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Embraced by the Essence! – Vol. VI, No. 2

The Next Dimension

Vol. VI, No. 2 — Spring 2001

Rebuilding Degenerative Conditions

It is truly a SCENTsational experience of joy to be alive, as Spring bursts forth in all Her glorious power! As we begin another fragrant new Springtime when Mother Nature is having Her renewal and rebirth, some of us are full of excitement and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, many others are in need of a major Spring cleaning!

This newsletter will focus on working with degenerative conditions. These are simply areas where there is either too much breakdown in body tissues (catabolism), or there a lot of build-up, congested or congealed tissue (too much anabolism). Anabolism and catabolism are the two phases of metabolism which we must keep in balance to be at our optimum health.

I classify a degenerative condition as something which has had a long “incubation” period of many years. Healing these conditions requires (1) detoxifying and rebuilding most or all 12 body systems on a physical level, (2) working with one’s ideas and thought patterns on a mental level, (3) working with repressed and denied emotions (4) and it is also necessary to reach a heightened level of spirituality. When we ask for more of God’s loving Light it greatly helps these processes.

The level of toxicity in our society is constantly increasing, which is just a mirror for our inner toxicity and congestion. On a physical level, degenerative conditions are caused in part by the build-up of the many artificial chemicals that we use or are exposed to on a daily basis.

There is sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium fluoride, aluminum, chlorine, propylene glycol, food preservatives, colorings, stabilizers, “enhancers” and many more toxins in our toothpaste, deodorants, anti-perspirants, shampoos, soaps, foods and beverages. If that isn’t enough, mass unconsciousness now has accepted the use of chemicals we spray on clothing so we don’t have to iron them! Educate yourself on these substances and make conscious choices to use as many natural products as possible. There is a little booklet entitled “Rub a Dub, Dub . . . Is Cancer in Your Tub?” which identifies these toxins and what products they are in. You can obtain copies of this booklet from Young Living for $1.00 or visit our essential oils website:

Help from Hanna Kroeger’s Gadgets

The Soma Board is a device that will clear the negative effects from the scanners our food is run across which depresses our immune system. It also removes the vibration of pesticides, preservatives and other unwanted vibrations in our food. $30.

The Pico Board is a device that clears the vibration of irradiation from our food. Irradiation causes razor-sharp cuts in our alimentary canal as well as our blood vessels. You simply put your grocery bags on the boards for a couple of minutes to transmute them. $18. You need to use both the Soma and Pico Boards together.

The Computer Pillow helps transmute the negative vibrations from your computer. $30.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Did you know that the number one cause of breast cancer is the use of anti-perspirants? We know that the skin and the tissues under our tongue are able to absorb nutrients easily, which is why our oral spray products (Ultra Young, ProMist & ThermaMist) as well as our essential oils are so readily absorbed. The same theory holds true for toxins as well! If a woman constantly sprays an aluminum-containing antiperspirant under her arms to prevent a natural perspiration process, it leads to a chronic blockage in the skin pores, lymph nodes and channels. Is it any wonder why tumors and cysts can form there? Until we have a deodorant product, use Lavender, Geranium or Motivation under your arms.

Our Creator gave us a brain and it is time to use it! I urge you to please carefully consider what you are putting into and on your body and what effect these items have on your health! Go through your entire house and throw away any unnatural products you find. Is it Spring – time for a thorough cleaning anyway!

If we have used a lot of these unnatural products in the past, it is time to detoxify and rebuild to prevent degenerative conditions from occurring. If you are one of the MANY Young Living distributors who have never used The Cleansing Trio, JuvaTone, Megazyme and ParaFree, what are you waiting for? It is important for ALL of us to use these products to do an initial cleansing process, and then to use them on a regular maintenance basis to keep us healthy.

In Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt’s book, Advanced Aromatherapy, he states that essential oils are best used for infectious diseases, and don’t work that well on degenerative conditions because there has already been so much damage to the body. I totally agree with him.

One of the most frequent questions I hear from Young Living distributors is, “What oil(s) can I use for Cancer, Asthma, Allergies, MS (and other neurological diseases).” Please realize that by the time the body has manifested a degenerative condition, there is so much to correct that essential oils by themselves are usually not enough.

Fortunately in Young Living, we have much more than just essential oils. We have many personal care products to use which include Dentarome toothpaste, Fresh Essence Mouthwash, Aroma Silk Hair Care products, Face Care products, Body Lotions, Bath Gels and Bar Soaps. All of these products are inexpensive enough to use daily and can be ordered in Auto Ship.

Fall 2000 Conference Call Tapes

I gave a series of 12 conference calls last fall. I did this as a favor to Paul Davis and Norma Steen. In return, they promised to make a set of audio tapes. Some people sent in money to Paul and Norma, and some of you sent money to me. Please contact me if you sent money to Paul and Norma.

Unfortunately Paul and Norma have not kept their word with me and have not delivered the tapes. They also have refused to pay me for books I sent them which they have sold. It is a mystery to me how people who are working with our beautiful Young Living products and wishing to build a business and a holistic healing center can be so dishonest! I am putting this in my newsletter because it is my choice to warn others who may have interactions with these people.

While some people may not feel it is appropriate to tell such information about Paul and Norma, I choose to set an example and not do what I’ve done in the past, which was to be nice, even if someone hurt me. I will no longer be in denial of my true emotions. I feel angry that I was taken advantage of along with some of you, and that my name is associated with people who are so out of integrity.

Colorado Seminar

To make up for these tapes which were not made available from Paul Davis and Norma Steen, I will teach another seminar and tape it. This will cover the 12 body systems as I did on those calls. I will teach how I work with the body using Young Living oils and related supplements. For this seminar I cut the price from my usual seminar fee of $175 – $250 to only $75.

Dates: 23-24 June, 2001
Times: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Location: I will wait until June 1st to determine the location according to how many people register. It will be somewhere in the Denver/Boulder area. Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to attend, so I can find a location.

Natural Garden Care

Are you looking for natural solutions for your garden, without having to use pesticides and bug sprays? Check out the following:

Kindness & Compassion

What kind of a world do you choose to live in? When I experience the world around me, what I see most missing is genuine kindness and compassion. A vital and often overlooked step in healing ourselves is to extend compassion for the detoxification and rebuilding process we are going through. Yes, we need a certain amount of discipline (balanced masculine energies) in initiating and then following through on our wellness goals. At the same time, we need to know when to allow some leeway and gentleness. There is enough harshness and adherence to rigid rules and regulations (imbalanced masculine energies) out in society.

We got sick because we were so far out of balance, so let us use a gentle discipline in our wellness plans to bring us back into balance. When we judge and criticize ourselves for the state our lives and our health is in, let us extend loving compassion instead. Love is what will heal us by connecting with our Creator within.

Healing ourselves always starts with giving before we can receive. However, I feel this Universal law has been very misunderstood. Many thought it meant we had to give to others first, thus attending to ourselves last. This attitude has fostered the pattern of over care-taking and self-denial which leaves many of us very barren and empty, or burnt out.

It is a sign of self-love when we extend to ourselves the kind of energies we choose to experience. When we are strong and whole, we will naturally choose to share with others. However, to give to others before we have given to ourselves is like asking a mother who is malnourished to breast-feed her baby when she isn’t strong enough to produce milk.

Those who truly love themselves will choose to do whatever it takes to heal themselves by extending loving kindness and compassion to themselves to get their needs met. After that, we can fully focus on others and the world around us.

Our ElectroMagnetic Nature

We have within us two powerful forces – Electricity (or the Spirit essence polarity) and Magnetism (or the Will essence polarity). Our Spirit essence can also be called the masculine energies and our mental body. Our Will essence can also be called our feminine energies and our emotional body. These energies come together in our Heart, which is the balance between these two. In order to be healthy on all levels, we must have the proper balance between the electrical and magnetic energies within us. Because there is such imbalance between these two forces, we have a lot of problems in our Cardiovascular System.

Earlier, I pointed out some of the physical reasons for illness. Another area that deserves our attention is to work on our mental patterns of illness. These include our judgments, thought patterns and unresolved issues. Carry around a little notepad in your pocket or purse and write down any time you notice your judgments, criticisms, or any internal self-talk that is not supportive. Derogatory self-talk (our internal dialog) comes from the judgments we hold of ourselves. Once we notice where we have judgments, criticisms or unresolved issues, the next step is to discover their origin.

Judgments are thought-forms which occur after we have a given experience. Instead of living in the present, we are living in the past, in a rigid pattern where there is no emotional movement. Each time the judgment is repeated, the thought-form is intensified, which then draws similar situations to you until you learn from your experience. Judgments also hold emotional denial in place. Thus, there is an interdependence involved in clearing the polarity partners of the mental and emotional bodies.

The fastest way for you to create change is to clear the judgments along with the emotional charge, so the energy can move. If you do not do this, the physical body will manifest this stuck energy which takes the form of tumors, cysts and congestion. If this is not cleared, the emotional body is overwhelmed by holding all this charge and exhaustion, disease, aging and then physical death occur.

The practice of positive thinking and affirmations for most people is not a supportive practice. Positive thinking, when used to deny one’s true emotions, is detrimental to our health. However, it is beneficial to have a positive outlook on life. Often, people use affirmations to brainwash their minds into believing something is true that is not at this time true. This causes an imbalance of electrical energy in the mental body and the brain which can negatively affect the nervous system causing neurological conditions. This excess electrical energy can cause shooting pains to occur down the arms or legs. When you repeat something over and over that is not true, it causes a feeling of abandonment and betrayal in the emotional body.

The Benefit of a Triggering Process

For full healing and self recovery to take place, the most important area to work with is our emotional body. This is the area within us which has had the most neglect and denial. Often when I teach this topic, I hear immediate resistance to this information. It may be true that you have cleared many areas of repressed or denied emotions in this lifetime, and yet if there were nothing else going on, there would not be cancer or other disorders in the body. Pay attention when you have resistance to something. If there was no emotional “charge” for you, the idea, person or situation would not trigger you.

The triggering process allows what you have denied to come to the surface for healing. When we are not able to access areas within us to heal, God will provide outside triggers. Instead of blaming the person or judging the situation which triggered you, stop and see what is there for you. It is a GIFT!

The first step in the process of clearing the emotional body is to recognize what is there for you. You may choose to just write down what it is that you feel angry, resentful, or fearful of. There may be a specific situation associated with these emotional states. You may wish to start with the experience, then recognize what emotions are there for you around this. Simply start with what you are sure needs attention within you. You can either feel these emotions and express them in private (which might be best), or get the assistance of a support person. However, if you work with someone else, please carefully choose someone who has acceptance for your emotional expressions. Otherwise, it may be detrimental to the emotional body to have something that wants to be expressed, only to feel like it still can’t move what it has been holding for so long. This makes your emotional healing more difficult. It is also imperative that you work with your emotions in a responsible way in which you don’t blame others for how you feel and what happened to you. There are very deep causes to explore and heal in emotional denial.

Guilt Versus Love

Many of us have confused guilt with love, and thus many of our decisions are actually made out of guilt. Do you want to do something, or do you feel you should? A loving intention is not the same as love. You can have a loving intention and still operate out of guilt. It is imperative to begin to feel the difference between guilt and love because when guilt is present in our electromagnetic field, it reverses the polarity on the magnetic charge so we will draw the opposite of what we want to us.

This means we will not allow food, supplements or even the beautiful essential oils to nourish and heal us. This is one reason why some people experience such dramatic changes in their health with a given health regimen, and a person holding a lot of guilt does not.

To clear guilt, we must investigate what is underneath the guilt. It is often anger or fear or the stronger counterpoints of rage and terror. Ask yourself how the guilt makes you feel. Then, work on that. Anger and fear are closely related, so if you begin doing some clearing on anger, and you just don’t ever seem to be complete with the situation, check and see if you have some fear present as well.

Remember that we have lifetimes of these emotions, judgments and issues to clear. So, sometimes a given situation or relationship will continue to trigger us long after we feel we “should” have cleared it. One reason is because you may be using this current triggering to help you bring up and heal all similar situations from the past. This can actually provide a ray of hope when we might be tempted to judge ourselves for not being “done” with a given situation sooner than we are. Also realize that we need both the understanding of the issue as well as the emotional clearing. Understanding (which comes from the mental body) that we have something to clear is not enough. We also have to express the emotional charge (from the emotional body) before we are truly complete.

The following information on cancer is taken from the book I co-authored entitled, Illuminating Physical Experience. I put this information here to show some of the emotional patterns in this degenerative disorder. While there is always a way in which you were exposed to chemicals or toxins which “made you sick”, underneath this is the reason why you attracted it to you. There is always a deep lesson to learn in any given disease situation Please be open to discovering it.


“No matter how it is manifested third-dimensionally, cancer is suppressed denied rage and extreme self-hatred that has built up for a very long time. It literally eats our bodies up in an attempt to eat us out of existence. Cancer is a manifestation of what we have judged and hated the most within ourselves. In order to fully understand what the body is communicating to us, it is important to see where the cancer is located because breast cancer has a different message than brain cancer.

“Bone marrow cancer reflects a rage towards physical existence itself. Life is defined as being so hateful, painful, awful and self-destructive that the person does not want to be in physical form. Leukemia manifests from feeling dirty and disgusted at oneself so severely that the person poisons their whole body.

“Brain cancer indicates rage at a mental control that has been denying the emotional body. Breast cancer is a rage towards not nurturing, caring for or supporting oneself. Colon or intestinal cancer indicates severe self-disgust and a sense of dirtiness quite often associated with past-life guilt of power abuse.”

Our book, Illuminating Physical Experience has much more information on this and other topics.

Tumors & Cysts

A tumor is a localized area of structural derangement, where the genetic DNA codes have gotten confused. There is a definite lack of oxygen and blood supply as well as an accumulation of toxic materials and cells that are somehow reproducing rapidly in a manner for which they were not designed. Often there are chemical, metallic and atomic poisons, worms and parasites present in a tumor. Research the tumor itself, as well as whatever part of the body is affected. A tumor in the brain has a different message to deliver than a tumor in the prostate, breast or uterus.

It is especially important to explore the emotional aspects of tumors, since they directly relate to the feminine creative energies. Creativity (feminine energies) without focus or structure (masculine energies) leads to a build-up of emotional, magnetic energies which aren’t moving, so they form a tumor. If we create and create and create, without manifesting the energies, they have no where to go. It isn’t that we have too much feminine energy, it is that we don’t combine the feminine creative energy with the masculine energy of action, or the outlet and expression of the creative energies.

Degenerative Conditions

In any condition – complex or simple – the route to re-establishing balance and proper order in the body is the same. More complex degenerative processes will require a more valiant effort than our less severe health challenges. Start by cleansing the elimination system. Rebuild the intestinal flora. Cleanse the liver and the kidneys. Rebuild the organs of digestion and endocrine function. Nourish and strengthen the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the brain and nervous system. Cleanse and rebuild the blood stream, the kidneys and the lymphatic system.

The biggest mistake people make in wanting to “cure a disease” is thinking they only have to heal the specific area involved, rather than the whole body. In degenerative disease, all twelve systems of the body need work – some more than others, depending on the case. Every part of the body needs nourishment (food, oxygen, enzymes, hormones, vitamins, minerals, amino acids), circulation of blood and lymph, proper nerve supply and an efficient elimination system.

Within each one of us are the blueprints for optimal body functioning. Even if we were injured during the fetal stage, during our childhood or into adulthood, the original blueprint of correct codes is present in the body on some level. If we do sufficient emotional clearing and have a balance between our Spirit and our Will, we can restore these codes to their proper patterns. If the information I present in this and other newsletters on emotional clearing interests you, I can recommend further study material. I also am interested in facilitating workshops in this area. Please contact me.

In General for Regeneration

The information which follows is excerpted from my book, Embraced by the Essence, along with some new information here since my book was published. My book has more information on regeneration of each body part along with suggestions for essential oils to use. Use your intuition, dowsing or muscle testing to personalize your Wellness Program. Please understand that the following are ideas to get you started, not a protocol of rules to follow. No one can give you all the information you need to heal yourself. You must utilize your emotional body and your own intuition in healing.

Month One

Cleanse the colon internally with The Cleansing Trio. Use Di-Tone externally over abdominal area. Rebuild the intestinal flora with Royaldophilus, taken on empty stomach. Take 4-10 per day for one month, then cut back to maintenance level of 1-2 per day. Use Stevia Select which contains FOS to give your friendly bacteria nourishment to rapidly reproduce.

AlkaLime – 1 Tbsp. In water 1-3 times per day according to pH. One can also use the MicroWater machine and drink alkaline water. (Please consult with me for more information on this amazing water device, if you are interested.)

Master Hers/His — 6 to 8 tablets per day. Mineral Essence – 2-4 droppers 2-3 times per day. Super C — 8-18 tablets per day. Essential Omegas — Follow directions on the bottle. Megazyme or Mint Condition – 2-6 with each meal and 2-6 between meals on an empty stomach.

ImmuneTune — 6-12 capsules per day. Use ImmuPower externally over the thymus gland. Radex — 8-12 tablets per day. Eat Wolfberry Bars and Essential Manna which help build the immune system.

Sulfurzyme – 500 mg. per 30 pounds body weight, twice per day. Ultra Young – 3-6 sprays 3-6 times per day. Use Body Balance, or Power Meal for one or two meals, if desired.

Pray, meditate, rest, relax, laugh, feel grateful, and allow the healing energies to come to you. Daily exercise, which could include the CHI Machine (contact me for more information) is important to keep the lymphatic fluid moving. Do breathing exercises and be outside daily. Drink one ounce of pure water per pound of body weight each day, in addition to other beverages which you may consume.

In the case of a severe degenerative condition, it is useful to begin fasting, get off meat, or wean yourself to lighter fare, with more raw fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain products You can fast on the Master Cleanser, or any freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.

Month Two

After one month on this program, begin taking VitaGreen — 8-18 capsules per day for 3-5 days, then alternate with 3-6 droppers per day of Rehemogen Tincture and K & B Tincture to keep the bloodstream cleared out of toxins which are coming out of their former hiding places.

Take Royal Essence Tincture to help replenish your electrolytes. If you have metals or other congestion in the brain or Cardiovascular system, take Chelex Tincture. After 10-30 days add JuvaTone. Use JuvaFlex externally, over liver and gall bladder areas. Exodus – 6-8 capsules per day and Exodus II externally.

If you are rebuilding from a musculoskeletal condition, you may wish to take ArthroTune supplement and Arthro Plus Tincture, along with Sulfurzyme

Those with type O blood will need higher amounts of supplements than the other blood types (A, AB, B). While on the above supplements, and to ensure adequate detoxification and rebuilding, the use of the essential oils listed in Embraced by the Essence may provide additional value in your wellness program.

These dosages are for a temporary basis for detoxification and rebuilding. For a maintenance dosage, decrease to your level of tolerance or need. In general, it is best to use diet first, freshly juiced vegetable and fruit juices second. Then, go to supplements and other natural products, such as essential oils after that. First, let your food be your medicine, then add to that.

Save on Egyptian Green Lotus Oil

This is a very special essential oil I brought back with me from Egypt. I am offering a $10 savings if you purchase this before June 15th. Instead of $45 for a 5 ml. bottle, it is $35! Many have found this to be an excellent meditation oil. It also works wonders on all chakras.

Floral Waters

When the herbs are distilled to make essential oils, the liquid which comes out is separated into two components: the Floral Waters are heavier and go to the bottom of the container and the Essential Oils which contain the lighter aromatic compounds float on top. Floral Waters thus contain the water soluble components in the herbs and can be sprayed on the body or put into the bathtub as a lovely support of your process. When you are working through emotional issues, Melissa, German Chamomile and Lavender are especially beneficial. In healing inflammation, Basil and German Chamomile are useful. If you have respiratory distress or wish to provide assistance to your immune system, use Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Peppermint, Thyme and Wild Tansy. For hormonal balancing use Clary Sage and Spearmint. For kidney support use Juniper.

Natural Help for Eye Conditions

I often am asked what can be done for serious eye conditions. In the past all I had to offer (which we stock in our office) is MSM crystals and Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Eyewash tincture. I wish more of you would order these for your eyes. They are so wonderful! I have now discovered a very wonderful web site containing well-researched natural approaches in helping to prevent vision loss due to serious eye diseases. There are over 20 eye conditions reviewed.


Dr. Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac., optometrist and licensed acupuncturist, lectures internationally on natural eye care and has been helping people preserve their vision in his private practice for over 20 years. He is the author of many books on natural eye care which can be viewed on his web site.

Body Fat Reduction Tips

This information supplements what I wrote about in my Winter newsletter, “Making a Commitment to Yourself.” One practice which I highly disapprove of is using artificial products to substitute for real foods. When we use artificial sweeteners, artificial fat and the so-called “diet” foods, our body only continues to accumulate toxins which decrease its functioning level. Plus, I believe the body rebels and fights against you because your body knows you are lying to it. So, instead of getting more slender, you will be getting sicker.

Use Stevia Select to sweeten your foods and beverages, which also provides food for the friendly bacteria in the intestines. Use whatever Young Living Powergize products you are guided to use, which are accompanied by a bar bell symbol in the price sheet. Cook at home eating in a relaxed atmosphere, and eat real foods.

I recently re-visited Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Blood Type books. He has the original book, a cook book and a lifestyle book. The latest lifestyle book also contains many valuable tips on degenerative disorders that accompany each blood type which is very interesting.

Thus, those of you with arthritis, stomach disorders, colitis and weight challenges (in either direction) may find some relief by following the blood type diets. You can visit their web site:

In addition to diet, I encourage you to begin moving your body as much as possible. I hated to exercise. I had not done it in nearly 20 years, so I began walking and jumping on my rebounder. I also realized that I could simply walk across the room with more vigor than I used to. Instead of dragging myself up the basement stairs, I could hustle a bit. Even when standing at the sink doing dishes, you can do isolated isometrics on your legs. You can park your car further back in the parking lot and walk quickly to the store. These little things add up and you will feel yourself getting stronger. Use Intention!

Your Spring Time Gift to Yourself

The most important thing to give yourself is your commitment to be real in life, to share who you truly are with those in your life. Many of us feel that living life means being nice to each other and minding our manners. Manners are based upon emotional denial! Do you honestly want to interact with someone who really doesn’t want to be with you at this time? No! The same goes for all of us. If we could give ourselves permission to live according to our heart’s desire and be real with each other, the world would be a much more wonderful place to live. This is the passionately exciting world of Emotional Ownership!

Book Ordering Procedures

You may order on our toll-free phone (800) 209-3056, via e-mail or on our web site. We ship books in 1-2 days and accept all major credit cards except Discover. NOTE: Shipping and Handling charges are listed in the parenthesis following each book. If you order several books, the shipping will be less than just adding the shipping charges for all books. Please phone or e-mail for shipping charges before you send a check.

Embraced by the Essence – This book teaches the Naturopathic Method of Healing, and the use of therapeutically active essential oils. 376 pages, 8 ½”x11″; $33.00 ($6.50 S & H)

Integrating Your Wholeness – This book contains information on the work of Rev. Hanna Kroeger, Dr. John Christopher, herbs, cleanses to do for all parts of the body, how to use the pendulum, how to write a vision for your life, and more. 305 pages, 8 ½”x11″; $45 ($5.50 S & H)

The Alchemist’s Handbook to Homeopathy – This book gives a different look at how homeopathy may be practiced today. The book includes a reference guide, and how to begin using homeopathy in a self-empowering manner. 299 pages, 5 ½”x8 ½”; $15 ($4.50 S & H)

Akanthos – A Book of Channeled Insights – This book is for those who enjoy exploring an expanded spiritual perspective on life. Akanthos teaches how to allow the emotional body to grow, the true meaning of love, living life as an adventurer rather than a warrior, and much more. 301 pages, 5 ½”x 8 ½”; $15 ($4.50 S & H)

Introduction to the Use of the Pendulum – This is a booklet which gives a little background information and teaches you how to use the pendulum. It gives examples of ways to use the pendulum. $4 ($1.50 S & H)

Illuminating Physical Experience – This book describes the emotional, mental and spiritual reasons underlying any physical illness and much more. 252 pages, 5 ½”x8 ½”; $15 ($4.50 S & H)

Back Issues of Newsletters – This document is a compilation of all the issues of my newsletters over the past 5 years. For the first 4 years, I took out the time-dated materials. With each current newsletter issue I do, this document grows. It is currently 60 pages. Please send a donation of $15 or more ($3.00 S & H)

Items We Stock

We stock a few supplements and items for detoxification and rebuilding of body parts and systems that aren’t covered in the Young Living oils and related products. These include a variety of Dr. Christopher’s herbal tinctures and salves. We carry Hanna Kroeger’s Soma BoardsPico Boardsand Computer Pillows. I have some of the amino acid products for rebuilding the brain and for natural pain control from the Pain and Stress Center. We also have a wonderful Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae (not the MLM variety), plant-based enzymes and books other than our own. While we don’t have a hard copy catalog, our products are shown on our website.

Disclaimer: Embraced by the Essence: The Next Dimension is Dr. Marcy Foley’s newsletter as a private individual and Naturopathic Physician. None of the ideas or stories in this newsletter are backed by any of the companies that may be referred to herein. The information in this newsletter has not been evaluated by the FDA, and none of the products or statements in the newsletter (or anywhere on this website) are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

May the Joys of Spring be Yours!

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