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Embraced by the Essence – Vol. 7, No. 2

The Next Dimension

Vol. 7, No. 2 A Newsletter by Dr. Marcy Foley Spring 2002

Foundation of Whole Foods vs. Supplementation
Peppermint Essential Oil & The Benefits of Coconut & Salt

As Spring rolls into Summer, we are burning up here in Colorado! In Boulder there is still vibrant life and color, even though we are technically in a drought! I shall always be amazed at the wonders of nature and how persistent the trees, plants, flowers and herbs are in staking their claim on life. Sometimes, for reasons we don’t always know, it is necessary to have fires and other forms of seeming destruction to burn out the old energies, so new energies can take their place.

What can we learn from these beings who share this planet with us? How is our level of commitment to living a full and vibrant life? When we take time out of our lives to commune with all of nature, and most specifically to dine at Nature’s Table, we will all have a higher level of health.

For a very long time on this planet, some of us (the humans) have gotten further and further removed from contact with our natural environment which our Creator designed for us. Too many of us spend the majority of our time indoors in homes which contain toxic substances such as: carpeting, draperies, building materials, artificial lighting, cleaning chemicals and personal care products (bath soaps, shampoos, shaving substances and perfumes).

As a Naturopathic Physician, I don’t work with disease. I instruct my well being recipients in the natural care of the body via clean, natural living, emotional ownership, healthy relationships, drinking abundant amounts of pure water, exercising regularly, enjoying the sunshine, and eating a whole foods diet. It is also imperative to have a strong spiritual foundation and to regularly maintain this most important aspect of our lives.

Nutritional Supplementation

In seeking to restore balance to the body in a case of malnutrition, there are occasions when it is necessary to provide a concentrated source of nutrients, which is why we carry the nutritional supplements we do. All of them are as natural and inexpensive as we could find, while still providing quality.

It is important to understand that supplements alone won’t sustain health. Supplements can be a part of our healing process as long as we also consume wholesome, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. It doesn’t matter how “natural” the supplement is, it is not possible to “out-do” the Creator in that which is present in whole foods and pure water.

This is the reason we are so excited about The Brain Garden company. Their flagship product is called Pulse. (When I use the term Pulse, I am referring to Sweet Pulse, which is described in further detail in this newsletter.) This is a nutritionally compact food product containing 26 whole foods — fruits, nuts, grains and seeds. The Brain Garden also supplies personal care products made from whole foods, so if your child ate them, you wouldn’t have to call the poison control center. If you haven’t recently read the ingredients on your shampoo or toothpaste, please do so. Most toothpaste contains poison control warnings.

One of the main ideas I teach is to distinguish between (what I call) Allopathic Thinking versus Naturopathic Thinking. When many people begin their adventure into natural health care, they often do so with allopathic thinking. That means they will ask what natural supplements they can substitute for the allopathic prescription or over-the-counter drugs they were taking.

I am not allowed (nor am I interested in) working with toxic prescription drugs. I believe in keeping health care simple. Don Tolman says that nature is complex so you don’t have to be! This is so true!

Healing involves much more than getting rid of symptoms. Unfortunately we are geared into thinking that symptoms are “bad” and that restoring health revolves around getting rid of symptoms. I am here to educate you so you can change this philosophy if you choose!

I see the symptoms our body creates as its way of communicating with us. If we try to get rid of symptoms, it is as useful as removing the smoke detector in our home because it is keeping us awake with that awful sound it is making. If we were to see that the smoke detector was ringing because it was alerting us to the fire, we would not want to kill the messenger. We’d listen to the message, fix the problem at the source (i.e. putting out the fire) and then the signal would stop ringing.

This is a very simplified analogy I am using to make my point that it is crucial for us to get in tune with our bodies so that we can truly listen to the message, and then do something about solving the problem at the source. When we live a natural wholeness lifestyle, and especially when we add therapeutic quality essential oils to our lives, we begin to be more in tune with ourselves so we are available to listen and take action upon that which our body is telling us.

Note to Young Living Distributors

For the past seven years, my newsletters have focused upon Young Living products. The main topic of this particular newsletter is a new company I have started working with called the Brain Garden. I wish you to understand that I am still a member of the Young Living Essential Oils Company. There are products that I prefer in the Young Living Essential Oils company and those that I prefer in Brain Garden company.

Many people look to me to be a leader in the field of natural health and when I discover something that I find extremely valuable, I feel it is my duty, as well as my choice to tell others about it.

I am in no way asking anyone to leave Young Living and join Brain Garden. I am now working with BOTH companies. You may choose your own participation. I invite you to do as I always do to use prayer and your own methods of discernment as to what you choose to represent. There are many wonderful messages in the Universe to stand behind. May you make your choices with great wisdom and the Highest Council.

Tuning Into Yourself

The first step in getting more in tune with yourself is to daily take the time to consume the most wholesome natural diet you can get, on a regular basis, eaten in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

I was raised on pasteurized processed cheese, canned soup, canned vegetables, canned spaghetti, white flour, white sugar and white rice created by somebody’s uncle! So, early in my life I began playing in the kitchen, sprouting and working with live whole foods, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.

When I discovered therapeutic quality essential oils, I found one of the greatest keys to tuning into myself. The Brain Garden has a wonderful group of essential oils which can be used externally on the body, internally in capsules, in the bath and also in the diffuser. One of my favorite ways to use the oils is to place them on myself and meditate in the bath tub before bedtime. I am in a more relaxed and receptive space so that I can truly hear what my body wants to say to me, and I also commune with my Creator this way.

Catching or Causing Disease

Do we “catch” disease, or do we cause it? Many of us are under the impression that disease is something that just happens to us, and that we have no control over it, saying, “Some people are lucky and don’t experience disease, while others aren’t so lucky.” I feel that luck has nothing to do with it. The daily choices we make in our lifestyle comprise the major causes of disease. Our diet and water intake, our mental patterns and issues, our emotional state, our spiritual principles and values are major contributing factors.

Yes, there are cases of genetic abnormalities or aberrations, leading to disorders in the body. In this newsletter I am mainly focusing on diet as setting the foundation of the body. Our book, Illuminating Physical Experience may give you some answers to other causes of disease.

It is so painful for me to see the continued barrage of artificial foods which are pre-prepared and either sitting on the shelf or in the freezer ready for the consumer to pop in the microwave. I feel so sad about this because people have lost touch with the pleasure of lovingly preparing and eating real food. There is more to life than hurrying to do the next thing, especially when it comes to eating! Many people stuff food into their mouths and swallow it so fast there is little time to enjoy it. We were designed for pleasure. When we eat artificial food, prepared in unnatural ways, there is no enjoyment. It is simply a mechanical act of refueling instead of an emotionally satisfying, nurturing experience.

This is one of the reasons we have obesity today. People are afraid of real food. They feel real food is what caused their illness, so they feel it necessary to avoid eggs because of the cholesterol. They feel they have to avoid fats because they will get arteriosclerosis. They feel they have to avoid salt and sweet foods. Many people also don’t know the difference between natural sugars and processed and refined sugars. Some people feel that because refined sugar is bad, they must have NutraSweet or saccharine instead. They don’t realize that dates contain 70% natural sugar and are something that is good for us. There are many other choices in natural sweeteners in the whole food category.

When we don’t eat real food, and instead give artificial substances to the body, it does not know what to do with these substances. Perhaps the body walls the poison off until it gets more information as to how to process it. Maybe this is one of the signals that gets disturbed and this is the beginnings of a tumor. Why do people have so much pain in their bodies? Are they filled with poisons that they literally spoon fed into themselves?

Why don’t many people know how to cook these days? There are now individuals on the planet who only know how to use the microwave to reheat food. I feel this is tragic! The microwave produces many negative effects upon food, which I explored in the Fall 2000 newsletter along with web sites for your further research. (Go to our web site and refer to the drop down menu where the newsletters are listed with the major subjects outlined.)

When people eat food which is microwaved in plastic, it causes the hormonal system to be out of balance because of the xenoestrogens formed. These are compounds which mimic estrogen in the body. Microwaving food dramatically alters the vibration of the food so that it once again is not recognized by the body as a friendly substance. People wonder where autoimmune disorders come from. Perhaps there is a key here? There are many other negative consequences to eating microwaved food.

Please love yourself enough to eat a natural whole foods diet on a consistent basis. My main focus as a physician is teaching. I choose to educate people so that they have the information necessary to motivate themselves to make different choices. The good news is that I’m not the only one who feels this information is important.

On December 13, 2001 the U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher said, “Only 3% of all Americans meet federal recommendations for the intake of grains, fruits and vegetables.” Dr. Mitchel Gaynor tells us, “You can prevent 93% of all diseases by eating a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, exercising and managing your stress.”

In all the years that I have been in the natural healing field I have seen people willing to spend hundreds of dollars each month on supplements, while continuing to eat the same unhealthy diet. The fact that people are willing to settle for these substances when they could have delicious, wholesome foods and snacks is a complete mystery to me. I have surmised that it is a combination of (1) ignorance & lack of education of what real nutrition is (2) too much stress and lack of time to actually shop, cook or prepare real food – the “convenience” factor (3) and lack of sufficient self-love to consistently feed their body only the best.

Because many people have such high levels of toxins in their bodies, they have a higher tolerance for toxic foods and beverages. It is a matter of negative conditioning. The first time a person smokes a cigarette or consumes an alcoholic beverage, they usually gag! But, they get used to these things out of peer pressure, or wanting to have the effects. Gradually, over time, a person comes to depend on these artificial stimulants.

If you take a child who has never had white sugar, who is used to eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts, and give them candy, they don’t like it.

How do we re-set our taste buds when we’ve consumed a lot of artificial, lifeless foods and beverages? In the Brain Garden, there is a program called the Daniel’s 10 Day Challenge. This programs involves eating Sweet Pulse, Brain Grains and Parched Pulse and drinking water. I find the food called Sweet Pulse which contains all natural, non-GMO foods, made by the Brain Garden to be the best nutritionally supportive food I have ever tasted. When you offer this gift to your body, it remembers what food is supposed to taste like and you will find when you snack on these foods, you honestly won’t want all the other foods you used to eat. In fact, your “favorite” foods will most likely change. We are helping you put the fun back in eating by giving a real meal to your body! It is because our bodies are out of balance that they crave unnatural substances. Once we provide a solid nutritional foundation to the body, it won’t keep asking for more. We will be satisfied. I believe this is a real key to solving the obesity problem.

“The power to change tomorrow,
is held in the decisions we make today!”

I have eaten a wholesome pure diet for over 30 years. Most of the time, I enjoy and am committed to taking the time to cook beautiful, nutritious meals daily. I rarely go out to eat. We are told to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which can be a challenge. As much as I strive to put variety in my diet, I am not always able to get that many servings of fruits and vegetables. When I snack on Pulse, I get 26 different whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables in a convenient and awesomely delicious form.

There are times when I have meetings to attend or take a car trip, and I don’t have the time to prepare food. I can take along a can of Pulse, pure water, and a piece of fruit and I have a wholesome meal or snack that is more convenient, less expensive and more nutritious than that which I could buy.

Pulse is a convenient and delicious way to provide my body with high quality nutrition, including all 7 fibers my body needs. Why don’t we eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds? They taste better, are more nutritious and cost less, but they are not convenient. Why do we eat fast food and pre-packaged food? It isn’t more tasty, more nutritious or less expensive. It is more convenient!

“Friends don’t let friends drive-thru!”

The secret to good health that everyone ignores is CONVENIENCE. Our generation is crazed with convenience. The drive through fast food lanes have doubled in the last 5 years in this $129 billion U.S. industry. Will we do anything for our health that isn’t convenient? Usually not! Most people would rather die than be inconvenienced.

Pulse contains 26 whole food ingredients — fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. Would you even be able to name 26 whole foods, much less shop for them and prepare them? Pulse is convenient, delivered to your door and you can even get paid for eating it! Are you interested?

Eating to Live vs. Living to Eat

I loved my 10 day Daniel’s Challenge in which I consumed the foods created by Don Tolman who founded the Brain Garden company. While I have done a lot of fasting and cleansing diets for different parts of my body over the last 30 years, nothing ever felt so “right on” for my body as consuming this wholesome food.

The part I liked the most was that it was so easy. I could eat all I liked of this food and I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t feel deprived and in fact, this food satisfied me so much that I found I wasn’t fantasizing about what I was going to eat for my next meal. I snacked on Pulse and carried on with my work. I felt stronger and more in charge of my life.

I was happy to be eating to live instead of living to eat! Many people decrease their body weight during the 10 Daniel’s challenge, especially if they have had a history of constipation, because this food contains the 7 fibers we need for health. If a person needs to gain weight, that sometimes happens too because this food is so nutritious. When we give the body what it needs, it is self-correcting.

The Law of Signature
Signs of Nature

Walnuts for the brain? Carrots for the eyes? How did the ancient people know what was good for the body? They followed the Law of Signatures — the Signs of Nature.

They sliced a carrot and because they saw the core resembling an eye with a pupil and radiating lines, they concluded that carrots must be good for the eyes. Centuries later, research has proven them right.

They concluded that since a walnut looked like a brain, walnuts must be brain food. A tomato must be heart food because when you slice it open and look inside it resembles the chambers of a heart. Modern science has now validated this.

Because we have been ignoring signals from nature for centuries, we have illness. My message to you is to please take the time to learn about the wonder and excitement present in natural food. It is truly what is next, because it was first. Hippocrates said it so long ago, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

Raspberry, Blueberry, Carob Pulse

Pulse is formulated according to the ancient ratios and law of signatures that science is now validating. Pulse contains the following ingredients: Dates, Oats, Raisins, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Millet, Einkorn, Barley, Brown Rice, Flax Seed, Carrot Powder, Walnuts, Walnut Oil, Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Filberts (or Hazelnuts), Figs, Beet Powder, Acerola Cherry, Carob Powder, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry.

One of the most common questions is concerning food allergies. When you read my husband’s story of his allergy to dates being cured by eating Pulse, it may surprise you. If you have an allergy to one of the foods listed as an ingredient in Pulse, I urge you to get muscle tested or use some other form of dowsing to determine if you can eat this food. Many people have found that they are able to eat Pulse, even if they previously had an allergy to one of the ingredients. Perhaps it is the way it is combined? I feel there is something almost magical in the Sweet Pulse!

Parched Pulse & Brain Grains

I have mainly focused upon the Sweet Pulse in this newsletter. There are several other Brain Garden products that I am in love with. Parched Pulse is made in a special old-fashioned way that the ancients dried their vegetables. We have two flavors of Parched Pulse. These are not dehydrated vegetables like you may be used to that are hard and have to be rehydrated to eat. Parched Pulse can be eaten right out of the container or sprinkled on salad, added to brown rice, etc. I love Parched Pulse! Sometimes when I am craving something like potato chips, I can be satisfied in this way.

We have three flavors of Brain Grains which are a crunchy corn snack. Two are slightly salty and the third — Epicurean is sweet, flavored with dried maple syrup.

Healing Diabetes?

The following is my husband Kent’s personal experience with the Pulse Whole Food:

“Let me tell you my personal healing story with Diabetes Type I. I’ve been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 21 years. I’ve tried everything within alternative health that has ever been recommended for diabetes. We have customers and friends who have been helped by using Gymnema sylvestre and Stevia, which is why we carry these supplements. Being a Type I Diabetic with no insulin- production at all, those remedies have not helped me.

“In March of this year, I was introduced to The Brain Garden and Pulse. I decided to take Brain Garden’s “Daniel’s Challenge,” eating nothing but Pulse and drinking water for ten days. While doing the Daniel’s challenge, I decreased my need for insulin from 58 units/day down to 36 units/day. During my 15 years into Alternative Health, I’ve never had any results anywhere close to this powerful on my blood sugar levels.

“After I was through with the Daniel’s Challenge, I had to increase my insulin dose again, but not to the original level. I now take approximately 47 units of insulin per day, and I continue to slowly lower my dosage. I’m still in the process of discovering the healing benefits of Pulse, so I don’t know the end of the story!

“Another amazing result I had from doing the Daniel’s Challenge was that it cured me of an allergy to dates. Fortunately, I never looked on the ingredients of the Pulse to see that the first ingredient listed is Dates. If I had seen that, I would never have even tried the Pulse, and I would have missed out on the most amazing super food ever created.”

If you are interested in trying this food or want to learn more about it, please use the Brain Garden link on our web-site and check it out for yourself.

Why is this a network marketing product? Food labels are not our greatest friend because many people will read the food labels and determine that Pulse has too many carbohydrates or too many grams of fat, so they won’t try it. Some people are so geared into thinking “carbs are bad, fat is bad, calories are bad.”

I honestly don’t know what people feel is healthy any more with so many rumors floating around. It seems people feel more safe with artificial sweeteners, artificial fat, “modified” foods, low fat foods, calorie restricted foods and prescription drugs. Each year there are more and more recalls on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. And yet, people continue to take them! Now let’s compare a serving of Pulse with a serving of Coke:

100 calories
27 grams sugar
27 grams carbs
0 grams fat
416 calories
29 grams sugar
68 grams carbs
15 grams fat

With only this information on the food label, which would you choose? If you read further, you would see that Pulse has 11 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber. For optimal health we need real food with plenty of natural fibers. If we would eat this way, we wouldn’t need to worry about heart disease, colon disease, or so many of the maladies that plague our modern society. Dr. Christopher said it so beautifully: “We eat foods and use herbs in their wholeness. That’s the way the Creator designed them.” We get into problems when we refine foods and eat them in ways our Creator never designed.

Incorporating Pulse into your Life

Rather than to eat 3 “square” meals, we are natural snackers. Therefore, when we tell you about Pulse, the most natural way to eat it is to snack on it. The average serving size is 4 ounces. Some people like to put Pulse on top of their fruit or vegetable salad. Some people like to put it in their blender smoothies. I don’t recommend cooking with it on a regular basis because it is carefully processed at a low temperature so that all the natural enzymes are still present in the food.

When I tasted Pulse, I wanted to meet the man who researched for 17 years to create this super food. I attended the Brain Garden conference in May and am so happy to tell you of my meeting with Don Tolman. If I could sum up for me what he represents, I’d say he has “the Spirit of the Child.” He is the most naturally alive person I’ve ever met! It’s not some forced enthusiasm that is pumped up to impress you as a kind of “stage presence” which I’ve seen in other network marketing companies.

Don possesses the awe and wonder of the discovery present in children. Children who are healthy and who are given a chance to truly be children are interested in their world and in all of life. They are interested in meeting new people, exploring their world and will get down in the dirt to watch bugs, run out to the garden to see how many new tomatoes there are, and will ask questions about how the Universe works: This is Don Tolman!

If you want to learn to eat whole foods again, just listen to this man describe a juicy, ripe peach and your mouth will be watering! I’m now going to excerpt an article written by Don so you can get to know him and his philosophy.

Trigone of Health
by Don Tolman

“There is a wonderful wisdom from the past where people believed that truth came in 3 levels or 3 degrees . . . 3 layers, if you will. In ancient times, many truths were grouped in a sequence of threes.

“They believed in a sacred geometry of the human body. They recognized that the human body was actually in the shape of a 5-pointed star. They noticed that all fruit also shows a 5-pointed star. When you slice an apple or look at the bottom of a blueberry, you see a 5-pointed star.

“Five-pointed stars are actually made up of triangles, and in geometry a triangle is the most solid shape for all types of construction. Engineers know the importance of triangle shapes in creating a solid construction.

“One of the things they believed anciently was that the top three points of the star that formed the body also formed a triangle or a ‘trigon’ as it was referred to. The three points represented the mental, the physical, and the emotional sides of our lives.

“So what we’ve done at the Brain Garden is bring together things from nature’s table that enhance our health in these three ways — mental, physical, and emotional.

“One metaphor taught that the body is like a garden, that we are the gardener and have to prepare the soil. We are the only ones that can prepare the soil of our internal kingdom — our garden within. If our goal is to reap an incredible harvest of health, happiness, and long life; we need to do three things.”

Dynamic Flux Prepares the Soil

“First we have to prepare the soil. That’s the physical part of the trigon. This is represented by a remarkable product named Dynamic Flux. Dynamic Flux will assist you to prepare the soil to receive the planting, to receive the offerings from nature’s table. Plants that are grown in soil that is poisoned by toxins and depleted of its natural beneficial bacteria do not have the healthy nutrition they should. If your body doesn’t have the internal ecosystem of healthy bacteria, you will simply not be healthy. Dynamic Flux replenishes the natural, bacterial soil of your body.”

The Offering Is Pulse

“Once you’ve prepared the living soil of your garden, you next plant the right seeds by consuming only whole foods. Pulse is one of the most profound meals that you can offer to your body. In the past they believed that one of the most sacred things that you could do was to plant into your internal garden a large variety of whole foods in sacred ratios such as those found in Pulse.

“Pulse, it appears, assists in the building of the intelligence and the properties of cognitive power — the workings of the brain. We repeatedly hear that when people eat Pulse, they feel more aware, they start to see and understand things they never saw before.

Essential Oils — Liquid Sunshine

“The other side of the trigon, after preparing the soil with Dynamic Flux and planting with Pulse, is the emotional side. That’s why we have essential oils. For millennia in many cultures, essential oils have been linked to the emotional state of our house or our health. Essential oils were referred to as the ‘waters of the sun and the waters of the moon.’ They believed that essential oils were a concentration or conversion of light into liquid form. They were sort of ‘liquid sunshine.’

“It’s also interesting that the word ‘nutrition’ comes of the prefix ‘nut,’ or in the Latin ‘nux.’ Nux shares a root similar to lux or light. Nutrition is light . . . energy from light; all nutrition comes from the light of the sun.

“Today’s science recognizes that every fruit, vegetable, nut, seed, grain, and tuber is really just nature’s construction of light. All those little seeds have the power to create a plant from the forces and dynamics of nature and sunlight. And a plant . . . distilled, extracted, and condensed . . . is an essential oil. A drop of essential oil is literally light processed through many pounds of leaves. It is the waters of life.

“So when, as my good friend Dr. Daniel Pénoël suggests, you are experiencing essential oils as delicious flavorings in your food and water, massaging them on your body, and bringing them into your lungs through diffusion, you are setting up one part of a trigon.

“There is a beautiful thing about what the ancients called ‘the waters of the sun and the waters of the moon.’ We know that the sun burns on hydrogen. The word hydrogen literally means water maker. I’ve explained how essential oils can be seen as the waters of the sun. The ancients felt that the moon affects all of the water on the earth like the tides… and on some level even the waters of our body.

“The ancients knew that there were times and seasons according to the moon and the sun, to harvest the plants in order to get the highest quality of liquid sunlight that we call essential oils. That’s the beauty of having Dr. Daniel Pénoël on our team who has signed an exclusive contract with the Brain Garden. Dr. Pénoël understands those times, those seasons, and the exceptional quality that appears to make all the difference in the oils he uses in his medical practice. So at the Brain Garden we have the highest quality and concentration of the ‘waters of the sun and the waters of the moon.’ That’s one side of the trigon that we’re bringing you.

“So each day you’re preparing your earth, planting the seeds of Pulse and other whole-food nutrition into your body, and you’re supporting that with the essential oils (liquid sunshine.) This allows you to uptake the beauties and the wonders nature has made available to us in no other way. These are wonderful offerings to our body/temple that puts us in touch with life.”

“All three categories are integrated!”

“The beautiful thing to me about Pulse, Dynamic Flux, and essential oils, is that even though each is designed to do a specific thing within the body, there is a serendipitous effect as well. Pulse is not just for the mental side of your life, it affects you physically and emotionally as well. While a principle focus of essential oils is their emotional healing, they affect you profoundly on a physical and mental level as well. Dr. Pénoël insists that they are beneficial in all three areas at once — your mind, body, and emotions. When you bring into your temple the wonderful ecology of a profound probiotic food like Dynamic Flux, you’re also affecting the emotions, and you’re affecting the mind. In other words, all three products are integrated. Nothing is broken, separate, or fragmented. It’s whole living — the trigon of life.

“So, on a daily basis, as you consistently do these simple activities — preparing the soil, planting the seeds of nutrition, and nurturing your garden with liquid sunshine (essential oils) — you are inviting the intelligence of nature into your temple.”

Wonders of Salt
Don Tolman

“When I began planning and planting the Brain Garden, one of the most thrilling things I came across was the research on the apothecary of Cleopatra. I was invited to go through some of the Greek texts with other translators who were much better at it than I was. I was fascinated to read about the wonders that the Egyptians and Greeks felt surrounded salt.

“Salt is fascinating . . . both in the human body as well as in the waters of the world. Seventy percent of the world is water, and 90% is salt water. Our bodies are 70% water, and 90% of our waters are salty. Salt is one of the top 4 most critical nutrients.

“Cleopatra’s apothecary revealed that they used salt in many different ways. They made a tooth powder out of their salt, and that’s where we first started putting together our Brain Garden recipe for tooth powder.

“Salt is antibacterial. They put salt in the wounds of soldiers to avoid diseases. All kinds of skin problems can be overcome by using salt. Until about the 1950’s, modern medicine used salt for things like that, and then they shifted away from it.

“Another product in the apothecary was called the Hygiean Spa. The recipe goes back several thousand years. In this product we have the wisdom of ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians. They used salt in bath water to increase the ability of the body to hydrate itself.

“In sports medicine they have learned that one of the best ways to deliver medications is when a person is soaking in a saline solution. So if football players get smashed up, they run them off the field, put ‘em in a tank of salt water, and if they feel like they need a medication, they put it right into the water, because the body will uptake it quickly.

“A lot of medicines are now topically applied, because rather than taking the time to go through the digestive system and sometimes causing side effects, you get it immediately into the bloodstream. So when you’re sitting in the salt water of the Hygiean Spa, your skin is opening up its pores, and in 20 minutes, research has shown that your body will exchange one quart of used up lymph and body fluids out into the bathtub. And it will uptake one quart of the liquid from the bath.

“Here’s another fascinating fact . . . the body will not reabsorb its own waste products. The body will not reabsorb its own perspiration.

“I use a couple of scoops of the Hygiean Spa in my bath. I love to feel the floating leaves and the essential oils and everything all around me. And I just rinse off afterwards. But we also include a little cloth bag to hang under the faucet and keep the herbs from floating around in the bath. I personally don’t use it, but you have your choice.

“So when you take a Hygiean Spa bath, you are literally detoxifying your body and helping to activate your sodium potassium pump. You feel relief. You feel aches and pains going away. I hear from a lot of people who feel like they can drink water and drink water and drink water and all they do is stay thirsty. But once they start taking Hygiean Spas, their body’s able to hydrate better with the water that they drink.

“Again it goes back to having enough sodium in your system, that’s what assists the hydroelectric pump of the body. I love Hygiean Spa. A lot of people feel that Hygiean Spa is almost addictive. Once they experience it they don’t want to be without it. What a beautiful, healthy addiction.

“The name ‘Brain Garden’ gives you a clue to what we’re about. The Brain is there to give you clear information that no one can argue with. The Garden is symbolic of the mystery, the wonder, and the magic of living nutrition. Real nutrition — not distorted nutrition put into pleasureless pills and capsules sold with hype and claims so people will need ‘one-a-day.’ Not foodless chemicals with neon colors that say ‘fruit’ only to get people to buy them, but with no real fruit in them. People don’t realize what’s happening to them chemically. Our message is not based on spins, hype, or health claims; but on simple truth. That is what is thrilling to me. You are here, because somehow you are on the same frequency on all this as I am. I am thrilled that you are trying to experience this in your life.

“The Brain Garden was created to bring back that sense of imagination and wonder and give us the experience with whole food again . . . and water, clean air, sunshine, and a purpose in life that we have been hungering for. You are in the right place at the right time.” I love the message from Ron Williams, president of the Brain Garden:

“Welcome to the Brain Garden.
Welcome Home.”

The Benefits of Coconut!

And now for some more good food news! Coconuts are really good for us! We have been brainwashed for so many years to avoid saturated fats, and this is another example of how we are manipulated by the special interest groups into consuming just what they want us to! These physiologically functional components are found in the fat part of whole coconut, in the fat part of desiccated coconut and in the extracted coconut oil.

Lauric acid, the major fatty acid from the fat of the coconut, has been recognized for its antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal functions. Now, capric acid, another of coconut’s fatty acids, has been added to the list of coconut’s antimicrobial components.

Also, recently published research has shown that natural coconut fat in the diet leads to a normalization of body lipids, protects against alcohol damage to the liver and improves the immune system’s anti-inflammatory response.

Approximately 50% of the fatty acid in coconut fat is lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid which has the additional beneficial function of being formed into monolaurin in the human or animal body. Monolaurin is the antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal monoglyceride used by the human (and animal) to destroy lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza, various pathogenic bacteria including Listeria monocytogenes and Helicobacter pylori, and protozoa such as Giardia lamblia. Some studies have also shown some antimicrobial effects of the free lauric acid. (Reuters, London, June 29, 1999).

Excerpted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 9, Number 2 (February-March 2002) by Mary G. Enig, PhD, FACN. Check out their web page for many fascinating articles:

Starting With the Basics:
Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of the essential oils that many of us start with because, similar to Lavender, Peppermint is one of the most versatile oils. It is inexpensive and readily available.

Pain from a Traumatic Blow — because of the menthol in peppermint, it has a cooling effect on the skin, similar to a cold compress, which relieves pain. Peppermint breaks the vicious cycle of inflammation, which leads to more pain. You may also need to add additional oils such as Helichrysum (additional pain control), Lavender (skin soothing & emotional support) or Lemon (lymphatic movement) for physical healing. Also check for any emotional oils such as Fir or Geranium in cases of injury.

Peppermint essential oil has a strong purifying and clearing effect on the whole digestive system — from stomach to bowel and other areas in between such as the liver and pancreas. It helps to limit the formation and accumulation of mucus.

Peppermint essential oil clears congestion in the respiratory system. Try a drop in a teaspoon of honey. Peppermint can bring great relief in many cases to headaches, can help with nausea from motion sickness and it can can stop hiccoughs. Peppermint is wonderful in the diffuser and has even stopped flies and insects from coming around. Because Peppermint is a stimulating oil, Dr. Pénoël advises us not to use it close to bedtime.

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