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Top 5 Herbal Supplements You Can Buy Online

If you are interested in improving health by using natural remedies, then we offer you a smart and time-tested way to do this – herbs. Do you want to strengthen the work of the heart, treat arthritis, or improve potency? Kornax selected the 5 best-selling herbal supplements you can buy online at Canadian Pharmacy Mall online. […]

Liquid Vanadium Supplement

Ionic Vanadium Water Vanadium 16 oz (0.47 l), Angstrom100 ppm = 0.50 mg/tsp = 1.5 mg/tbl**Regular price: $12.00 Kornax price: $9.50 Vanadium 16 oz (0.47 l), WaterOz100 ppm = 0.50 mg/tsp = 1.5 mg/tbl**Regular price: $19.00 Kornax price: $14.67 – Temp Out of Stock Vanadium 32 oz (0.95 l), Angstrom100 ppm = 0.50 mg/tsp = […]

Embraced by the Essence – Vol. 7, No. 2

The Next Dimension Vol. 7, No. 2 A Newsletter by Dr. Marcy Foley Spring 2002 Foundation of Whole Foods vs. Supplementation Peppermint Essential Oil & The Benefits of Coconut & Salt As Spring rolls into Summer, we are burning up here in Colorado! In Boulder there is still vibrant life and color, even though we […]

MSM Facts

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – (MSM) MSM Facts Healthy Bones, Skin, Membranes and Muscles MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is necessary for collagen synthesis: skin, hair and nails (bones, muscles and organs). It softens the tissue, relieves stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation, Candida, detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, permits muscles to […]

Monatomic Elements

Liquid Monatomic Ions and Ormus Minerals             Ambrosia Ormus Minerals (aka Liquid Chi) Seven naturally extracted ormus mineral products with up to 6000+ ppm of monatomic elements. Angstrom Minerals Liquid Monatomic Ionic Minerals Over 40 monatomic element products, including gold, silver, calcium, magnesium, and all other major minerals. WaterOz Minerals Liquid Monatomic Ionic Minerals […]

Liquid Zinc Supplement

Ionic Zinc From 100 ppm to 4000ppm Zinc 16 oz (0.47 L), Angstrom500 ppm = 2.5 mg/tsp = 7.5 mg/tbl**Regular price: $12.00 Kornax price: $9.50 Zinc 32 oz (0.95 L), Angstrom500 ppm = 2.5 mg/tsp = 7.5 mg/tbl**Regular price: $20.00 Kornax price: $16.15 Super Zinc 32 oz (0.95 L), Angstrom4000 ppm = 20 mg/tsp = […]

Metaphysical Books

Akanthos – A Book of Channeled Insights Dr. Marcy Foley Davidsson Free Excerpt A delightful look at a unique spiritual philosophy of life and how to implement true love into all of our relationships. Learning to work with our own masculine and feminine energies brings a new added dimension of understanding, which is essential for […]

MSM Water Drops (Ear, Nose & Eye Drops)

Safe for all topological use MSM Water Drops 1 oz. (30 ml) Rich DistributingIngredients: 5% MSM (maximum amount possible without causing irritation to mucous membranes), and ionic zinc (natural antibiotic, which is also a nutrient for the skin, eyes, ears and nose). Reg. price: $3.75 Kornax price: $3.06 Zinc & MSM Spray 4 oz (118 […]

MSM Eye Drops

Ear, Nose & Eye Drops Safe for all topological use MSM Water Drops with Zinc are in great demand and widely used for all topical applications. MSM Eye Drops with Ionic Zinc Water helps to heal and reduce infection in outer layer tissues.* MSM Water Drops provide the cellular nutrition necessary to make the outer […]

Rich’s MSM Capsules

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – MSM A 100% Natural Organic Sulfur Supplement Rich’s MSM: Rich Distributing is the original producer of MethylSulfonylMethane for human consumption, and Rich’s MSM Supplements – with 100% pure, natural, organic MSM – are still unequaled in quality and purity. Most MSM on the market comes from China, and is produced through […]