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Right Use of Will

Right Use of WillHealing and Evolving the Emotional Body
Received through Ceanne DeRohan

Price: $10.00
(Book one in a series of 8 books)


If this book is for you, you will know it from these few introductory pages. Realize it is meant to trigger you and is not meant to be just a mental exercise. If this book is for you, it will bring forth emotional release. You need to allow this response without harming yourself or others.

The unconditional love of the Spirit for everything that exists has been understood on Earth for quite some time. This, in fact, has been called Divine Love. Now there is a need for another understanding on Earth: that of Divine Will.

Most people on Earth have made a separation between the Spirit and the Will. They have felt their own Will was not acceptable; that to love the way God loves, they must eliminate their own feelings and opinions and do what they have imagined is the Will of God! An understanding is needed here: the Will of God is not in opposition to the Will of the individual.

Because of the separation that has been made in the consciousness of so many, the Will has been excluded for a long time from participating in the evolvement of the Spirit. A definite lag exists on Earth between the evolvement of the Spirit and the evolvement of the individual Will. It is now time for each Spirit to recognize, accept and evolve this other part of itself. Each Spirit is part of the Divine Will. Each person must take responsibility for his complete being, and not for only a part of it.

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