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Embraced by the Essence – Volume V, Number 2

Volume V, Number 2, Spring 2000

An Aromatherapy Newsletter

Moving Forward in Life

It would be a book in itself to tell you the whole story of what happened and why it took so long to get my new Embraced books. I had to convert from the old paste-up way people used to do books to the new way of submitting books on disc. It was a very expensive and time-consuming job. I had to buy new book publishing software and hired 3 different people to help me.

The information I had which said it was illegal to sell a book that promotes or educates one about products for sale was incorrect. Therefore, I went back to my original book title and put my name on the cover. The reason we have changed the price several times on the books is due to the printer quotes. The printer we had worked with for about 4 months did not honor their original quote, so once the book was ready to go, we had to start all over in finding a new printer! By the time I added in the additional costs to get this book to the printer, I could have gone back to the original cost of $50. However, my husband and I had a commitment to have this book very reasonably priced to make it more available to people, so we only raised the price minimally.


“Illuminating Physical Experience” is the title of my next book which I co-authored with William Shaffer and my husband Kent Davidsson (“Markho Rafael”). We sent this book to the printer May 25th and will most likely have them by the end of June.

While three of my other books are primarily about the physical aspect of healing, “Illuminating Physical Experience” concerns primarily the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. For all diseases, there is always a purely physical triggering factor: an infection, an injury or a genetic defect. This is the MECHANISM through which we acquire a disease. It is never the cause. The CAUSE of the disease is always blocked emotions. The REASON why our emotions are blocked includes mental judgments, denials and lack of self- acceptance.

“Illuminating Physical Experience” will help you understand life on the third dimension better, and answer your questions as to why you came into this lifetime with the family, sex, religion and nationality you did. It will also help you to understand and reconnect to emotions, judgments, old vows and more that are important in unlocking these keys to your personal wellness puzzle.


In order to move forward in life, we need to have healthy blood. Symptoms associated with old age begin when the blood is toxic, when it is too thick and does not circulate in the body freely enough. When there is free radical damage, the blood cells clump together, the edges become ragged and frayed and they cannot pass through the tiny capillaries. In this instance I suggest taking anti-oxidants. All pure, therapeutic quality essential oils (such as Young Living) will provide oxygen to the cells, and act as natural antioxidants.

When I begin someone on a detoxification and rebuilding program, I generally start with cleansing the colon, then cleansing the liver. After this you can cleanse the kidneys or the blood. By cleansing either of these areas, one will affect the other. The more clean the blood, the less strain there is on the kidneys. The cleaner the kidneys are, the easier it is to filter the blood.

If you eat cooked food, your body needs digestive enzymes, or it causes sludge to accumulate in the blood. I have found Young Living Megazyme to be the most effective digestive enzyme of any I have tried, or checked out, energy-wise. If you are a strict vegetarian, contact me for a totally vegetable based enzyme because Megazyme has animal products in it. Since blood is the vehicle of everything that occurs in the body, it is important to keep this fluid free of waste. When waste accumulates and isn’t sent out of the body, the whole system becomes toxic and the cells can’t get the nutrients and oxygen they need. This can easily cause fatigue!

If there is congestion in the blood vessels, I recommend a one month program of Herbal Chelation, utilizing Young Living Rehemogen and Chelex tinctures. Dr. Christopher’s Red Clover Combination formula is also a wonderful blood cleanser. The Young Living VitaGreen supplement cleanses the blood and AlkaLime helps with acid-alkaline balance. An acid pH is defined as something less than 7.35. Normal blood pH is slightly alkaline, in the range of 7.35 to 7.41. One of the most damaging things for the blood is to be too acidic. I will now describe why.


1. CORRODES ARTERIES, VEINS AND HEART TISSUE: Too high of an acid condition erodes and eats into cell wall membranes of the heart, arteries and veins, weakening cardiovascular structures and connective tissues. This has a negative effect upon the blood pressure. When the pH is too acidic, there are too many anions – an ion with a negative charge. This causes the cations – an ion with a positive charge – to more freely circulate in an attempt to create balance. These changes in the circulation can lead to arteriosclerosis, aneurysm, arrhythmia, heart attack and stroke.

2. ACCELERATES FREE-RADICAL DAMAGE & PREMATURE AGING: Acidosis causes partial lipid breakdown and destructive oxidative cascades which accelerates free radical damage of cell walls and intracellular membrane structures.

3. CAUSES WEIGHT GAIN, DIABETES AND OBESITY: A nearly constant acidic pH leads to insulin sensitivity, which causes the body to produce more insulin. Starvation also produces too much acidity. When there is too much insulin produced, there is a higher probability that more calories will be converted to fat in accordance with the genetic response to famine. This constant over-production of insulin can lead to hypoglycemia. On the other hand if the body is more on the alkaline side, there is not the response for the body to produce more insulin, which allows fat weight to be burned.

Acidosis causes the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas to lose proper communication with each other. The cells burn out and this can lead to Diabetes Mellitus.

4. INHIBITS METABOLISM OF STORED ENERGY RESERVES & ELECTROLYTE ACTIVITY: An acid pH inhibits efficient cellular and body metabolism. There are problems with calcium, hydrogen, sodium and potassium which results in inefficiency in the Sodium Potassium pump, heart pumping action, nutrients getting to the inside of the cells and leaves us feeling tired and drained of energy. Without adequate electrolyte activity, we don’t have enough energy to do our work and eventually the heart stops beating.

5. CAUSES CHOLESTEROL PLAQUE TO FORM: The amount of cholesterol in the diet has not been found to be a major factor in cholesterol plaque formation. Rather, pH status appears to be the factor more directly involved, binding cholesterol with heavy metals and other cellular debris.

6. DISRUPTS BLOOD PRESSURE: Acidosis causes arteries to become dilated and the veins to be constricted. This has the effect of shifting the blood to the more central part of the body, thus putting more pressure on the heart. This makes it more difficult to control blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and heart attack.

7. DISRUPTS CRITICAL LIPID AND FATTY ACID METABOLISM: Since the brain and nerves are so intimately involved with fatty acids, disturbed functioning in these areas can lead to Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and other neurological problems, as well as hormonal imbalance in the endocrine system.

8. INHIBITS CELL REGENERATION & DNA-RNA SYNTHESIS: DNA- RNA synthesis require a more alkaline environment whereas cancerous cells require an acidic environment. Therefore, if we want to prevent the possibility of cellular mutations (such as cancer) it is best to keep our pH on the alkaline side.

9. INHIBITS OXYGEN GETTING TO THE TISSUES: Acidosis decreases the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin in the blood, which compromises all living tissue.

10. WEAKENS BONE STRUCTURE: Of all structures in the body, it is most important to maintain blood pH on the alkaline side. When there is acidosis in the blood, it will begin dissolving the bone tissue as a natural buffer which could lead to osteoporosis.

(This information on Acid pH is paraphrased from the Växa Journal, Issue no. 2.)

Now you know ten reasons to avoid an acid pH. Test yourself with litmus paper and use ALKALIME as needed. You may also do the following cleanse from Rev. Hanna Kroeger for the blood. I gave the kidney cleanse in my August 1998 Newsletter. It is also in the Health Reading booklet and “Integrating Your Wholeness.”


Cut up red and white onions and simmer in water (or a pure, non-additive low salt chicken or vegetable broth) until tender. Drink ½ cup onion water along with 50 mg. B6 five times per day. You may also eat all you desire of bananas, tomatoes, rice and millet. This is your complete diet for two days. Also drink red cloverleaf tea, any liquid chlorophyll mixed in water, and plenty of distilled water — one ounce per pound of body weight. After these two days continue with a natural, pure, healthy diet, and take B6 daily. Check with the pendulum, or other means to see how often to take the B6 during the day and for your appropriate dosage.


This material on the blood is excerpted from “Illuminating Physical Experience,” written by Kent Davidsson:

“Blood is the most emotionally charged of all non-gender specific tissues. It symbolizes the nurturing, life-sustaining flow of feminine energy. As a system for channeling this nurturing feminine media to every part of our bodies, we then have the masculine structural support of the blood vessels. Thus, the circulatory system more than any other system in our bodies depends on the co-operation and balance of our feminine and masculine energies. The primary symbolic message of the circulatory system is how we use our masculine energies (intellect) to support the flow of our self-nurturing feminine energies (emotions) in reaching every part of our beings.”

“At the core of the circulatory system is the heart, the balance point between the mental and emotional bodies. Thus, in any heart conditions, a disharmony between our masculine and feminine energies is always involved. Our intellect is not fully in love with or supportive of our emotions. We do not appropriately honor and support our own emotions, will and desires. In other words, we are not following our hearts.”


I am giving a seminar in the Washington D.C. area August 11-13. For more information, contact Joan or Dee at (202) 337-9700. August 11th will be a one evening class on using the pendulum. CALL IF YOU WANT ME TO COME TO YOUR AREA.


I do not consult with people over the telephone where people tell me a given healing challenge, and then expect me to tell them what products to take. This is something only M.D.’s are allowed to do.

As a Naturopathic Physician, the way I help people achieve their wellness goals is to do a Health Reading, which is available long distance. I check (1) your body parts and systems (2) 12 different factors which can contribute to illness – allergies, atomic poisons, chemical poisons, congestion, emotional factors, infections, metal poisons, parasites, residues, toxins, trauma and worms (3) your nutrient levels and (4) your energy levels.

I design a personalized wellness program for you utilizing Young Living Essential Oils and supplements, some of Dr. Christopher’s Tinctures, certain Vibrational Remedies as well as Rev. Hanna Kroeger’s cleanses. You get a copy of all the cleanses and other information in a booklet which goes along with your reading.

As an aspect of working with me, I also get you started with understanding the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of what is underlying your illness(es). If you are only looking for someone to tell you remedies to take for your illness, I am not the one to work with because I know this is not going to cause a permanent change in your well being.

My Health Reading is $150. Call my office and request a Case History Packet which will give you all the information you need to get a Health Reading.


To get hard copies of all issues, I invite you to get a one-year subscription of my newsletter for a donation of $12 (or more), which simply helps with the cost of printing and postage. I do newsletters quarterly.

I WILL E-MAIL A NEWSLETTER TO ANYONE AT NO CHARGE IF YOU SEND ME YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. While it is not mandatory, the people who receive the e-mail version of my newsletter are also welcome to send in a donation for my writing time and energy. Since I don’t copyright this material, you have my permission to forward my newsletters to others.


I apologize that I reported incorrectly in my last newsletter that I have a 56-page document which contains the best information from all back issues of my newsletters. The document started out being 56 pages and when I took out the information that was time-dated and left in the rest, it was 36 pages. Each time I do a newsletter, this document will grow. It is now 48 pages. If you are interested in this document, please send a donation of $12.00 (or more), which includes postage.


I was attending a weekend seminar and a woman was complaining of her back hurting. I got brave and asked what happened. After she told me, I asked her if she wanted me to put a few therapeutic quality essential oils on her back. She said, “When?” I said, “How about right now?” We didn’t even have a body work table so I just laid her on the floor on a tablecloth and put some Valor on her occiput, low back and then held her feet a few minutes. I put some Pan Away on her hip. She started to sigh. Then I put some Release on her low back and hip. She said, “Wow! I feel such a release!” I said, “Would you like to know the oil blend I just put on you?” I showed her the bottle of Release and she was totally surprised!

While I was working on her a friend of hers walked over and wanted to know what we were doing. The woman I was working on said, “Oh you have to try these oils. They are Great. She got rid of all my back pain!” That woman had pain in her knee due to arthritis. I told her there was much more that we had to do for this condition, however perhaps I could offer some relief. I put Valor, Birch, Cypress and Aroma Siez and held my hands around her knee. She said most of the pain was gone in just a few minutes.

She was so excited she told her husband who had a severe case of sciatica. I told him to come to my home-office and I’d be happy to work on him. He came along and also brought two other people. I did a RainDrop Treatment on the first woman and afterwards she was so high, she practically skipped out of the well being room! While the man had been seeing a Chiropractor for his sciatica on a regular basis, he still had pain and I could tell he was depressed. I worked on him using Valor, Pan Away, Orange, Lavender and Present Time. On their way home, the man said, “You know, I feel so good it’s almost sinful. I feel like giggling!” She said, “It’s a sin to NOT feel this good every day!”

These oils are true miracle workers. In each of these cases, I didn’t use more than a couple drops of each oil. My intuition guided me as to what to use each time. The reason I now am going to have at least 3 new distributors in my organization is that I had my oils with me that day at the seminar and I simply applied them. I didn’t work on them with special “doctor skills” I just rubbed the oils on and applied the healing touch of my love. I nearly always bring my entire case of oils no matter where I am going. You never know when you might be able to help someone who is hurt, or simply have some Clarity, Peppermint or Motivation to wake up during a seminar!

Disclaimer: Embraced by the Essence: The Next Dimension is Dr. Marcy Foley’s newsletter as a private individual and Naturopathic Physician. None of the ideas or stories in this newsletter are backed by any of the companies that may be referred to herein. The information in this newsletter has not been evaluated by the FDA, and none of the products or statements in the newsletter (or anywhere on this website) are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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