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Water of Life WaterOz Liquid Minerals

84 Liquid Minerals in Water
+ Body Basics, Angstrom Minerals

Water of Life Supplement

Water of Life 16 oz (0.47 L), WaterOz
4000 ppm = 20 mg/tsp = 60 mg/tbl**
Regular price: $19.00
Kornax price: $14.67
Water of Life 32 oz (0.95 L), WaterOz
4000 ppm = 20 mg/tsp = 60 mg/tbl**
Regular price: $30.00
Kornax price: $22.00
Water of Life 1 Gal (3.79 L), WaterOz
4000 ppm = 20 mg/tsp = 60 mg/tbl**
Regular price: $60.00
Kornax price: $45.83
Water of Life 4X Extra Strength 32 oz, WaterOz.
16,000 ppm = 80 mg/tsp. = 240 mg/tbl.**
Regular price: $58.00
Kornax price: $42.17
Morning Basics 32 oz (0.95 L), Angstrom
4600 ppm = 23 mg/tsp = 69 mg/tbl (proprietary blend of Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, & Vitamin C)**
Regular price: $21.00
Kornax price: $18.05
Evening Basics 32 oz (0.95 L), Angstrom
2100 ppm = 11 mg/tsp = 32 mg/tbl (proprietary blend of Calcium, Sodium, Boron, Copper, Chromium, & Vitamin C)**
Regular price: $21.00
Kornax price: $18.05
Body Basics 2 x 32 oz (1.9 L), Angstrom (1 Morning Basics + 1 Evening Basics)
For PPM and mg, see Morning & Evening Basics
Regular price: $42.00
Kornax price: $36.95
Multi-Trace Minerals 32 oz, Neutraceutica
135+ mg/tsp = 406+ mg/tbl**
Regular price: $19.95
Kornax price: $18.95

** “Most minerals [from food] are 8-12% absorbable, Chelated Minerals are 40% absorbable, and liquid… Minerals are 98% absorbable, being 7000 times smaller than Red blood cells, with negative-charge for absorption.” (Joseph B. Marion; Anti-aging Manual)

Water Oz Liquid Minerals:

RDA Information

Water of Life begins as a fossilized kelp seaweed product from Nevada. Centuries ago, part of Nevada was covered by a sea where a great underwater kelp forest flourished. The rich sea minerals were extracted by the kelp and concentrated within. Today, these long-dry seabeds offer us a unique and potent blend of natural minerals and calcium salts called “Calzyme.” This natural blend causes the same kind of healthful catalytic effects usually associated with enzymes.*

Water Oz then adds its own blend of “missing elements” to create a finished product that aids and promotes the body’s natural functions. Liquid minerals help promote healthy blood, the strengthening of cell walls, and the proper contraction and relaxation of muscles such as the heart.*

The numerous elements that compose our bodies are constantly being used up and must be replenished.* Unlike the other Water Oz mineral products targeted to specific health needs, Water of Life contains approximately 84 liquid minerals, making it the perfect nutritional supplement for overall body maintenance.

The Water Oz Liquid Minerals are the purest available on the market, up to 99.99% pure, in the purest water… nothing more nothing less. Through a complex proprietary process, the minerals are liquefied to a state where (if dehydrated) they will grow crystals. The Water Oz process duplicates nature’s method of turning minerals from the earth into ionic minerals useable by humans. When a plant processes minerals from the earth, the minerals end up as ionic minerals, the form necessary in order to be useable and absorbable by the body.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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