Embraced by the Essence

Volume V, Number 1, Winter 1999-2000

An Aromatherapy Newsletter



Why Young Living?


I am happy to see that all the predicted Y2K catastrophes didn't occur and that we are all carrying on with our respective lives. I have noticed an extraordinary amount of heightened energies, along with the sun which is extra bright lately due to the solar flares. One source says that our days are indeed shortening, so it isn't just your imagination! Although the objective measure of time is still the same, the subjective experience of it is that we only have about 16 hours per day now compared to some years ago! So, you'd better speed up the rate at which you share about Young Living! (Just a joke - however, I will address stress later in this newsletter!)

In December I was on a visit to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, enjoying the hot springs and getting a massage. I had taken a bottle of Eucalyptus oil to put on me prior to getting in the water. The oil was sitting on the chair in the massage room with my clothing. The massage therapist said, “Oh, I see you use Young Living oils.” I said, “Yes, I love them!”

As I engaged her in a conversation to find out what her favorite Young Living products were, there was a funny look on her face. She said, “What products?” I asked her what she usually ordered from Young Living, and she said just a few oils. She wasn't even signed up, didn't know there were essential oil blends or other products. She just ordered with someone else. I doubt that she had even seen a price sheet.

At the end of the massage, I shared a couple of things about why I felt Young Living was special. I briefly mentioned the essential oil blends, the extra-special items we have that no one else has such as Ultra Young, Wolfberry products and Rhododendron caucasicum in our CardiaCare.


I also recently got caught up on listening to the tapes our company gives us with our orders. I had met Robert Tennyson Stevens in 1995, the year I got started with Young Living. I took the opportunity to tell him about the oils, and he said he knew about essential oils and wasn't interested in any new oils. I had only been in the company a few months and was a little shy, so I didn't press the matter with him.

On the wonderful tapes which he did with Marcella Vonn Harting, he said (I'm paraphrasing him here), “Young Living is much more than just oils, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten started with them. The supplements are what make this company special.” I was angry with myself for not getting into my presentation further with Robert. Then perhaps he would have signed up under me!


Young Living is more than just another essential oil company. I get so many questions from people who ask, “What oil (singular) do you use for_____(this or that health challenge)?” It is a common mis-perception for people to think that there is ONE essential oil that will cure a given health challenge, and that's all you have to do.

Granted, there are some essential oils that are extremely powerful and very special, which do many wonderful things. These are oils such as Frankincense, Helichrysum, Idaho Tansy and Myrrh. And yet, rubbing one oil on the body will not, in the majority of cases, cure a degenerative disease, or some of the more complex disease-processes such as chronic fatigue syndrome, candidiasis, anxiety or depression. The oils are PART of the picture - not the WHOLE picture - of clearing out healing challenges.

Whenever people ask me this question, it gets me started into my whole talk about Naturopathic Wellness where I say, “Healing is more than just rubbing on an oil. You must look at the diet, the elimination, water intake, home and work relationships, lifestyle, as well as emotional and mental well being. You generally have to clean the colon and liver, the bloodstream, and so much more in the body.”

Yes, we all LOVE our Essential Oils! We most likely interest the majority of the people into our company because most Americans don't know much about essential oils. That's what got me! The fact that I have done so much work with Detoxification and Rebuilding gave me an instant appreciation for all of the supplements we have in Young Living. However, I realize not everyone can grasp the importance of the supplements we have, so I spend the majority of my time teaching about them.

It is so disappointing to me when I introduce someone to the entire line of products, and then they only get a couple of the oils, which they rub on once or twice a week and that's all they ever do for their health. I choose for all people to appreciate the beautiful oils, oil blends and supplements that Dr. Young creates for us. I have gotten phone calls from people asking about various health challenges. I tell them about Young Living. I have heard people say, “Oh yeah, I tried those oils, and they didn't work.”

I ask them exactly what they did. Often I hear something like, “Well, I have a bottle of Joy and a bottle of Lemon and some Eucalyptus.” I ask them how they used these oils. Then they say, “Well, I just rubbed on some drops of Joy a couple of times and I didn't notice any difference. The Lemon burned my skin so I never used it again, and I put the Eucalyptus in my bath water and it was nice, but it didn't cure my arthritis.” When I ask if they ever took any of the supplements or did any detoxification or rebuilding, they said no. I don't know how many people I have educated about this, and then they took the ball and ran with it. Once these same people who formerly had given up on Young Living knew what a gold mine they had in their hands through proper education, they got very excited and began really sharing about this wonderful company.


It is up to us to educate the people we bring into the company. When I got started five years ago, there weren't a lot of training materials available, which is why I wrote “Embraced by the Essence!” Now we have many wonderful training aids. PLEASE USE THEM! You are doing your people a disservice if you don't help them learn how to use these products. That is why you get a royalty check each month, to teach your people how to use all the products, not just a few oils! If you don't know, then ask someone in your upline. If I am in your upline, I will help you train your people.

I will say again for the record: Training people how to use the products is NOT prescribing products for diagnosed ailments. People repeatedly think that is what upline support is. Sometimes I hear from people in my downline that I am not giving proper upline support because I'm not telling their people what products to take for their diagnosed illnesses. Please understand that this is illegal and I simply cannot and will not do this! I created “Embraced by the Essence!” to teach you how to think like a Naturopathic Physician so you can help yourself and your loved ones at home. I am not giving you a book that you simply look up a disease, and it tells you some oils to rub on. I choose for you to understand the body and what it is communicating to you when various symptoms and healing challenges occur. “Journey into Wellness” is the first step. If you are interested in the deeper emotional message, I have that information in the book, “Illuminating Physical Experience.”

Upline support is educating people about the components in the products, as I do in my newsletters, in my seminars and consulting with people. Upline support is telling people about the importance of preventing free radical damage through oxygenating the body with essential oils. It is sharing about the importance of taking digestive enzymes; why Wolfberry is added to the supplements; or the fact that there is a new powdered stevia with FOS. Upline support is not saying if a person has cancer to take this list of products and they will be cured.


Another question I am asked is how to build one's downline and how to get people to order every month. While I can't in the least identify with people who don't find $50-100 worth of products per month to order, there are those for whom this is a challenge. (I have to restrain myself from ordering $600 a month!) Once again, it is mainly because they are not properly educated, or they would order more. Once people see a benefit in something, they will find a way to pay for it. When you get your people on the supplements, which are often packaged in a one-month supply, they have to reorder. With only purchasing some of the essential oils, people may not reorder that often.

Now, having said that, I choose for you to understand that I am here to help people obtain their wellness goals, NOT simply sell a bunch of products. I could never do that! However, I don't know a single human who has perfect health. Many people are just inundated with typical allopathic brainwashing and feel there is nothing to be done about many given health concerns. People think there is nothing to do about this thing called AGING, for instance. It is up to us to let people know that there are a LOT of things to prevent the typical aging responses in the body.

One of the biggest markets in America is the baby boomers. They are fascinated by HGH and keeping fit. Talk to them about Ultra Young (described in my Fall 1999 newsletter), Power Meal, Wolfberry Bars, Essential Manna and Be Fit. Pick an area of this vast company and learn about it. Next month learn about something else.

Another approach if you don't choose to focus on the supplements is to focus on the personal care products. Everyone uses shampoo, toothpaste and soap. Most everyone (at least women) uses some sort of face cream. Educate people about the dangers of sodium laurel sulfate, sodium fluoride and many other artificial components to most personal care products.

Sodium laurel sulfate can lead to allergies, dandruff, skin and eye problems. Our teeth need calcium fluoride not sodium fluoride, which is a by-product of the aluminum industry. Most commercial toothpaste contains some form of sodium fluoride. This causes a whole host of problems, such as: memory and concentration problems, wrinkles (due to the breakdown of collagen, the protein in largest concentration in our bodies), destroying the DNA repair enzyme, aging people tremendously, and much more.

People will often tell you that they are already on supplements for this or that. I feel the Young Living supplements are more bio-available because in most cases, essential oils are in the supplements to allow for better absorption and utilization in the body. This way, you don't get the usual response where the body gets accustomed to the product, and you need more of it to do the same job.


What happens when one only takes dried encapsulated herbs for many years is that people say, “I am herbed out.” This means that the herbs just don't work that well anymore. People call me and ask what to do, or where to go next. I tell people about the importance of using therapeutic quality essential oils and that when they take dried, encapsulated herbs, about 85% of the essential oils are evaporated out of the herbs. So of course they aren't going to work as well!

Also, in the dried state, these herbs can be very hard for the body to assimilate. The body is mostly water, and every chemical reaction happens in a liquid state. With each one of these capsules, the body has to make that into something like a “tea” in order for the herbs to work. Some people may take 25-50 capsules a day, and all of those have to be properly hydrated to work. Most of us are dehydrated to begin with, and this just makes it worse. This is one of the reasons why some people may feel that natural healing is not effective, or that it makes the situation worse because they are actually dehydrating themselves. I always tell people that if they are going to take herbs, to take them in a liquid tincture form, or take the herbs with the essential oils put back into them as we have in Young Living.


It is my truth, as a woman with a B.S. in nutrition, a Master Herbalist's degree and two doctor's degrees, that we have some of the most special supplements in the Health Foods Industry within Young Living. I have worked in the natural foods and alternative health field for 32 years and I've never seen anything like the products we have in Young Living.

The reason the Young Living supplements work better than other supplements is because of the addition of the essential oils back into the herbs. (There are a few supplements that don't have essential oils in them, such as the Master Formulas. These particular formulas work better without the essential oils.) This makes them an herbal food. Also, Dr. Young uses the synergistic suspension isolation technique of making the supplements, so they are first combined in certain little packages within the supplement - those that work together - and then they are time-released. This means that the body makes much better use of them.

I will give you an example of one reason I love these supplements. I have repeatedly emphasized the importance of detoxification, and have shared some of Rev. Hanna Kroeger's cleanses in previous newsletters. I will now address the organs of detoxification because as we begin a new year, this is the perfect time to focus on this area of our bodies.


The liver has more than 1000 functions and is the largest internal organ of the human body. It has two lobes that function independently of each other, in case there is a loss of function in one lobe. It also has the ability to regenerate itself in some cases. The liver is mostly known as the organ of filtration and detoxification, receiving blood from the stomach, pancreas and intestines through the portal vein. It also receives freshly oxygenated blood to help perform these functions.

We need the liver to do its job, which also helps the bloodstream, kidneys, circulatory system, immune system, eliminative system, and digestive system. The liver breaks down proteins into individual amino acids, which are then reformed into new proteins, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. The liver also makes bile, which is secreted into the gall bladder for the digestion of fats. The liver cleanse is one of the most powerful and useful of all the cleanses to do. I will briefly outline it for you.

Hanna's liver cleanse requires you to eat only cooked tomatoes and drink tomato juice for 2-3 days. You fast on this and don't eat any other foods. I always make a nice tomato soup with herbs, onions and garlic, to keep from getting bored. Sometimes I have a glass of lemon water in between glasses of tomato juice, which is also very helpful for the liver. Before bedtime on the second or third evening, you drink 2 ounces of castor oil and 6 ounces of olive oil. (Hanna's original recipe was a mixture of whipping cream with the olive oil, and castor oil. I took this out because I work with people who didn't want to ingest dairy and it tasted so awful. Hanna couldn't tell me why it was in there, so I just increased the olive oil, and saw the same positive results.) I mix this oily formula with lemon juice to get it down. While this liver cleanse produces fabulous results, I could hardly ever get anyone to do it. They would tell me of allergies to tomatoes, or they were afraid of fasting. Those who did it felt so much better. They practically kissed my feet afterwards! Some people told me they felt 10 years younger!

When I got started in Young Living, I immediately ordered a bottle of JuvaTone after I'd taken one Cleansing Trio. After about 10 days on this supplement, I noticed my bowel movements smelled the same way and had a similar color as the way they looked when I did a liver cleanse. I was so thrilled to have found something that cleaned the liver as well as Hanna's liver cleanse! This way, I could get more people to cleanse their livers than before!


In any detoxification program, we always cleanse the colon first so that the major pathway of elimination is cleaned out. That way, when the liver starts sending out its waste, it has a place to go. If you start with the liver, you often get a cleansing crisis.

Always take JuvaTone on an empty stomach. I advise people to start slowly on this supplement because it is so powerful. Start with 1-2 tablets. If you don't notice too strong of a cleansing reaction, increase it to 2-3 tablets, then take 2-3 twice a day. If you have taken a lot of prescription drugs, have a lot of allergies or environmental illness, are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, you can have some very powerful headaches from the cleansing.

My advice is to honor your body and proceed with the cleansing at the rate at which your body can handle the detoxification. Drink copious amounts of water, and be persistent! Understand that the JuvaTone does NOT make you sick. It brings poisons to the surface that were in your system. As it does this, the poisons go into the bloodstream to be eliminated. Before the final elimination takes place, the poisons can circulate through your brain, which activates certain pain mechanisms. If you stop the supplements, you stop the cleansing reaction, and the toxins go back down to a deep level in your body tissues again. You may slow down to make it easier on you, but don't stop until you at least finish one bottle of JuvaTone. Use 2-3 drops several times a day of JuvaFlex essential oil externally over your liver.

Dr. Young has put people on 18-21 JuvaTone tablets per day in severe conditions. However, you have to build up to this level gradually if you need this many. Most people don't. I always advise people to use a way to tap into the body and ask. Some use their intuition, others use a pendulum, muscle testing or a stick plate. Use whatever works for you.

If you can dowse, you will get much better results with your body. If you can't dowse, then ask someone like me to design a Wellness Program for you. If you are interested in learning to use the pendulum, I have a little booklet which will give you instructions. This is listed at the end of this newsletter with my other books.


If you haven't done much in the way of detoxification, start with the Cleansing Trio. Take one tsp. I.C.P. in water or apple juice (tastes the best) before bedtime. At another time during the day, between meals, take 2 ComforTone with an 8-10 ounce glass of water. Take 2-4 Megazyme 30 minutes before each meal. If you have severe allergies, then take 2-3 Megazyme in between meals on an empty stomach. This will help your body clean up previous undigested food materials which are toxic to your body. After you have done this a week or more, slowly increase your I.C.P. to one tablespoon. If you get diarrhea, cramps or pain, then decrease the I.C.P.

After you have been on this program another week, if you are not too toxic, then you can add the JuvaTone. If you don't have at least two bowel movements per day, stay on the I.C.P. and ComforTone until you do. Then, add the JuvaTone.

Finish the first box of the Cleansing Trio products and stay on JuvaTone another month. After finishing your second bottle of JuvaTone, if you don't have 2-3 bowel movements per day, then start another Cleansing Trio. The most important complement to these products is to drink one ounce of distilled water per pound of body weight.

If you are a person who used to be prone to allergies, once you have gotten your intestines and liver cleaned out, by the time Spring arrives, you may find that your allergies don't come as they usually do. Most allergies are due to (1) toxic colon (2) liver congestion (3) improper digestion, with a build-up of dried mucus (4) dehydration - especially in the sinus cavities.

Work with your food combining so that you don't produce too much mucus. Most mistakes with food combining concern the use of wheat. Many people are allergic to wheat and don't know it. Even if you aren't allergic to wheat, don't combine wheat products (mostly in bread and pasta) with concentrated proteins (animal products, cheese, or eggs). Don't mix fruits and vegetables in the same meal. Don't mix heavy starch foods with concentrated proteins. Mix heavy starch foods with light carbohydrates, such as a salad and a baked potato rather than a baked potato and a steak. These are just a few simple rules about food combining. There are many books on the subject.

The next topic is another one in this series of beginning detoxification and rebuilding. First we clean the colon, then the liver, then we rebuild and maintain a healthy intestinal flora and clear out parasites. What a wonderful gift to give yourself at the beginning of the new year!


One of the products which makes Young Living unique is Stevia Powder with FOS, called Stevia Select. While I have done quite a bit of research on keeping the intestinal flora balanced and healthy, I had never heard of FOS before Young Living came out with this product.

The term probiotics is used for supplements of live friendly bacteria. Prebiotics are substances not digestible by the human body but digestible to friendly bacteria, such as FOS. When you ingest prebiotics, you don't need to take as many probiotics! I know that's a tongue twister! FOS will help the friendly bacteria you are taking or have in your intestines to flourish faster. So once again, you don't have to take as much of the probiotic supplements when you use prebiotics to maintain or feed the friendly bacteria.

One of the most important areas of our health to keep in balance are the friendly bacterium in our intestines. These comprise three main kinds: Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. There are about 30 others as well. One thing I never thought of was, what do these bacteria need for their sustenance and reproducibility? FOS!

Why is it important to maintain proper amounts of bifidobacteria and other friendly bacteria?

They can:
- Lower cholesterol levels
- Prevent food poisoning and diarrhea
- Produce acids which reduce pH in the GI tract, making it difficult for harmful bacteria and other pathogens to live or multiply there
- Help the body digest lactose, which in turn helps the assimilation of calcium
- Increase production of small amounts of natural antibiotics that rid the GI tract of undesirable bacteria
- Make Vitamins B1,B2,B6, B12, niacin & folic acid
- Ease constipation
- Play an important role in preventing autoimmune diseases
- Help in the treatment of chronic fatigue
- Help with skin disorders, especially acne

The “1999 Convention Issue of Young Living Essential Edge” has a nice condensed article on FOS. I also found a little booklet in the health food store with more information, from Keats Publishing in New Canaan, CT called “Health Benefits of FOS,” written by Robert Crayhon, forwarded by Martin Feldman, M.D.

Possible Health Benefits of FOS:

- Provide food for bifidobacteria, the most important of the beneficial bacteria
- Reduce growth of unfriendly bacteria and putrefactive substances they produce
- Relieve Constipation
- Can help diabetics lower blood sugar levels
- Lower blood cholesterol & triglyceride levels
- Can help in treatment of Candidiasis
- Fight the formation of cavities
- Stop antibiotic-associated diarrhea
- Can help lower blood pressure
- Improve taste, texture and health benefits of food
- Supportive for an ailing liver
- Can help stop free radical formation in the large intestine, the largest site of free radical formation

Stevia with FOS is a very delicious supplement. Just add a little bit to your tea, yogurt, Power Meal, or anywhere you would add a sweetener. While FOS is only about half as sweet as sugar, the stevia adds quite a bit of sweetening.


I have had many requests for help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, rebuilding the neurotransmitters, help with improving memory and rebuilding the brain, as well as how to get off antidepressants and sleeping pills. I am making this my first priority for my seminars this year. I am also going to write a booklet on the above topics. Many of you know my history of being on Prozac and Xanax. I am off (and have been off) all prescription drugs since 1995, the year I got into Young Living.

I have discovered some wonderful new supplements that sound very promising for healing depression, rebuilding neurotransmitters, relieving stress and anxiety, as well as helping to fall asleep. These supplements are not covered within the Young Living supplements or oils and it is not another MLM company. Yes, we do have some Young Living products I will teach about at this seminar. I have also discovered something new. If you are unable to attend the seminar and you wish to know about these, please contact me. I will be carrying these supplements in my office. They are also very reasonably priced. After this section, I will give a brief introduction to some of these products.

This emotional wellness seminar will be co-facilitated by William Shaffer. He has taught many seminars over the last 15 years in Europe. We are very fortunate to have him back in America! Topics we will cover in this seminar include Emotional Ownership, Healing the Inner Child, Dream Interpretation, Psycho-Drama, Voice Dialogue, Art Healing, Music, Meditation and many other tools for inner emotional healing.

In the seminar, I will teach the physical reasons for depression, insomnia, anxiety and stress. I will explain dietary factors and supplements which help alleviate these conditions. We will also go into emotional factors which relate to all these conditions. There will be one meal daily cooked by me, for a little social interaction. And yes, I will share my recipes! Cooking is one of the things I do as a therapy for myself, one which I truly enjoy. I do teach natural foods cooking!

To attend this seminar, you are required to have one Health Reading from me PRIOR TO coming for the seminar. We need this as background information on you, so we can tailor the seminar to the participants who come. You will get the special price of $125 for a Health Reading, since I can do some of the complimentary follow up in the seminar. We only have space and the appropriate individual energy to adequately work with 12 people, so whoever registers first will get to attend!


- Dates: Thursday, March 16th to Sunday, March 19th
- Thursday: Final Registration at 5:30 p.m. and Dinner at 6:00 p.m. Seminar from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
- Friday & Saturday Seminar starts at 10:00 a.m. till lunch, which is provided as a group activity, ending at 5-6:00 p.m.
- Sunday the seminar will go from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 3:30 p.m.
- Cost: $350
- Location: 245 S. 40th St, Boulder, Colorado
- Lodging: I will find motels in the area
- Travel: If flying, you will come into Denver at the new DIA airport. Shuttles or busses are available to bring you to Boulder. It is approximately a one-hour drive to Boulder from DIA.


Amino Acids are the individual components which come from the various proteins we ingest in our diets. Optimal brain functioning depends upon a healthy liver, adequate nutrition and good digestion. Many of us are deficient in amino acids. Thus, we don't have the raw materials out of which to make enzymes, hormones and especially neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters control our moods and certain synaptic firing sequences.

The brain controls every cell in the human body, yet it is one of the most poorly nourished organs in the body. Though the brain only comprises 2% of the weight of the entire body, it uses 50% of all the glucose in the bloodstream and 20% of all inhaled oxygen. Any time a person undergoes long periods of stress, emotional fatigue, anxiety, depression and grief, they use more amino acids, B6 and Magnesium.

The following is a brief list of some of the many amazing functions of amino acids. Arginine and Ornithine are necessary to help HGH release from the pituitary gland and enhance fat metabolism (contained in UltraYoung). Carnitine helps alleviate depression, clear the blood of triglycerides, helps lower cholesterol and increase HDL levels. Cysteine helps maintain skin flexibility and texture by slowing abnormal cross linkage of collagen. Cysteine also helps chelate heavy metals in the body, helps protect against the effects of alcohol, pollution and helps prevent cataracts. Cysteine functions as part of the insulin molecule.

GABA helps reduce stress and anxiety by changing the way the neurons fire in the limbic system. Glutamine helps heal ulcers and intestinal tissue. It can help in the treatment of alcoholism by decreasing the desire to drink. Glutathione neutralizes atmospheric substances such as petrochemicals and chlorine. Glycine helps reduce anxiety and hyperactivity as well as removing lead from the body. Histidine helps maintain the myelin sheath, chelates heavy metals out of the body and helps in the proper functioning of the nerves to the ears. Methionine helps detoxify heavy metals from the body and reduces high levels of histamine, acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps detoxify the liver. Tyrosine helps alleviate some symptoms of Parkinson's disease, is a precursor to thyroid hormones, may help stabilize blood pressure and especially is helpful in relieving stress.

There are many more examples. Do these ideas excite you? I have discovered some very powerful amino acid combinations, complete with the other nutrients that are needed as co-factors for proper utilization of the amino acids. (You can't just take these amino acids by themselves without their co-factors, or your body won't make use of them properly.) Let me know if you have further interest. I am in the process of making a catalog of products, services and books I carry in my office. Let me know if you are interested in receiving my catalog.


Due to my strenuous schedule, I was unable to get this book to you when I had hoped, by December 15th. Those who prepaid, I sent a notice to regarding this. The book is now being formatted by the artist and is nearly ready to take to the printers.

I will be able to charge $25 less than the Embraced book because of new printing techniques, which make this book less expensive to print than when I printed “Embraced by the Essence!” in 1998.

Those of you who prepaid and got a $10 discount will either get a refund, or you can apply this to a newsletter subscription, or a discount on any of my other products or services. Please let me know which you prefer, so when it is time to ship books I will know how many to ship you. If you choose, those of you who paid $40, for what I thought would be a $50 book can get two books instead of one. Then you can share one with a friend!


I am now arranging my year 2000 seminar schedule. If you are interested in me coming to your area for a weekend seminar, please contact me as soon as possible. If you choose to sponsor me, we will send you names of people in your area from my mailing list who have expressed interest in attending my seminars. If you set up the seminar, you will attend at no charge.

We will cover the usual physical application methods: VitaFlex, RainDrop Technique, Lymphatic Pump, and others. I will discuss emotional healing and go through the 12 body systems to teach the Naturopathic Principles of Wellness. If you are in my downline, I can give a free introduction to the oils on the night preceding the seminar. If I am not in your upline, we will arrange adequate compensation for my time.


We realized we had to add some new material to the “Illuminating Physical Experience” book. We're just putting the finishing touches on the editing now. Then it has to have the cover created and go to the printers. It will most likely be another two months before we have this new book ready.

While three of my other books are primarily about the physical aspect of healing, “Illuminating Physical Experience” concerns primarily the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. For all diseases, there is always a purely physical triggering factor: an infection, an injury or a genetic defect. This is the mechanism through which we acquire a disease. It is never the cause. The cause of the disease is always blocked emotions. The reason why our emotions are blocked is always mental judgments, denials and lack of self-acceptance.

“Illuminating Physical Experience” is a natural next step for me as a writer on healing subjects. In this past year, I've become more and more intrigued by the emotional causes and the mental and spiritual reasons of how and why we create our various diseases and ailments. This new book, which I co-authored with William Shaffer and my husband teaches these causes and reason. It also brings up a lot of other fascinating topics about life on the physical dimension, such as the karma of the world religions and the five races of humanity.

“Illuminating Physical Experience” will help you understand life on the third dimension better, and answer your questions as to why you came into this lifetime with the family, sex, religion and nationality you did. It will also help you to understand and reconnect to emotions, judgments, old vows and more that are important in unlocking these keys to your personal wellness puzzle. This book will cost $15 plus $4 postage and handling. It is 5½" X 8½" and is approximately 225 pages.


I do not consult with people over the telephone where people tell me a given healing challenge, and then expect me to tell them what products to take. This is something only M.D.'s are allowed to do. As a Naturopathic Physician, I am not allowed to diagnose or prescribe.

The way I help people achieve their wellness goals is to do a Health Reading, which is available long distance. I check (1) your body parts and systems, (2) 12 different factors which can contribute to illness - allergies, atomic poisons, chemical poisons, congestion, emotional factors, infections, metal poisons, parasites, residues, toxins, trauma and worms (3) your nutrient levels and (4) your energy levels.
I design a personalized wellness program for you utilizing Young Living Essential Oils and supplements, some of Dr. Christopher's Tinctures, certain Vibrational Remedies as well as Rev. Hanna Kroeger's cleanses. You get a copy of all the cleanses and other information in a booklet which goes along with your reading.

I have re-accessed my pricing structure. Due to the fact that I spend 2-3 hours per reading, I raised the price of my reading to $150. Call my office and request a Case History Packet which will give you all the information you need to get a Health Reading.


Unless I move or have something of monumental importance to communicate, I only send hard copies of the newsletters to those who have sent in their donation for subscriptions. To ensure that you will get all issues, please send me your check for $12 or more, which simply helps with the cost of printing and postage. This is for a one-year's subscription. I do newsletters quarterly.


I have compiled a 56-page document which contains the best information from all back issues since I began this newsletter 5 years ago. I took out the information that was time-dated and left in the rest. If you are interested in a hard copy of this document, please send a donation of $12.00, which includes postage.

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