiation or a miasm in their spine, which causes the vibrations in the spine to shut down. I use my intuition or my pendulum and select which oil(s) the person needs. The oil blend I find most frequently to do this job is Gathering. This is the strongest of any of the emotional clearing oils. This oil has a very high frequency. If this does not do it alone, I see what else is next.

The last person I worked on needed three layers of oils to get her spinal column vibrating. She needed Valor, Gentle Baby and Orange. Each person will need different oils. Use your methods of discernment for the person with whom you are working.

After the spinal column is vibrating, I check the feet again to make sure they are pulsing evenly. Next, I generally do some toning, making sounds that awaken soul memories. I have found that often the first sounds are very powerful, often in a low tonal scale. The second tone often sounds out the hurting area, such as the heart. The sounds are very weak and manifest the energies of hurt or pain. Then I turn the person over, so they are lying on their back.

I then use whatever oils my intuition or my pendulum tells me, and put them in the various locations. It is different with each person. According to what oils I feel drawn to use, I then proceed to ask questions to the person. For instance, if I find the person needs Inner child, SARA, Gentle Baby, or Peace & Calming, I begin to address childhood or abuse patterns. If there are other oils needed, I see what those oils relate to, and ask appropriate questions.

I locate the point of repressed emotions in the body most wanting to have loving compassion, acceptance and expression. In many cases this is in the abdomen or heart areas. Sometimes it is in the throat areas. I dialogue with the person until I discover what is going on that requires emotional acceptance, ownership and expression.

Either the person will talk about some memory in their childhood, or they will just make sounds. Sometimes another life experience will surface, and the person will begin to tell me the traumatic memory that has come to the surface. As some souls have many repressed emotions, they may not have words for their pain. Therefore, I encourage them to make a sound with the intention of communicating the anger, fear, grief, pain and hurt present.


It is vitally important now that those of you who choose to work with essential oils learn a method of tuning in to the body. In a previous newsletter, I discussed the use of the pendulum. I find this a very easy method, if my intuition doesn't tell me what to do. Some use muscle testing.

If you desire a copy of the issue with information about using the pendulum, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and $3 for it. The information on how to use a pendulum is also the first chapter in my book, “Integrating Your Wholeness.”

The most frequently asked question from readers of my book “Embraced by the Essence!” is how exactly do they proceed to use all the oils listed in my book. People want me to tell them how to heal their friend, spouse or family member.

The point of power and all answers are within you. God is within you. You have all the power you need and all the answers to the questions within you. Learn to ask, and trust the answer you get. Unless you have a way of tuning in to the person, I don't suggest working with anyone other than yourself. I know this may anger or disappoint some of you who feel so drawn to do healing work on others.

Recognize that the reason you desire to heal others is that you primarily want to heal yourself. We all project onto others our own issues and our own emotions because we are in such great denial much of the time. This is not meant to sound like a judgment. It is not meant to sound disempowering. It is meant to inspire you to wake up and work with your own emotional body. When you begin the process of Emotional Ownership, and in taking full responsibility for yourself, you will naturally stop denying what is within and you will stop projecting onto others.


One of the biggest patterns on planet Earth today that would serve us all to get over is this issue of over care-taking. When we focus so much of our energies on serving others, we neglect and abuse ourselves.

Yes, we all love each other. It is difficult for us to see someone else in pain. Yet, when we all take responsibility for that which we draw to us, we will see that unless we heal ourselves, we can not engage in facilitating healing on anyone else.

Learning to feel our emotions, discern our needs and desires and attending to them is a big first step in stopping this addiction so many of us have to over care-taking. It is important to learn to feel clearly within ourselves what our issues are. Then, we must find a way to communicate them. Learn to set boundaries in our lives.


Many in the over care-taking pattern don't have clear boundaries. Many in this situation say “yes” to most everything, and find it next to impossible to say “no” to requests on our time, energies or resources.

The oils that support you in setting more clear boundaries are blends such as Sacred Mountain, (or all of the conifer tree oils as singles), Aroma Life, Ylang Ylang, Magnify Your Purpose, Canadian Red Cedar, Cedarwood, Patchouly, Vetiver, Clarity, Motivation, Grounding, and Live with Passion.

The use of these oils will help give you a strong foundation in your base chakra, awaken your heart chakra, and help to activate and balance your masculine and feminine energies. Whether or not you are occupying a male or a female body, you have both masculine and feminine energies within you.

You need strong masculine energies to set boundaries, or to establish ground rules in yourself and in any relationship that works. Masculine energies provide the action needed to implement the feminine energies. You need strong feminine energies to tune into your heart, to awaken and feel the energies of your desires. When you come from a place of balance between these two forces within you (whether you are in a male or a female body), and when you tune into God within you, uniting your energies with those of the Creator within, you are in your power.


Many of you have asked about the availability of Grade C Maple Syrup. I have just found out from a reader (A.J. Cohan) who researched this and discovered Southface Farm Sugarhouse in Ashfield, MA (413) 628-3268. They sell this syrup to patrons of the Master Cleanser Diet. The grading terminology has been changed by the USDA What used to be called grade C is now called grade B. Check out their website: www.shaysner.com, or e-mail tmccrumm@shaysner.com or maple@shaysner.com. The syrup sells for about $30 for 2 gallons.


Autism is a condition in which one's reality is greatly distorted. There is a tendency towards introversion and aloneness, excluding the external reality. Many times it is diagnosed as a “mental disease”, and people have thus worked with essential oils relating to brain function.

In any disease condition, it is always wise to ensure proper neurological function, which controls other body processes. Choose the oils that work on the brain and spinal cord.

In the heightened healing and spiritual work with which I am now engaging, I am finding that all disease conditions have an emotional component. This is especially the case with autism. One must discern why this person, usually a child, has the desire to cut him or herself off from their external reality.

In many cases, there has been a severe past life experience of trauma. Perhaps the person was killed in a severe earthquake, tornado, fire, volcano or flood. Perhaps the person was imprisoned in a concentration camp, raped or killed in a particularly traumatic manner.

So, the autistic individual doesn't feel safe to exist in a physical body, in a physical dimension. They may not feel safe or feel they can trust themselves or others because they are expecting a repetition of a painfully traumatic experience.

This type of condition requires most of all an unconditionally loving and accepting facilitator. One must respect the space this individual is in, and not judge them. Begin slowly to build trust. Use essential oils which will help that person bring their buried emotions to the surface. Sometimes Rose oil will be too strong to use at first. Use gentle oils such as Orange, Inner Child, Acceptance, Awaken, or Gentle Baby.

Don't try to smother this person with hugs and other manifestations of love expression. They may not want to be touched, so honor this. Gradually, as you choose the correct oils for this person, they will begin to open up. They may be filled with fear, anger and rage. Let them act this out through toning, or making sounds, art therapy, dance or movement therapy, kicking in a swimming pool, screaming and hitting pillows against a bed or just hitting their fists into the pillow. Do what works for this individual.

The most important part of this process for the facilitator is to drop your expectations as to outcome. You may be able to help them in this lifetime, or you may not. It may take several lifetimes before this individual feels safe enough to come into physical form without such a debilitating condition.

Changing the oils you use on a daily or weekly basis is very important. Don't use the same oils all the time. Allow the body to select the one(s) it needs at a given time, and watch what progresses.


Many of the present disharmonies or disease conditions in our bodies are here in this lifetime because of experiences in other lifetimes. I will give a few examples of how these patterns can carry over from one lifetime into the next:

Cancer can manifest due to old resentments, or a need to punish yourself out of extreme guilt, self-judgment or self-disgust.

Fibroid Tumors in the female reproductive organs can manifest due to dying in childbirth in another life experience, or due to anger, fear or rage at men.

Constipation and Intestinal Challenges can manifest due to your body being sick and tired of all the emotional residues and old vows you are holding on to, lifetime after lifetime. It can be due to over care-taking, old resentments, or anger towards yourself.


As I reported in my last newsletter, I am in the process of reformatting my entire business. My work as a healing teacher is changing dramatically as I gain new experience in my own healing, and in those who are drawn to work with me.

I am now working with three new people. My life partner, Markho Rafael from Sweden, will be here in July to join me in my work. Markho will publish my books and William Shaffer's books. He will also do the promoting and marketing of our books and services.

William Shaffer and Donald Johnson have also joined me and are now living in Socorro. Together, we are all here to serve you in our respective ways. Markho, Donald and William will be answering the phone and taking your orders for products and services.


Sometimes, I send out hard copies of the newsletter to everyone on my mailing list. Most times, I only send it to those who have sent in their donation for subscriptions. To ensure you will get a hard copy of every issue, please send me your check for $12 or more, which simply helps with the cost of printing and postage. I do newsletters quarterly.

Disclaimer: Embraced by the Essence: The Next Dimension is Dr. Marcy Foley's newsletter as a private individual and Naturopathic Physician. None of the ideas or stories in this newsletter are backed by any of the companies that may be referred to herein. The information in this newsletter has not been evaluated by the FDA, and none of the products or statements in the newsletter (or anywhere on this website) are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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