Embraced by the Essence

The Next Dimension

Vol. 6, No. 4          A Newsletter by Dr. Marcy Foley          Fall 2001

Lessons and Protection in Times of
Terrorism & Biological Warfare


Blessings from Young Living Conference!


Have you tried the new products from Young Living conference? Gary really went to town this time with all the new enzyme products! These include: Allerzyme (for allergies), Detoxzyme (for detoxification), Carbozyme (for carbohydrates), Polyzyme (for multiple sources of carbohydrates), Fiberzyme (for adding more fiber) and Lipozyme (for assistance in digesting lipids or fats). If you haven't read up on them, please do so. I have heard many positive benefits from those who have used these new enzyme products. By far, the product which has received the most positive responses is the Berry Young Juice. It is really delicious and is reported to be the highest in anti-oxidant properties. There are many more new products which I invite you to explore.


Many have asked me what Young Living products to use to build up our immune systems in these times of anthrax and other biological forms of attacks. This information is available in the latter part of this newsletter. But first, it is necessary to understand the underlying energies surrounding the events on September 11th.


Healing & Evolving the Emotional Body


It is time to sincerely focus upon healing and evolving our emotional bodies. Sometimes in our earnest desire to get out of the emotional pain we are in, we forget to investigate why we are in this pain and what it is here to teach us. As a Naturopathic Physician I focus on getting beyond the mere alleviation of symptoms into discovering the “gold” underneath whatever is going on.


As far back as the beginning of Creation, we have had a lack of understanding and acceptance concerning our emotional body, which is also called our Will Essence. Due to our misunderstanding about the importance of ALL of our emotions, we have pushed away the ones we didn't like or had acceptance for. It may be in the beginning when we experienced fear, anger, jealousy, hatred or rage, we “stuffed” them inside us somewhere. These repressed emotions have a magnetic quality to them. When we have this magnetic charge inside our bodies, it attracts other energies with like qualities to it. As we accumulate suppressed emotions within, they start magnetizing to us things that will trigger them, thus allowing us to feel them, express them and finally let go of them.


Stored Emotions in our Bodies


When we have too much electrical Spirit energy which is not balanced by Emotional energy, we have derangements in our nervous system and our cardiovascular system. This in turn causes musculoskeletal dysfunction.


When we have too much magnetic Emotional energy which is not balanced by Spirit energy, we have nutritional deficiencies, fluid imbalances in our water, electrolytes, lymph and blood.


Anger and Rage stored in the body, which is not given acceptance for and expressed, causes irritation and inflammation in the body. These conditions create and perpetuate dehydration, congestion and possibly infection. When we don't have sufficient circulation of body fluids, we get edema, which is stagnation of the life force.


Fear and Terror stored in the body, which is not given acceptance for and expressed, causes compression and constriction of energies in the body. This leads to a lack of oxygen as well as pressure differences and abnormalities in the bones, joints, connective tissues and cells. Blood vessels constrict, causing blood pressure abnormalities and poor circulation, leading to malnourishment of, or even damage to, tissues and organs.


Grief stored in the body, which is not given acceptance for and expressed, causes us to hold on to energies which do not serve us, leading to congestion. While it is necessary to feel grief for something we have “lost”, there comes a time when it is time to let go and move on. When we can't let go of something we no longer have in our life - whether that is a person, an experience or something which we could not bring into manifestation - we stop God's Loving Light from coming into our lives.

Guilt is not an emotion. Rather, it is an absence of emotions that has been with us since the beginning. It is an empty void where love was meant to be. We do things out of guilt because we know love is supposed to fill that space, and yet when feeling into our hearts we often find guilt there instead. So when a friend asks to borrow money, we can't say “no” even though we know she won't pay us back. We oblige out of guilt. If we had love for ourselves and our friend, we would have said “no,” or said: “I don't think you would pay me back so I will just give you the money this once.” That would have been more respectful toward ourselves, and it could have provided a valuable lesson for our friend - teaching her to take responsibility and not take advantage of her friends.


Guilt wants you to suppress who you really are, in favor of who you think you should be. Guilt wants you to sacrifice yourself for another and be a martyr. Guilt is the underlying presence in the over care-taking pattern. Guilt and self-contempt make up that voice within that doesn't want you to feel and express your emotions. It's the negative internal self-talk which “shoulds” on you, saying things like, “You should be more loving. It is not loving to feel anger, fear and grief. You should give up what you want in order to please others. Don't rock the boat. Don't get outside the box of limitation. Do what others expect of you.”


Instead of living by guilt, we can choose unconditional love. We start with ourselves by feeling into what it is that is there. If someone hurts us and stomps on our emotions, violates our trust, lies to us, steals from us, deceives us, does not keep a verbal or written contract with us, our spontaneous emotional response may be anger or rage! If we don't acknowledge this truth to ourselves, we betray ourselves and violate our own boundaries. Our inner child does not feel received, and we cause separation within ourselves.


It is the Emotional Body which creates and opens the space for the Spirit Light to flow. When our emotions are not moving and there is emotional congestion, there is no space for God's Loving Light to come into us. We need both Spirit and Will, or Loving Light and Emotion. We need to have both the understanding about why something is happening as well as the emotional component.


My Reality about Terrorist Attacks


Let's say that a whole planet didn't like the emotions of rage and terror so they deny and repress them. The more condensed these energies become, the harder it is to contain them. If the great majority of us have no acceptance for hatred, rage and terror, they fragment out of (or detach from) us. As these energies coalesce, they add their collective consciousness together and go into certain human forms. This is why certain people on our planet have so much hatred and unloving energies, leading to murder, rape and terrorism.


Many people in America first got in touch with their feelings of impotence, helplessness and hopelessness, feeling like there was nothing they could do in the aftermath of their loss on September 11th. Next, these people began to feel hatred, anger and rage. Some people in America felt that we must retaliate. We must strike back at those who killed and maimed us. We must go to war. That is the only option!

“An eye for an eye can leave

the whole world blind.” Ghandi


On the other “pole” are people who feel that it is not right to extend the same energies to those who hurt us because then we put ourselves in the same kinds of energies as “the ugly ones.” Their solution is to pray, meditate, feel peace and “send” light. They say that we must BE the peace that we want “them” to be, and then like the hundredth monkey effect, these people will eventually get the message and not choose to harm others. I have heard phrases such as, “Where there is violence, I will express peace. Where there is hatred, I will express love. I must forgive the evil ones.”


Neither of these polarities demonstrates a loving balance. Yes, it is very healthy and necessary to feel our emotions and express them with emotional ownership. However, going to war and bombing Afghanistan is not the appropriate method of expressing your hatred, anger and rage. This is the imbalanced masculine energy of external DOINGness.


On the other hand, we need to do more than fast, pray, meditate and “send” light to the terrorists. This is imbalanced feminine energy of internal BEINGness. It is vitally important for people in this category to actually FEEL their emotions and work with them instead of praying that God will remove the problem for them. If you feel hatred, anger or rage, don't push it away and pretend you feel love. This emotional denial and lying to yourself is self-abusive and often stems from self-hatred and lack of self-acceptance. This emotional denial is one of the problems which caused fragmentation in the first place. It is because of such world-wide denial that we need these HUGE mirrors of the terrorists to show us where we are not taking responsibility and engaging in emotional ownership.


For healing to occur, we need to have a blending of balanced masculine and feminine energies. First, we must feel ALL our emotions - helplessness, hopelessness, anger, fear, rage, terror, sadness, hatred, etc. Secondly, we must find a way to express these emotions in a safe way, where we don't hurt others. I suggest doing this in private. Third, we must take ownership for our emotions and recall those emotions we allowed to fragment out of us - which could be called our Lost Will.


Why is there Violence?


Why do we have so much violence on the planet? It is because when we continue to stuff, repress and deny the emotions we don't like, they begin to build up pressure. And, just like the pressure cooker in the kitchen, if the heat gets too inTENSE, the lid will blow off the pot. In the case of human beings, violence results when the person can't contain the pressure of emotional repression any longer.


When we don't allow each other their natural self- expression, we contribute to violence. Children are often told: “Be Quiet! Don't talk back to your parents! Don't play your music so loud. I'm too busy to listen to you now!” The result? Gang activities in which children vandalize property and kill other children is one example. (Though some very loving parents can still have very troubled children.)


Husbands and wives often don't really listen to their spouse and have little acceptance for their spontaneous expression. The result? The energies build up until the person just “explodes” with anger and/or there is physical violence. The husband may say about his wife. “I don't know what happened to her. She was always so nice and loving. She's really changed! Now I can't stand to be around her.”


It is so vital to our well being to learn to be present in the moment so that we are emotionally available. That means, express yourself when your emotions are triggered! If you can't do it in that moment, then go home or out in nature and express to your heart's content. Use whatever methods you can to heal your emotional body - rebirthing, Voice Dialoguing, Psycho Drama, Art, Dance, Sound Therapy, massage and other body work, and especially our beautiful essential oils.


Look around and notice the violence present in children's cartoons, T.V. shows and movies. It is a mirror of our internal violence that we even tolerate this. If we didn't, we would have more wholesome forms of entertainment. The foundation of a nation begins with the family unit and yet there is often more violence and lack of acceptance here than anywhere else! As I teach emotional healing seminars I discover just how many of us are afraid of our husbands or fathers!


What happens to this fear? We stuff it inside of us and try to ignore it until it fragments out of us and returns via a terrorist attack so that we will finally address these emotions! These events are happening because it is vitally important for those of us remaining on the Earth to provide loving acceptance for all our emotions. We do this by feeling our emotions and bringing them into our heart space in loving acceptance. We say, “Fear (terror, anger, etc.) I'm here for you. What do you wish to communicate?” Then, we invite God's Loving Light to infuse these areas.


On a bigger scale, why are we at war with other countries? People are literally sick to death of religious judgments! There are Muslims, Jews and Christians killing each other! Those from any religion feel they have the right to kill and condemn members of other religions or those who have no religion at all. Fundamentalists are so fond of stuffing their religious dogma down other people's throats to force them into accepting their view of life. This is simply not living in love!


Religious fundamentalists often claim to be the closest to God, but I've not seen this to be true in many cases. I have witnessed more hatred, judgment, racism, bigotry and homophobia coming from members of fundamentalist religions (of all varieties) than I have from some people who don't have any specified religion. I am not against religion. I am against the imbalanced masculine energies many people adhere to within religion which cause separation. Now is the time to be united as a planet, and stop seeing each other as separate. We are all God's children, no matter what beliefs we hold!


The solution to our problems is to embrace the Oneness which we truly are. It looks like we are different because we have different skin, hair and eye color. We have different religions and different sexual preferences. We live in different countries and have different ideas about life. But, we are all One within the Creator of All That Is!


Until we learn to co-exist in peace and harmony, allowing each other to be different, we will continue to have war. God didn't create all of us to be carbon copies of each other. What purpose would that serve? Can we PLEASE learn to celebrate our uniqueness? I don't have to agree with someone else's reality in order to love and appreciate them. Just seeing how another lives gives me greater insights into how I choose to live! True love is allowing another to follow their own heart.


Being at war with each other is just symbolic of the war within ourselves. Do we really need to be at war with others because of differences in how we perceive our Creator? This is really a war between Essence and Form. In Essence, we all want to unite with our Creator no matter if we call this energy God, Goddess, Allah or Mickey Mouse! It is the Form that we disagree with. Yes, we need form, but not in an imbalanced masculine energy kind of way! Many fundamentalists as well as New Age factions have a dysfunctional relationship to Form, which contains too much Spirit polarity. This prevents them from receiving the true Essence - the Will polarity which has been so denied on our planet.


Your Self-Discovery Process


Find out what you feel fear and terror about. Feel these emotions and then embrace them with your acceptance, thus infusing them with God's loving light. If you continue to deny fear and terror, you are contributing to the energies on the planet which are acting out our denied emotions.


Prayer and meditation are very vital aspects to our lives. It is also very important to visualize the kind of world you choose to live in. At the same time, I lovingly ask you to use more than your mental body. You will have the power you are seeking if you add the passion of your emotional body.


More than anything else you could ever do, working with your emotional body has reached an all-time level of importance and it is my opinion that the acts of terrorism, rape, murder, school and domestic violence will continue to escalate until we take responsibility for all of our beautiful emotions.


There are two kinds of light on this planet - God's Loving Light and Luciferian unloving light. Those who do not lovingly embrace their emotions are unknowingly allowing the unloving light to permeate their physical and emotional bodies. More of this is happening on the planet than many people realize. Our Creator gave us an emotional body to use, and when we deny this aspect of ourselves, we serve the unloving light, rather than the loving light. The choice is ours.


Taking responsibility is part of accepting God's Loving Light. Those of us who are still on Earth have chosen to be here now! Those who departed the planet on September 11, 2001 chose (or agreed) to leave for some higher purpose. There are no victims! Each of us has our sacred mission. Some teach by writing books, newsletters and facilitating seminars. Some teach by allowing their physical body to die so that others have a greater chance to WAKE UP!


If you are asking why someone would choose to die, just look at the results these events have had in America. You now see people reaching out to others and extending a hand. I've said for YEARS in my newsletters that what is missing the most is simple human kindness and compassion as well as thinking of how your actions are impacting someone else. I now have seen some small progress in regaining our humanity. Thank you God!


The time is NOW!

Now is all we have.

What are you doing to make a difference?


So many people are living life in a state of numbness and unawareness. We stare at painful, violent events on T.V. or on the streets and conveniently look the other way when atrocities happen. People say, “It doesn't have anything to do with me. It's best not to get involved.”


How could a person not get involved? These people simply are not connected to their inner child and their emotional bodies. They have numbed out into denial via alcohol, drugs, junk food, obsessions, compulsions and workaholism as ways of disconnecting from their heart. That way, they don't have to feel the gnawing pain of life.


Terrorism at Home


Now the violence is no longer happening in some other country. It is happening here in America. Has this shaken people out of their numbness and denial? Yes, to some degree it has. Unfortunately when people don't know how to take responsibility for their own painful emotions, they take it out on whoever is conveniently present. This is called projecting it onto someone else and perpetuating terrorism in the family. We must heal this first within ourselves if we expect to have a safe country.


I've already seen the additional stress on our nervous systems in the last six weeks since the events happened. People who were formerly mild-mannered and calm are now coming to me for advice on what to do in regards to unbearable stress and anxiety. This is because some of the exterior veneer of calmness was masking their own repressed emotions, and also many are picking up on humanity's collective emotions of fear, panic and anxiety. Aside from the many essential oils we have, please contact me for some amino acid formulas in helping you handle stress and anxiety naturally.


You can live the rest of your life hiding out in fear because we may have another attack. It could come anywhere at any time! The best safeguard you have is to own your emotions, to recall your Lost Will, to ask for God's Loving Light to permeate you and to clear out all the unloving light. The choice is yours.


Biological Warfare


When I heard the threats of Anthrax, and other forms of Biological Warfare, I was not at all concerned for my husband or myself. Why? I have been using Young Living products for the last 6 ½ years, and have a well-developed immune system. We also work extensively with our emotional bodies. 

One of the reasons I was so enthralled with investigating Young Living was because of the emotional healing which can come about when we use these higher frequency oils. In fact, a fellow Chiropractor I went to school with joined the company because she was having an emotional crisis one day and I told her, “Here's the 800 # for the company, just call right now and order the Feelings Kit!” She did and now she is an ardent lover of the oils with a strong organization. Her favorite oil is still Present Time, which is an excellent place to start one's emotional healing due to the terrorism.


From Robert Johnson, General Manager, Young Living Essential Oils


“Young Living Essential Oils makes no claim that any of its products, essential oils, or supplements can curtail the spread of a biological or chemical weapon. As of this date, there has been no testing or verifiable scientific evidence to support the assertion that a particular essential oil or oils will protect against or stop anthrax. Although some independent researchers have implied or stated that specific essential oils may be helpful due to the strength of their natural components, it is against company policy for any Distributor to make any unapproved, false, or undocumented health or medical claim.


Recent tragic events in our country have led to widespread fear of exposure to anthrax. While we understand the desire some of our Distributors may have to help quell these fears, Young Living Essential Oils wants to state in the strongest terms that we do not endorse profiteering at the expense of a vulnerable public. We encourage all Young Living Essential Oils Distributors to maintain a professional demeanor at all times and to avoid making any claims about our products. Young Living's oils do have inherent properties that provide support for normal immune function, but we repeat, there is no current research indicating that any of our oils will specifically protect against or cure anthrax or any other biological weapon.”


These Are the Most Likely

Biological Warfare Agents Which Could Be Used:

Tularemia - Appears within 2 weeks but usually 3-5 days after exposure with symptoms of ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, fever, pneumonia.

Plague - Begins 1-6 days following exposure and progresses quickly to severe breathing and coughing up blood. Symptoms include high fever, chill and headaches and the possibility of death within 2-4 days.

Smallpox - Begins about 12 days after exposure, followed in 2-3 days by a rash and lesions on the face, arms and legs with symptoms of high fever, fatigue, head and backache.

Anthrax - Begins within 6 days of exposure. Death can occur 24 - 36 hours after severe symptoms begin. The symptoms include fever, fatigue, cough and chest discomfort at first, followed by severe breathing difficulty, sweating and turning blue.

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever - Begins within a few days of infection, depending on the virus (Ebola, Marburg, etc.) followed by severe chest pain, shock and bleeding. Death within a week. Symptoms include high fever, muscle-aches, chills and diarrhea.

Botulism - Usually begins 12-36 hours after eating botulism-tainted food. Paralysis of breathing muscles can cause death within 24 hours of first symptoms unless the patient is put on a ventilator. Symptoms include double or blurred vision, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing and progressive weakness that descends the body, starting at shoulders.

(Information supplied via the Jim Lynn Chatline)


What About an Anthrax Vaccination?


I read a story by an anonymous Gulf War Veteran who was forced to have an anthrax vaccination. He noted flu-like symptoms, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing and severe mood swings into anger, hatred and violence, which he did not have before the vaccination. He also had cloudy thinking, and his wife and children left him. Some of his friends conceived children after their vaccination who were born with no brain and missing limbs. Some of his friends had AIDS-like symptoms and have even died. This man began using Young Living essential oils. He no longer has any of these symptoms, and refers us to the following web site: http://www.gulfwarvets.com/anthrax.htm


Are Anthrax Spores Dangerous?


Jim Lynn researched this and reports that a bacterial spore is like a mummified bacterium. The spore has a hard shell which protects the bacterium much like a sarcophagus protects a mummy. As long as the conditions are not favorable to this spore opening up, we are safe. As we well know from the work of Dr. Lapraz, Dr. Pénoël and others, it is our own biological terrain and our own immune system which is important to pay attention to, rather than the pathogen. A pathogen can only create disease in our body when our own internal conditions permit it. For more information, check out the following web site:



Prevention is the Wisest Choice


Within Young Living, we have a whole arsenal of products to assist us in preventing illness! As I have said in these newsletters as well as my book, Embraced by the Essence, we start with cleansing and detoxification via the elimination system. We rebuild the intestinal flora. Cleanse out heavy metals, worms and parasites. Then we begin cleansing the liver, get the pH in the correct alkaline range, build the immune system and focus on proper nutrition. We use personal care products that are free of toxins. Install a water filtration system in your home. Use the new Titanium pots and pans Gary has procured for us. Use our fabulous shampoo, hair rinse, face creams, tooth paste, mouthwash, bath gels and soaps. Sound familiar? This is nothing new.


Check out Anthrax poisoning in meat and milk:



It seems no matter how much I educate people to eat REAL foods, avoid the major nasty refined foods we all know about, add live foods to their diet, avoid microwaves, artificial sweeteners, and the countless other artificial products in our American society, many just smile at me and continue their same habits. Well, I can't force them to change. It is not that we don't have this information. Some people just don't think it applies to them.


Throw away your microwave. Don't even give it to someone, as you wouldn't want to contribute to their ill health. I have several friends who continue to use artificial sweeteners right in front of me, even though they know I am highly opposed to this total garbage. Please love yourselves enough to use the new Agave sweetener or supplement with Stevia Select. Besides being sweet, Stevia Select helps rebuild the intestinal flora. I use essential oils in the water of the carpet shampooer and none of the soap they want to sell you when you rent the cleaning machine. I use Morning Start to clean my bathtub! There are no more excuses! These are wonderful products! The question is, “Do you love yourself enough to give yourself only the best?”


Go to Dr. Horowitz's web site and do some research: http://www.tetrahedron.org/aboutus.html


Here are some suggestions on some of the Young Living oils, supplements and personal care products to help you strengthen your immune system. If you have never educated yourself about them, NOW IS THE TIME. Turn off your T.V., gather your family around and read about these marvelous products. Then use them!


Oil Singles & Blends: Abundance, Cinnamon, Clove, Exodus II, Frankincense, Lemon, Longevity, Orange, Oregano, Purification, Thyme, Thieves (There are MANY others I could have on this list.)


Supplements: AlkaLime, Berry Young Juice, Chelex Tincture, Enzymes (Megazyme & all the new ones), Exodus, Immune Tune, ImmuGel, Master Formulas for adults (Mighty Vites for the little ones), ParaFree, ProGen, Radex, Rehemogen Tincture, Royaldophilus, Royal Essence Tincture, Stevia Select, Sulfurzyme, Ultra Young, VitaGreen.


Food Products: Use daily and keep on hand for emergencies! Body Balance, PowerMeal, Wolfberry bars, Essential Manna, Berry Young Delights.


Methods of Application: Cover every aspect of your body that you can - inside and out. Diffuse the oils several times a day for 20-30 minutes. Drop oils on your bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, carpet and in your laundry. Take oils internally (such as Thieves, Exodus II, Longevity, Oregano, Thyme). Rub oils externally. Get RainDrop and Lymphatic Pump procedures done on you and get your feet tweaked with the oils of your choice. Do vaginal and/or rectal implants. Use essential oil-impregnated dust masks with any of the oils listed above.


Lifestyle Choices: Get a little car diffuser. Keep a bottle of Thieves, Longevity or Purification in your purse or briefcase. Put some on your hands when you go out in public. If you use a public phone, wipe it with a cloth which has a drop of one of these oils (or carry a spray bottle of Purification mixed in water.) Use all the Young Living personal care products in place of those available out on the market place. Try Thieves bar soap. Go through your house and throw out all the other brands of toothpaste, mouthwash, toxic cleaning chemicals and anything else that doesn't support your total healthy lifestyle. Don't even wait to use them up! There is no reason to keep these!


Protection for Our Animals: If you live on a farm, then diffuse oils in the barn, and rub the oils on the animals. If you have cats or dogs, then share your oils with them. Remember that if you rub the oils on the tender tummy skin to please be kind enough to add a carrier oil. Sometimes cats have more sensitive skin than dogs, unless you have one of the very tiny little dogs. Go easy, remembering our pets are smaller than we are - weight wise.


From Merry Miller


“What I do when the skies are filled with chemtrails is take a pretty powerful oil formula, which may not be for everyone. You can decrease the amount of oils if you want:

4 drops ImmuPower

4 drops Frankincense

4 drops Thieves

4 drops Cinnamon Bark

4 drops Basil

“I sometimes apply oils to my back too. I sometimes add a little Oregano to this formula. I know some of you might say this is too much. It is not for me. This is why I say use your head and use the oils the way you feel comfortable. I have started taking Longevity now for about 3 weeks (2 drops per day in a capsule) and I have felt better. I have noticed since there have been NO air flights, there have been NO chemtrails.”


In a True Time of Crisis:


OK, let's say you hear there is some form of biological threat in your neighborhood. What do you do? Close down your home - all windows, doors, air vents, kitchen exhaust, fireplace. Stay in a family room with the diffuser on. Have fun activities to do - non-computer or video games (old-fashioned wooden or board games.) Have a pile of nuts to crack (walnuts, pecans, etc.) Have paper, coloring books and pens, pencils, crayons (even if you don't have children).


Keep a supply of good quality water available at all times in your home. Store in GLASS containers. We buy organic apple juice for daily use and then when the bottles get empty, we fill those with good quality purified water. Have as many extra bottles of all the oils as you can so that you have your supply. Be sure to have glass bottles of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cereal, and other things to nibble on that don't require cooking. You may want to have a camping gas or propane cooker and some pans to heat water for tea. There are plenty of books available from the Mormon church, as they have advocated preparing for natural disasters for many years.


Additional Supportive Information:


Work on your emotional body. Use the oils in the Feelings Kit and those in the Seventh Heaven Kit. Apply the oils. Go into meditation and prayer. Allow the oils to bring your formerly unexpressed emotions to the surface and then EXPRESS THEM with emotional ownership and responsibility. I have gone over these ideas in countless other newsletters as well as my new booklet on depression (listed below). If you are new to my material, I suggest getting the back issues of my newsletters document which I recently re-typeset and had spiral bound for easier use


Bob Jajko Medical Intuition Course


Develop Your Intuition! I am sponsoring Bob Jajko (advertisement above) here in Boulder on the weekend of May 18-19, 2002. Bob likes to work closely with his participants so we will only take 30 students. The course tuition is $395. To reserve your place in the workshop, send your deposit of $150 to our business address here in Boulder.


Holiday Gift Giving


I have available gift certificates in any denomination for your friends and loved ones to apply to any of my products and services.



Heal Your Depression - And Celebrate Life! - This booklet discusses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors in depression including natural remedies to correct brain chemistry. In addition there is information detailing how to work with Emotional Ownership and help with Family Relationships 50 pg. $5 ($1.50 S & H)


Essential Oils Audio Tape Set: Dr. Foley discusses each of the 12 Body Systems along with Young Living Products for each system. She tells numerous personal healing stories, including getting off Prozac, healing depression & Alcoholism. 12 - 60 minute tapes $49.95 ($6.00 S & H)


Book Ordering Procedures


You may order on our toll-free phone (800) 209-3056, or online through our web site. We ship books in 1-2 days and accept all major credit cards except Discover. NOTE: Shipping and Handling charges are listed in the parenthesis following each book. If you order several books, the shipping will be less than just adding the shipping charges for all books. Please phone for shipping charges before you send a check.


Embraced by the Essence - Teaches the Naturopathic Method of Healing, and the use of therapeutically active essential oils. 376 pg., 8 ½"x11"; $33.00 ($6.50 S & H)


Integrating Your Wholeness - This book contains information on the work of Rev. Hanna Kroeger, Dr. John Christopher, herbs, cleanses to do for all parts of the body, how to use the pendulum, how to write a vision for your life, and more. 305 pages, 8 ½"x11"; $45 ($5.50 S & H)


The Alchemist's Handbook to Homeopathy - This book gives a different look at how homeopathy may be practiced today. The book includes a reference guide, and how to begin using homeopathy in a self-empowering manner. 299 pages, 5 ½"x8 ½"; $15 ($4.50 S & H)


Akanthos: A Book of Channeled Insights - This book is for those who enjoy exploring an expanded spiritual perspective on life. Akanthos teaches how to allow the emotional body to grow, the true meaning of love, living life as an adventurer rather than a warrior, and much more. 301 pages, 5 ½"x 8 ½"; $15 ($4.50 S & H)


Illuminating Physical Experience - This book describes the emotional, mental and spiritual reasons underlying any physical illness and much more. 252 pages, 5 ½"x8 ½"; $15 ($4.50 S & H)


Back Issues of Newsletters - This document is a compilation of all the issues of my newsletters over the past 5 years. For the first 4 years, I took out the time-dated materials. With each current newsletter issue I do, this document grows. Currently 85 pages. $16.50 ($4 S & H)


Items We Stock


We stock a few supplements and items for detoxification and rebuilding of body parts and systems that aren't covered in the Young Living oils and related products. These include a variety of Dr. Christopher's herbal tinctures, salves and tonics. We carry Hanna Kroeger's Soma Boards, Pico Boards and Computer Pillows. I have special amino acid products for rebuilding the brain and for natural pain control from the Pain and Stress Center. We also have a wonderful Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae (not the MLM variety), Urine Therapy and other books besides our own. While we don't have a hard copy catalog yet, our products are shown on our website.



May You Regain Your Health and Enhance Your Life With Healing Love!


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