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Embraced by the Essence – Vol. 6, No. 3

The Next Dimension

Vol. 6, No. 3 A Newsletter by Dr. Marcy Foley Summer 2001

Nitty, Gritty, Down Deep and Dirty, Healing!

As time is zooming us through this Summer at warp speed, I have been doing some personal research on a healing method possibly even older than essential oils. It is so exciting that I want to share part of an article written by a remarkable woman. Later I’ll share my personal experiences.

Your Own Perfect Medicine
by Martha Christy

“You may think that when it comes to alternative health therapies – you’ve heard it all. But there is one natural therapy you’ve probably never heard of – even though it’s one of the most powerful, most researched and most medically proven natural cures ever discovered.

“No matter how hard it may be for you to stomach, the fact is that knowing the truth about this incredible natural substance will be one of the most crucial health facts you’ll ever learn. And one of the most remarkable things about this incomparable natural therapy is that the medical community has already been aware of its astounding efficacy for decades, and yet none of us has ever been told about it. Why? Maybe they think it’s too controversial. Or maybe, more accurately, there wasn’t any monetary reward for telling people what scientists know about one of the most extraordinary natural healing elements in the world.

“But no matter why the medical establishment has chosen to keep this invaluable information a secret, it’s time that every man, woman and child be told about the only health tool in the world that is always available to everyone and never out of reach – physically or financially. So I want you to sit back, open your mind and get ready to hear the incredible medical facts about human urine – the facts that will change your life.

The Medical Proof

“For almost the entire course of the 20th century, unknown to the public, doctors and medical researchers have been proving in both laboratory and clinical testing that our own urine is an enormous source of vital nutrients, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and critical antibodies that cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. They use urine for healing cancer, heart disease, allergies, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, asthma, infertility, infections, wounds and on and on – yet we’re taught that urine is a toxic waste product. This discrepancy between the medical truth and the public information regarding urine is ludicrous and can mean the difference between life and death to you and your loved ones.

“When I contracted a crippling, incurable disease early in life, I used every available conventional medical and alternative healing method over the course of many years without success. When an acquaintance suggested I try “urine therapy” I though she’d lost her mind, but with no options left, I swallowed my prejudice and decided to give it a go. To my own (and everyone else’s) amazement, my healing was so rapid and so profound with urine therapy that no question remained in my mind that someone in the medical community had to know more than they were telling about this incredible body substance. And as a matter of fact, they did know more – a lot more.

“After many months of haunting university libraries, scanning countless microfiche files and poring over piles of medical journals, I had amassed a small mountain of astounding research studies, findings and files on the use of urine in medicine and healing. I discovered, among numerous other things, that urine, far from being a toxic body waste, was actually a purified derivative of the blood made by the kidneys which contains, not body wastes, but rather an incredible array of critically important nutrients, enzymes, hormones, natural antibodies and immune defense agents.

Martha Christy, is a medical research writer, natural health consultant and author. We have her book, Your Own Perfect Medicine, available for sale. See page 7.

As far back as 1954, the Journal of the American Medical Association (July issue) reported that “More scientific papers have probably been published on urine than on any other organic compound.” Here’s some of what has been discovered:

* “Urine acts as an excellent and safe natural vaccine and has been shown to cure a wide variety of disorders including hepatitis, whooping-cough, asthma, hay fever, hives, migraines, intestinal dysfunctions, etc. It is completely safe and causes no side effects.” (J. Plesch, M.D., The Medical Press, 1947.)

* “A patient with intractable ovarian cancer was treated with Human Urine Derivative and is now completely well and enjoying the rest of her life.” (Dr. M. Soeda, University of Tokyo, 1968.)

* “It was rapidly appreciated that undiluted urine administered orally was therapeutically effective for Immune Therapy and was initiated when it became obvious that an allergic condition had become uncontrollable.” (Dr. C.W. Wilson, 1983, Law Hospital, Scotland.)

* “Antibodies to cholera, typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, polio, leptospira and salmonella have been found in the unconcentrated urine of infected individuals.” (Lerner, Remington & Finland, Harvard Medical School, 1962.)

* “In America, urea has been used for the treatment of various infected wounds and it has been found to be extremely efficient…even the deepest wound can be treated effectively. Urea treatment has been successful where other treatments have failed. For external staph infections we found urea preferable to any other dressing; there are no contraindications to its use.” (Dr. L. Muldavis, 1938, Royal Free Hospital, London.)

* In 1995 Dr. William Hitt of the Clinica Hitt in Mexico said, “Experience has shown that intramuscular injections of urine are the best methods for handling a myriad of immunological illnesses including psoriasis, basal call carcinoma, asthma and many other disorders. At a time when new viruses and bacteria are outwitting even the best efforts of space-age medicine, and increasingly frequent natural disasters put basic necessities out of reach, the facts about the one medical and survival tool that the FDA can’t regulate and that’s always there when you need it most, may well become the greatest survival lesson any of us will ever learn.”

* Remember that the amniotic fluid that surrounds human infants in the womb is primarily urine. Actually, the infant bathes in and ingests urine-filled amniotic fluid continually, and without this fluid, the lungs don’t develop. Doctors also believe that the softness of babies skin and the ability of in-utero infants to heal quickly without scarring after pre-birth surgery is due to the therapeutic properties of the urine-filled amniotic fluid.

* Dr. John R. Herman remarked in his article which appeared in the New York State Journal of Medicine in June, 1980: “Auto-uropathy (urine therapy) did flourish in many parts of the world and continues to flourish today….there is unknown to most of us, a wide usage of uropathy and a great volume of knowledge available showing the multitudinous advantages of this modality.”

Your Body’s Own Super
Nutrition Therapy

In 1975, one of the founders of Miles Laboratories, Dr. A.H. Free, published his book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice, in which he remarked that not only is urine a sterile body compound (more sterile than distilled water), but that “it is now recognized that urine contains thousands of compounds, and as new, more sensitive analytical tools evolve, it is quite certain that new constituents of urine will be recognized.”

Some of the urine constituents mentioned in Dr. Free’s revealing treatise include: Alanine, Arginine, Ascorbic acid, Allantoin, Amino acids, Bicarbonate, Biotin, Calcium, Creatinine, Cystine, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Folic acid, Glucose, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Inositol, Iodine, Iron, Lysine, Magnesium, Manganese, Methionine, Nitrogen, Ornithine, Pantothenic acid, Phenylalanine, Phosphorus, Potassium, Total Proteins, Riboflavin, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Urea, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.

The amounts of these nutrients in urine are listed in Martha Christy’s book, and will vary according to each person. However, you can easily understand why the stories you may have heard of people surviving on their own urine are true.

Amazing Uses for Uric Acid & Urea

In 1982, medical researchers at the University of California at Berkeley reported, “Uric acid destroys body-damaging, cancer-causing free radicals and is considered to be one of the physiological factors that enable human beings to live so much longer than other mammals.”

Many decades ago it was discovered that urea, far from being a toxic body waste, is a very versatile, far-reaching and effective medicinal agent. In numerous medical studies, it was shown that urea is one of the most potent non-toxic virucidal agents ever discovered. (McKay & Schroeder, Society of Experimental Biology, 1936.)

Urea is an FDA-approved medicinal agent that doctors and researchers utilize in an amazing variety of therapeutic modalities. Because of its remarkable and comprehensive anti-tumor properties, it is presently being used in anti-cancer drugs and is extensively studied for use in cancer treatments. The urea compound drug, glicazide, is used successfully by the medical establishment in treating both insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetics.

Urea is a natural diuretic, and is a proven and accepted treatment in cases of edema (even premenstrual edema), excess cerebral and spinal pressure, glaucoma, epilepsy, meningitis, and many other disorders in which excess fluid is a problem.

One American neurosurgeon reported about a patient who nearly died form complications following brain surgery, “Urea was administered intravenously as an emergency measure. Within 20 minutes from the start of injection, her blood pressure had returned to normal and the rest of her recovery was uneventful. Urea was definitely life-saving, because prior to its administration, the patient’s survival was unlikely. In many similar instances urea was found to be life-saving.” (Dr. M. Javid, University of Wisconsin.)

If Urine Is So Wonderful, Why Does
The Body Excrete It?

One of the principles of health is homeostasis. That means, the body has to be in balance at all times, or disease will occur. Blood is the river of life in our bodies, so our Creator gave us two kidneys whose main function is to keep the composition of the blood in optimal balance. They do this by sending out of the body, through the urine, certain key elements in your blood that are simply not needed at a specific point in time.

If it is a hot summer day and you guzzle a glass of water or iced tea, it quenches your thirst. However, your body does not need that much water to make up for how much you have lost through sweat. So, your kidneys will balance the amount of water delivered into your bloodstream by producing more urine.

We all know that we need water to survive, however the body will excrete water, which is not a waste product! It is just that there are times when there’s too much water in your system and it needs to be excreted. The same is true for practically every nutrient, enzyme, hormone and antibody. The kidneys keep what your body needs at a certain time, and excretes the rest into your urine.

Urine Therapy and Its Effects

Urine therapy means using your own urine externally and/or internally as a way to promote or maintain your health. The first question most people ask is whether urine is toxic, and if not, how a metabolic waste product could be of any benefit to your health. Chemical analysis shows that 95% of urine is water, 2.5% consists of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salt, hormones and enzymes. Toxic substances are removed from the body through the liver, intestines, skin and through the breath.

Though urine itself is not a toxic waste product, it does contain minute particles connected with possible disease processes in the body. These minute particles are mainly antibodies, which upon re-ingestion, can help the body react to specific pathological situations. Martin Lara refers to this process as re-educating the cells of the body. It is also refered to by others as auto-immunization.

If urine is ingested and/or rubbed into the skin, it purifies blood and tissues, provides useful nutrients and sends the body a signal about the state of balance or imbalance in the body. John Armstrong, an early urine therapy pioneer and author of the book, The Water of Life, said, “Urine therapy has proven very helpful in the treatment of a number of very serious, immune related diseases, such as chronic and severe allergies, asthma, cancer and AIDS.”

The internal use of human urine has the ability to re-establish the proper internal terrain of the body. If you are unfamiliar with this term, refer to my book, Embraced by the Essence, in the degenerative chapter with information from Dr. Lapraz. We are all exposed to bacteria, fungus and virus. Yet, when we have a healthy internal terrrain, these elements do not cause us to acquire disease. The internal use of urine can balance intestinal flora, regulate the proper thickness of blood, clear out blood clots, regulate hormonal levels, and much more. Take a morning sip and see for yourself!


Urine Therapy has served in the East and the West as a therapeutic method to cleanse the physical body of impurities. Especially in the East, it has also been a part of one’s spiritual growth. I believe that as we drink our urine, and most especially when we fast on urine, we gain a greater degree of self-acceptance since urine is simply filtered blood plasma. As such, it can be part of one’s spiritual practice or lifestyle.

One of the things I find very beneficial about using Urine Therapy as a way of life is that you can consume particular foods and beverages, and then taste your morning urine the next day. This feedback is especially useful for those who have not yet learned the art of muscle testing, dowsing or tapping into their intuition as a means of selecting diet and supplements. If the substances are not in harmony with your body, your urine will have an unfavorable taste, consistency and pH. Also, you will probably have diarrhea the morning after you ate something your body did not appreciate.

Internal Application of Urine

Drinking – Morning urine is best. Drink the middle stream. You can start with a few drops, building up to one glass a day. It is good as a tonic, as a preventative in all illnesses. It will give your body what you need daily.

Fasting – Drink all the urine you pass, except for the evenings, otherwise you won’t get any sleep! This is because it greatly increases your energy! You can also drink some pure water if you don’t produce enough urine. The urine will quickly change its taste the longer you fast. Fasting on urine and water cleanses the blood. Toxins are removed through liver, skin and breath.

Gargle – Gargling with urine works wonders for a sore throat, toothache, gum disorders, cold or flu.

Enemas & Rectal Implants – This works very well in cleansing the colon and in providing a direct immune stimulant. It is the fastest way to cleanse the lymphatic system.

Vaginal douche – This is helpful for yeast imbalances or as a way to access the uterus.

Ear- and eyedrops – For ear infections you can put 1-3 drops of fresh urine in the ear. For general health in the eyes, conjunctivitis or glaucoma, use dilute urine which comes in the afternoon to evening times. You can use the urine straight or mixed with MSM crystals and Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Eyewash tincture. Always use glass eye cups to rinse the eyes.

Sniffing urine – For helping to clear out the sinuses and nasal cavity as well as a preventative for colds and sinus infections, one can inhale urine vapors. It is best to use urine which is older and has developed a higher degree of ammonia. This produces similar sensations as eating hot Chinese mustard or horseradish! As you apply old urine externally, you will naturally sniff your urine.

Homeopathic Preparation – refer to Alchemist’s Handbook to Homeopathy or consult with Dr. Foley. Each person will need a particular potency at a given time.

External Application of Urine

Massaging/Rubbing – You can use either fresh or old urine. Old urine (4 to 8 days) is generally more effective, but it has a stronger smell. Massaging the whole body is a very important complementary treatment when fasting. It nourishes the body through the skin and helps the entire body. You can leave the urine on or wash it off after an hour or so, but don’t use any soap. Fresh urine as an after shave gives you beautiful soft skin. It is also very helpful in all kinds of skin problems: itching, sunburns, eczema, psoriasis or acne.

Gentle rubbing of urine into acupressure points – This is very useful when reactions are otherwise too strong, such as with very heavy allergic reactions.

Footbaths – Use for any skin and nail problems of the feet (such as athletes foot, ringworm, or dry cracked heels).

Compress – When rubbing is not appropriate, this is another way of applying urine on the skin.

Hair & Scalp massage – Renders the hair soft and clean and in some cases can stimulate new hair growth.

Open Wounds – Only use fresh urine, and do so often to keep flushing out the toxins, and to help re-establish new skin cells. Cover with a piece of gause or soft cloth soaked in fresh urine to keep out contaminants.

A Urine Beauty Secret
by Jacquelyn Kington

“My Mother told me long ago that when she was growing up (there were 13 of them so there was always a new baby) the older girls would stand around watching their mother change the baby, fighting over who got the newly wet diaper to rub on their face. They all believed it was very good for beautiful skin. My mother has always been mistaken for about 20 years younger than she is. I don’t remember if all of them looked really young for their ages or not. Maybe she won a lot of fights for the diaper!”

Essential Oils & Supplements
During Urine Therapy

As this was a new procedure for me, it took time to get accustomed to it because I did not like the taste of my urine. I had to hold my nose to drink it and then had various flavored waters as “chasers.” I found one or two drops of Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Fennel and Bergamot to be the most pleasant. After the fifth or sixth day, my urine was not quite as strong, and I didn’t need the chasers any longer.

I had more difficulty getting used to the external usage of old urine. After I’d rub the urine on externally, I would apply Citrus Fresh on top of the urine to take away the smell. However, after it dries it is barely noticeable.

As costly as many of our supplements are, a great majority of them end up not being utilized by our bodies. In fact, Martin Lara tells us in his Uropathy book that the sewage treatment plant in Salt Lake City has to remove two 55-gallon drums of supplements out of the system DAILY so that it won’t clog up the works! Note that these have passed out of people’s bodies intact! So as you recycle your own urine by drinking it, you can get much more benefit from your supplements! This is especially important for anyone who experiences digestive disturbance or malabsorption syndrome. The nutrient materials in your urine are “tagged” with your body’s vibrations and you can assimilate them easier the second time around!

Some Guidelines and Warnings

It is not recommended to combine urine therapy with the use of prescribed allopathic medicines or recreational drugs! The combination may be dangerous to your health. If you are taking any form of allopathic medicine, begin with the external application (urine massage) until you are free of all medication, if possible.

If it is not possible or safe to stop the use of certain medicines, here are a few suggestions: (1) start by taking a few drops of urine internally (2) use a homeopathic tincture (3) gently rub fresh urine into the acupressure points of your ears. Keep looking and feeling very carefully how you and your body are reacting on the treatment.

When in doubt, consult a physician who is familiar with this type of therapy. I am not able to put all precautionary measures in this short newsletter, so please know that I am very willing to to assist you as I am able. I am working with a few individuals who have quite a bit more experience than me, so if I do not know the answer to your question, I will find out. I also have been e-mailing one particular author who has been quite helpful in answering my questions.

Begin saving your urine the week before you start your program for external use. Either use brown glass bottles, or store regular bottles in a closet away from light. Initially choose a weekend when you can begin experimenting with yourself. You can do a two day urine fast and apply your urine externally. Then wait a week or so and perhaps do a longer fast. It is a part of the cleansing process to have diarrhea for a few days or longer, depending on the amount of toxic materials in your body, so when this happens, you know you are deeply cleansing yourself. You may also experience fatigue, nausea or dizziness. Allow yourself to get more rest and take it easy.

“Urine is a weak detergent by virtue of its urea content and this detergent property is greatly enhanced when it is allowed to undergo bacterial fermentation, in consequence of which most or all of the urea is decomposed into ammonium carbonate, a moderately alkaline salt. Such fermented urine has probably been used since time immemorial as a soap.” (Journal of the A.M.A., 1954.)

Fall 2000 Conference Call Tapes

I received a phone call from Paul Davis thanking me for my “wake up call” and he sent me the tape originals! Thank you Paul! They have been duplicated and are now available for sale. These tapes cover the 12 body systems with healing stories for each system along with oils and supplements for restoring proper body function in each system. There are twelve, 60-minute tapes in a binder. They sell for $49.95 plus $6.50 S & H.

I will now begin editing and making available tapes from my new seminars in which I teach the emotional components to illness. If you are interested in these, please let me know and I will tell you when they are available. Since I don’t know how many tapes will be in the set, I don’t yet know the cost.

Upcoming Seminars

Embraced by the Essence, in Person
August 17th – 19th

Cost $135 (includes essential oils)
The Sojourn Center, 10795 W. Virginia Ave. Lakewood, Colorado. For Registration contact: Sue West (303) 989-6204

This is a hands on experiential workshop in which we supply the essential oils. You will learn to give a treatment, receive a treatment plus do some beginning emotional clearing on yourself. We are limiting this to 20 people.

The Real Deal Conference
September 7th & 8th

Cost: under $200, depending on registration time

We will bring together Professionals in the fields of addictions, corrections, mental & emotional health and other natural therapies. My topics include: (1) Essential Oils and other natural remedies in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction & depression.(2) Helping to rebuild a person’s self-esteem, self-accceptance and self-empowerment who is in recovery .

Location: Cheyenne Holiday Inn. Contact: Gwen Smith-Ruseell (307) 778-8783 It is under $200 for the weekend.

Using Essential Oils for the 12 Body Systems
with Emotional Components of Illness
September 15th -16th

Cost $75

Location: The Windsor Gardens Auditorium, 9600 E. Alameda in Denver/Aurora. Contact: Phyllis Reid if you need a map (303) 389-8574 or Marie Bustos (303) 689-5487.

I will teach the 12 Body Systems as well as the emotional aspects of illness. This is mostly a lecture type format however, each seminar is tailored to the group. My expertise is in helping you understand how to use the Young Living supplements and oils in a self-empowering way.

Advanced Emotional Clearing
October 5th, 6th & 7th

Cost $175

In this Advanced Emotional Clearing Seminar we will do some talking about the various emotions and what we can learn from them. However, most of the workshop will focus on actually MOVING the stuck and frozen areas inside of us in safe and gentle (non-abusive) ways.

The workshop will be limited to 10 people so we can give a lot of individual attention. This workshop will have a similar content to the workshop I held last year. Those who attended that workshop said it was one of the most emotionally supportive and useful emotional processing events they had attended.

Some of the tools we will use in this seminar include essential oils, work at the massage table, Voice Dialoging, Psycho Drama and others. Come prepared to dig into areas of yourself you haven’t accessed in awhile, or as thoroughly as you would like. The facilitators are Marcy Foley and her husband Markho Rafael who have dedicated their lives to emotional healing. Both Marcy and Markho hold a safe space for in-depth emotional ownership work.

Location: Virginia Ave. Lakewood, Colorado. Contact: Sue West (303) 656-5578

Emotional Components of Illness
October 10th — $4 donation

Location: Elaine Finster’s Holistic Healing Group, Clement’s Community Center, 1580 Yarrow Street, Lakewood, Colorado. Call 303-447-4835 for more information.

Introduction to Essential Oils,
VitaFlex and RainDrop Techniques
October 12th & 13th

Sponsor: Food For Hearts & Sister Rosalind’s School of Professional Massage Therapy located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Contact: Marie McCohnell, 1837 Randolph Ave #1, St. Paul, MN 55105; (651) 698-2770

Cost: Details are being finalized now. If you are interested, please contact Marie McCohnell above.

Medical Intuitive Training
9-10 March 2002!

Cost $395

I am sponsoring Bob Jajko from Australia. Mr. Jajko is the founder of the New Vision Group, comprising the New Vision School of Intuitive Sciences, The New Vision School of Bioenergetic Medicine and The New Vision Seminars.

The aim of this course is to teach students all the necessary techniques to develop highly attuned intuitive skills, as well as be able to accurately read the subtle bodies and the Chakra Systems of the Human Energy Field.

This workshop is conducted over a weekend and involves some lecture material. But on the whole it is mainly experiential exercises and practical work. This course provides the groundwork for developing personal and medical intuitive skills.

Would you like to have greater clarity of purpose and direction in your healing? . . Become a better healer/teacher? . . . Gain greater personal empowerment, and . . . confidence? . . . Open up to new life directions and opportunities? . . . Heal physical and emotional wounds for yourself and others? This Course Can Help You!

You Will Also Learn:

• How to identify your own “intuitive style” through words, feelings or imagery
• How to allow your higher intuition to come through
• To know which signals to look for and trust
• How to ask questions and receive guidance for yourself and others
• How to use your higher/medical intuition on demand
• Breathing and relaxation techniques
• Focus and concentration techniques
• Understanding and reading human energy fields
• Altered consciousness techniques
• How to handle doubts, trust issues, and gaining self confidence
• Develop and accelerate higher intuitive skills (psychic, telepathic etc.)
• An introduction to energy anatomy and the chakra system
Bob’s web site:

NOTE: I am bringing Mr. Jajko into the Denver/Boulder area for this seminar. As he is coming all the way from Australia, to make his trip worthwhile, I would like to see him have at least one or two more seminars. If you would also like to sponsor him into your city, please contact me ASAP! He may be available to do more seminars, but he needs to have your commitment NOW! As you can see on his web site, he books himself up quite far in advance.

Body Fat Reduction Tips

As some of you are aware, I began my own personal body fat reduction process in January of this year. I had some initial success and then hit another layer of emotional trauma, which caused me to put my program on hold for 3-4 months.

As I do not believe in manipulating myself to go faster than I am ready at any given time, I gave myself the gift of workng through that layer of emotional trauma before proceeding on with my program.

I don’t ask any of my well being recipients to undergo processes that I have not personally researched. So, I began my own research into urine therapy. I fasted entirely on my own urine internally, along with some water and no supplements. I did this as a research tool to see what urine therapy would do. On the 8th day I ate a small salad. An hour after eating my salad, I consumed the urine I produced. It had a very bitter taste, and that gave me the idea that my body really didn’t want food yet. So I fasted another 7 days on urine and water and then ate a small salad and a bowl of split pea soup. After this, my urine was still pleasant and that gave me the go-ahead to modify my program. The second two weeks I did some days of only fasting on urine. Other days I added a little piece of fruit, a small salad, a bowl of vegetable soup or a small serving of organic brown rice mixed with quinoa.

I have read all of the books I now have available to sell to you and there are various opinions as to fasting only on urine and water versus eating food. The only consistent opinion is that it is best to abstain from eating meat or any processed food, and most asuredly to stay away from alcohol and other drugs. That is very easy as when you do any kind of fasting, the thing that is always present is the desire to only put good, pure quality foods back into the body. I have no desire for anything other than raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

What has happened for me in this month’s time is that I have dropped 20 pounds, and many more inches. I have more energy than I have had in a long time and feel very excited about life! I have also had some emotional issues which came up and I worked with them to their natural conclusion with the essential oils and my own emotional processing techniques. I am very grateful for my life, and my body! One purpose in rubbing the old urine (3-10 or more days old) externally is that when one is decreasing body size, the urine helps to firm up the body tissues. This prevents the saggy, baggy skin that is usually associated with dropping excess weight.

An interesting thing about drinking (recycling) YOUR urine is that there are compounds in your urine that are made for you at any given time, that you need. So, if you have some excess excrement in your intestines, you will have the remedy in your urine to tell your body to let go of that excess waste. This is even more effective when you use fresh urine to do a rectal implant.

Coffee Enemas & Rectal Implants

On my program, I also experimented with coffee enemas which are reported to thoroughly cleanse the liver. I used an old fashioned douche bag. Once I felt I had cleared the rectum and colon with the coffee, I then did a rectal implant with fresh urine. I held that as long as possible and then let that out. A lot of the fresh urine will be reabsorbed into the body. When I was done with this experience, I felt wonderful on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

If you aren’t ready to drink your urine, you may wish to try this approach! The lymphatic system can be more easily reached through a rectal implant than by drinking your urine and it is a great way to affect the respiratory system. You may wish to add some essential oils to your rectal implant. Do some experimentation and let me know your results.

Brown Recluse Scare!

Two weeks into my urine fast, I was out in the back yard doing some gardening when I got bitten by a brown recluse spider. Some of you may know the awful effects these little beasts can cause. Their poison can eat away at the muscle tissue and it can be very challenging to clear this extremely toxic substance out of the body.

I immediately came into the house and washed off my arm with water. Then I applied some Purification essential oil. When I was able to urinate, I applied some of that urine to the bite, mixed with some green clay from France. I also drank the remaining portion of urine, which had an extremely foul taste due to the antibodies I produced as a result of the bite. I kept applying essential oils as I felt guided. I used ImmuPower, Rosemary, Rosemary verbenon, Citrus Fresh and others. I also mixed some of the oils in with the urine-soaked clay.

Within 5-10 mintes, my entire body was itching from my scalp to my feet and I began to go into a state of shock. I was very hot and uncomfortable. I got into a cool bath with about 6 drops of Peppermint essential oil. (Thinking back on this later, I feel I probably should have let my body have the high temperature, as it was trying to kill the poison. But I was in a state of shock and just wanted to get comfortable.)

After I got out of the bath tub, I dowsed out that I needed to take the homeopathic brown recluse remedy. I took a 6X potency. (Before the pellets were even dissolved, I had immediate relief!)

I was drinking copious glasses of water so that I could keep producing the urine which had the antidote to the poison. After another 15 minutes, my body started to break out into red blisters that itched teribly! They started on my shoulder above where I was bitten and then went everywhere, especially on my back. I had my husband apply the green clay mixed with the urine I was producing. He rubbed that mixture on my blisters and I wrapped up in an old sheet to await the healing process. After an hour, the itching subsided and I then showered off the dried clay. I later dowsed that I needed a gemstone elixir, so I took that.

I applied new essential oils and clay on my arm, wrapped it with a urine-soaked ace bandace, then followed that with plastic wrap to prevent the urine from getting on my bed sheets and went to bed. The next day I dowsed out that I needed a 30X homeopathic of the brown recluse remedy.

In the morning, there were no more blisters and I had a mild sore spot where the bite was. For the next two days, I continued to apply the essential oils, clay and urine and wrapped the urine-soaked ace bandage. Thereafter, I had no problems for the next 5 days. Then exactly one week later, to the exact hour when I was bitten, my arm started to hurt again. Where there had been no sign of the bite, it now re-appeared. My entire arm started to swell again. This was because I’d reached a new layer of my healing process.

Fortunately, I had saved the urine I collected when I was bitten, preserved with some grain alcohol, as I wanted to make sure if I needed any more, I would have it. I knew the antibodies would be strongest in that particular urine. I used various essential oils as I listed before, soaked my arm in the clay and urine and I got no relief for an entire day. I had errands that day so I was not at home. I later dowsed that I needed a 200X of the Brown Recluse homeopathic. That gave me complete relief and the next day there was no sign of the bite. All swelling had disappeared and my arm has been fine ever since!

All Forms of Natural Healing are Valid

I tell this story to show that our Creator has given us many forms of healing and it is important to remember that at different times, we need different remedies. Sometimes we need essential oils. Other times we need herbs, a fast or homeopathy, gemstone elixirs and flower essences. I am certain that had I not been on the urine fast for the two weeks prior to this bite, I may not have been able to heal this so easily. Even though it was a bit scary (more so for my husband than me!), I knew I didn’t need to go to the hospital and that I had what I needed. I know that I created this experience so that I would have an immediate way to research the urine therapy.

Achieving Your Wellness Goals

My Health Readings are done long distance and I design a personalized wellness program utilizing Young Living products, Dr. Christopher’s Tinctures, Vibrational Remedies and Rev. Hanna Kroeger’s cleanses. You get a copy of all the cleanses and other information in a booklet which goes along with your reading for $150. Request a Case History Packet from our office. You may also visit our web site which provides more information, instructions and all the forms which can be downloaded.

Book Ordering Procedures

You may order on our toll-free phone (800) 155-7956, via e-mail or on our web site. We ship books in 1-2 days and accept all major credit cards except Discover. NOTE: Shipping and Handling charges are listed in the parenthesis following each book (except for urine therapy books.) If you order several books, the shipping will be less than just adding the shipping charges for all books. Please phone or e-mail for shipping charges before you send a check.

WOW! 1st Edition copies of
Embraced by the Essence!

I have had many requests for copies of the 1st Edition of my Embraced book, which I thought was completely sold out. I recently found a few copies which I will sell for $25, plus $6.75 shipping. (Note that these originally sold for $50.)

While my current edition is more updated with the product information, there is other information on the endocrine system, neglect and home usage that I took out to save space when I revised my current edition. Some people felt I shouldn’t have deleted this information. Act now, as I’m SURE these are the last ones! They are a great gift idea!

Urine Therapy Books

As these books can be difficult to locate, I list here some that I found:

• Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy; 223 pg., 8½” X 11″; $19.95

• The Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy by Coen van der Kroon; 138 pg., 8 1/4″ X 7 7/8″; $15.95

• Urine Therapy: Nature’s Elixir for Good Health by Peschek-Böhmer & Schreiber; 152 pg., 5″ X 7 3/4″; $9.95

• Urine-Therapy: It May Save Your Life! by Dr. Beatrice Bartnett; 47 pg., 5½” X 8½”; $9.95

• Uropathy: The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy by Martin Lara; 290 pg., 5½” X 8½”; $19.95

• The Water of Life by John Armstrong; 136 pg., 5″ X 7 3/4″; $11.95

• 1999: Second World Conference on Auto Urine Therapy in Germany; 136 pg.; $25

Note: This is an especially valuable resource book (which will soon be out of print) as it has countless doctors of many types of training from all over the world (complete with e-mail and web sites from many of them) so you can continue your research.

Embraced by the Essence – This book teaches the Naturopathic Method of Healing and the use of therapeutically active essential oils. 376 pages, 8 ½”x11″; $33.00 ($6.50 S & H)

Integrating Your Wholeness – This book contains information on the work of Rev. Hanna Kroeger, Dr. John Christopher, herbs, cleanses to do for all parts of the body, how to use the pendulum, how to write a vision for your life, and more. 305 pages, 8 ½”x11″; $45 ($5.50 S & H)

The Alchemist’s Handbook to Homeopathy – This book gives a different look at how homeopathy may be practiced today. The book includes a reference guide, and how to begin using homeopathy in a self-empowering manner. 299 pages, 5 ½”x8 ½”; $15 ($4.50 S & H)

Akanthos: A Book of Spiritual Insights – This book is for those who enjoy exploring an expanded spiritual perspective on life. Akanthos teaches how to allow the emotional body to grow, the true meaning of love, living life as an adventurer rather than a warrior, and much more. 301 pages, 5 ½”x 8 ½”; $15 ($4.50 S & H)

Illuminating Physical Experience – This book describes the emotional, mental and spiritual reasons underlying any physical illness and much more. 252 pages, 5 ½”x8 ½”; $15 ($4.50 S & H)

Back Issues of Newsletters – This document is a compilation of all the issues of my newsletters over the past 5 years with most time-dated material removed. With each current newsletter issue I do, this document grows. It is currently 85 pages. I just updated this, re-typeset it in book publishing software and had it spiral bound. $16.50 plus $3.95 S & H.

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Items We Stock

We stock a few supplements and items for detoxification and rebuilding of body parts and systems that aren’t covered in the Young Living oils and related products. These include a variety of Dr. Christopher’s herbal tinctures, salves and tonics. We carry Hanna Kroeger’s Soma Boards, Pico Boards and Computer Pillows. I have some of the amino acid products for rebuilding the brain and for natural pain control from the Pain and Stress Center. We also have a wonderful Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae (not the MLM variety), plant-based enzymes and books other than our own. We are now working on producing a hard copy catalog, but until then, our products are shown on our website.

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