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Ormus Minerals

“Having personally tested and evaluated the Ambrosia product range, I can confirm that their quality is second to none.”

Liquid Chi 8 oz. Ambrosia Technology

Step one in Ambrosia’s five step ormus program, followed by Vulcan’s Treasure, Hermes’ Elixir, Titan’s Tonic and Manna Tonic.

Liquid Chi:

Monatomic Gold 337 PPM

Monatomic Iridium 588 PPM

Monatomic Rhodium and Lesser amounts of other M State Elements 1,677 PPM

Kornax Wholesale: $39.95!
Regular Price: $45.00

Phoenix Fire 8 oz. Ambrosia Technology
For spiritual purification and detoxification of the light body, renewal of the etheric DNA and spiritual reconfirmation of the genetic blueprint.

For spiritual purposes Only!

Rubidium 10,000 PPM (50 g/tsp),
Indium 4,000 PPM (20 mg/tsp)

Monatomic Gold 560 PPM
Monatomic Iridium 965 PPM, Monatomic

Rhodium and Lesser amounts of other M State Elements 2,581 PPM.

Kornax Price $74.95
Regular Price: $85.00

Jurassic Chi 8 oz.
Ambrosia Technology
Discontinued!For general Ormus maintenance, a product with even more magnesium content than
Liquid Chiā„¢.Kornax Price $59.95
Regular Price: $65.00

Merlin’s Chalice 8 oz. Ambrosia Technology
Immune enhancer Ormus Concentrate, Aloe Polysaccharides and Larch Arabinogalactan.

Monatomic Gold 598 PPM, Monatomic Iridium 588 PPM, Monatomic Rhodium and lesser amounts of other M State Elements 2,852 PPM
Aloe Vera Polysaccharides 10,000 PPM,
Larch Tree Arabinogalactin 40,000 PPM.

Kornax Price $63.95
Regular Price: $70.00

Complete Ormus Product List

Ormus Concentrate Products

Chinese tradition holds that sickness, pain, and other health problems are caused when Chi energy is blocked. That when Chi flows freely, Chi energy heals and restores the body. ORMUS concentrate products help to remove energy blockages and create vital energy balance.

What is it?

Orme or Ormus has only recently been recognized as a fourth state of matter over and above solid, liquid and gas.

What will it do?

Think of each of the cells of your body as a tired drained battery that can be recharged and rejuvenated by the elemental life force released by Ormus Concentrate Products.

Healing and Rejuvenation

Many have made claims for healing and rejuvenation but we believe that those abilities are inherent in the strong healthy body and positive attitude which the naturally balanced minerals in Ormus Concentrate Products can help to achieve.

Mental Enhancement

Others attest to enhanced mental clarity, calmness, increased intuitive powers, insightfulness and a sense of connection to a higher state of awareness.

No Matter What You Call It:

White Powder Gold, White Gold Powder, ORME, Ormus, M-State, Alchemy Gold, sorcerers stone, the monatomic elements of David Hudson or the Elixir of Life – the Ormus Concentrate Products by Ambrosia Technology are simply the most naturally balanced and pristine source available.

“Since 1994, when the discovery of monatomic Transition Group elements (previously unknown to scientists) became public knowledge, I have followed the research in this field with a close interest. The words Monatomic Gold and Nano-Gold (along with mono and nano Platinum Group) are now common international occurrences in medical journals, with researchers amazed at their inherent properties in such as tumor control and immune system research. There are, however, only a handful of companies making these exotic elements available in the public domain. Among these is Ambrosia Technology. Having personally tested and evaluated the Ambrosia product range, I can confirm that their quality is second to none in the proprietary arena, and I am confident in endorsing them.”

– Laurence Gardner, Kt., FSA, MIoN


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