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MSM Powder

A 100% Natural Organic Sulfur Supplement


Best Buy! - Kornax Brand 2 lb. MSM Crystals $19.95 !!

MSM Powder - Methylsulfonylmethane - from Rich Distributing Co.

Kornax or Rich's* MSM Powder:
Approximately 4 g/tsp. (4,000 mg) = 12 g/tbl. (12,000 mg).

At Kornax, we pride ourselves in selling only 100% pure MSM.  Much of the MSM on the market is produced through a method known as precipitation, which results in an inferior quality MSM.  The MSM that we sell is produced through distillation, which produces a purer, higher quality of MethylSulfonylMethane.  Many common brands also contain binders and fillers, as indicated by the fact that they will float when put in a liquid.  100% pure MSM, like Kornax (Lignisul™ MSM) or Rich's* MSM (OptiMSM™), will sink when put in juice or water.  You will know the difference when you try it.

Kornax MSM Crystals 2 lb.

100% Pure MSM

Price: $19.95!!!

Rich's MSM Max Flakes 2 lb.

Reg. price: $48.00

Kornax price: $38.50

Rich's MSM Powder 50 g

Reg. price: $6.50

Kornax price: $5.25

Rich's MSM Powder 100 g

Reg. price: $11.00

Kornax price: $9.63

Rich's MSM Powder 200 g

Reg. price: $17.50

Kornax price: $15.31

Rich's MSM Powder 1 lb.

Reg. price: $28.00

Kornax price: $22.75

Rich's MSM Powder 2 lb.

Reg. price: $48.00

Kornax price: $38.50

MSM Powder - (MethylSulfonylMethane)

MethylSulfonylMethane is not a medicine, a drug, or a food additive.  It is a FOOD - a pure white sulfur powder.  It comes from the ocean and is water soluble.  Sulfonyl sulfur is found in plants, meats, dairy products, and vegetation.  MSM is the 3rd largest ingredient found in your body.

The body continually uses MSM to create new healthy cells to replace old ones.  If our body doesn't receive the proper nutrition and the building materials it needs, it will produce bad, dysfunctional cells, deficient of the basic ingredients that constitute a healthy cell.  If we give the body what it needs to heal itself, it will repair itself.  If we want good flexible cells, capable of maintaining good health, it helps to supplement our diet with MSM Powder to enable the body to heal itself.

When taking MSM Powder, it is suggested that Vitamin C be taken also.  The MethylSulfonyMethane needs the Vitamin C to help it build healthy cells.

MethylSulfonylMethane works synergistically with Vitamin C.  It is recommended that you take at
least ½ (one half) as much Vitamin C as MSM.  For example, if you are taking 2000 mg of MSM
Powder you should take a minimum of 1000 mg of Vitamin C.**  (See MSM Dosage Charts.)

* Kornax Enterprises, L.L.C. and Rich Distributing are entirely separate and independent companies. Kornax Enterprises is a discount retail business, selling the Rich Distributing products. Rich Distributing is in no way responsible or obligated to verify the statements made on this site.

*The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated this statement. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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