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Vibrational Remedy Program

Energy Balancing through the Use of Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs and Homeopathic Remedies This program addresses the very core of the vibrations in your body systems (your physical body and your subtle bodies) that are not in balance. A Vibrational Remedy Program assists you in your healing by approaching the cause of disease in five […]

Embraced by the Essence

The Next Dimension Vol. 7, No. 1 A Newsletter by Dr. Marcy Foley Winter 2001-2002 In this newsletter, I mention some research on MSM provided by Medical doctors and other researchers in regards to specific named diseases. As a Naturopathic Physician, I don’t work with disease. If you have a sulfur deficiency, I am simply […]

Rich’s Vitamin C

100% Natural Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid & Ascorbate Supplements in Powder or Capsules Vitamin C Ascorbate Strong Inexpensive Ascorbat – Vitamin C Ascorbate replaces vital minerals that are used up in your body each day. Ascorbate is a natural Vitamin C from vegetables. Ascorbate does not require buffers because it is naturally buffered, in its […]

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Kornax Brand – Gymnema Sylvestre 400 mg, 90 capsules Standardized 25% Gymnemic Acid Click Here To Order $10.95 Gymnema sylvestre is an Indian herb, also known as Gurmar and Meshashringi. Research indicates this amazing herb has positive benefits on blood sugar control 1, helps with sugar cravings 2 and to regenerate the pancreas. In one […]


Quality brand supplements for maintaining healthy joints and cartilage About Glucosamine Glucosamine is a charged sugar molecule that is a key component of the extra cellular matrix of cartilage (grout between the cartilage cells). It is a natural substance found abundantly in the human body largely in cartilage, and plays an important role in health […]

Embraced by the Essence Your Journey Into Wellness!

Out of Print To get in on reprint list contact Dr . Marcy Foley ____________ Embraced by the Essence Your Journey Into Wellness! Using Pure Quality Essential Oils Dr. Marcy Foley Holistic Wellness Foundation I Embraced by the Essence Your Journey Into Wellness! Using Pure Quality Essential Oils

Liquid Cobalt Supplement

Ionic Cobalt Water Cobalt 16 oz (0.47 l), WaterOz 30 ppm = 0.15 mg/tsp = 0.45 mg/tbl** Regular price: $19.00 Kornax price: $14.67 Cobalt 32 oz. (0.95 l), WaterOz 30 ppm = 0.15 mg/tsp = 0.45 mg/tbl** Regular price: $30.00 Kornax price: $22.00 Cobalt 1 Gal (3.79 l), WaterOz 30 ppm = 0.15 mg/tsp = […]

Liquid Calcium Magnesium Supplement

Ionic Calcium Magnesium Water Calcium Magnesium 32 oz (0.95 L), AngstromCalcium 1500 ppm = 7.5 mg/tsp = 22 mg/tbll** Magnesium 3000 ppm = 15 mg/tsp = 45 mg/tbl**Regular price: $20.00 Kornax price: $16.15 Water of Life 16 oz (0.47 L), WaterOz Calcium 1500 ppm = 7.5 mg/tsp = 22 mg/tbl** Magnesium 1500 ppm = 7.5 […]

Rich’s DMSO – 99.99% Pure DiMethyl SulfOxid $9.63 for 8oz

DMSO – Buy Now for Sale Price of $9.63 Pharmaceutical grade DMSO. The best grade DMSO, sold at the lowest price that you will find. Minimum 99.7% pure – DMSO Concentrate 8 oz. Unless you have used DMSO in the past and is familiar with it, please refer to other sources of information about the […]

Welcome to The Brain Garden & the Food First Program!

Pulse Whole Food from The Brain Garden is our choice of nutritious food to form a basis for physical health. It is affordable and convenient. At Kornax Enterprises, we continually look for the best producers of natural health products, and pride ourselves in selecting only the best for our customers. While we stand by our […]