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WaterOz Ionic Minerals

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All Liquid Minerals – Complete Product List

WaterOz – Complete Product List

Why WaterOz ?

WaterOz Ionic Minerals are the purest on the market (up to 99.9999% pure), in the purest water (a five step purification process assures absolutely pure water). Nothing more, nothing less. Through a complex proprietary process, liquefies minerals to a state where (if dehydrated) they will grow crystals. Each mineral presents unique problems that must be overcome in a different manner than each other mineral. The Water Oz process duplicates nature’s method of turning minerals from the earth into ionic minerals useable by humans. When a plant processes minerals from the earth, they end up as ionic minerals, the form necessary in order to be useable and absorbable by the body.

The Ionic Minerals in our bodies are the same of which the earth is made. They are essential for life and health. Specific ionic minerals facilitate specific functions in the organs and tissues where they are dominantly stored. Each ionic mineral is a conductor or transmitter operating on a specific vibratory frequency. Rarely does any element function alone. Each element achieves its power through bio-chemical combination and relationship with other elements; in other words, Liquid Minerals work synergistically with other nutrients from a wholesome natural diet.

Using Ionic Minerals

The importance of Ionic Minerals is widely recognized in the scientific community and among nutritionally oriented physicians. It is important to remember that nutritional supplementation should be considered part of a long-term health program, not a quick fix. After taking Liquid Minerals, some people may feel a difference within 48 hours; for others, there is a more subtle change that takes longer to recognize. Ultimately, most people feel increased energy, an improved sense of well-being, and get sick less often.

We need to return to a more natural way of life, eating plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, and herbs; when available, choosing organically raised beef, chicken, and fresh fish; and get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, exercise and adequate rest.

WaterOz Beginnings

David Hinkson founded WaterOz in 1990. He was motivated to learn about health and proper nutrition after traditional approaches failed to deal with numerous personal health problems. By utilization of a highly technical process, WaterOz turns pure minerals into ionic minerals, a water-soluble form with an extremely high absorption rate. The product contains no fillers, binders, preservatives, or chemicals.

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