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Instructions for Vibrational Remedy Program

How to request a Vibrational Remedy Program by Dr. Marcy Foley!


  1. Fill out Case History Form.

  2. Enclose Polaroid photo if you have one. If not, enclose a regular photo of yourself.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The photo must not contain plants, animals or other people in the picture. You cannot cut a photo, if there was another vibration in the photo originally. Doing this still means that I will be testing all vibrations in the original image, even if you cut away parts of the photo.

  3. Sign Patient Responsibility Form.

  4. Mail Case History Form, Patient Responsibility Form, photo and check for $40 (made payable to Kornax Enterprises) to: Dr. Marcy Foley, P.O. Box 783, Lyons, CO 80540.

  5. Any questions ? - 1-800-309-2057 / Fax (303) 823-6780, or send e-mail to drmarcy@kornax.com


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