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Illuminating Physical Experience.

Body and Soul Book on Healing

Body and Soul Health book based on reality of Reincarnation.
Free Reading.
Emotional Responsibility, Mind and Body, Alternative Medicine,
Holistic Healing, Self Actualization, Spiritual Psychology.
Illuminating Physical Experience

Illuminating PHYSICAL Experience

Dr. Marcy Foley Davidsson

William L. Shaffer

Kent Davidsson

Edited by Kent Davidsson & Donald Johnson

Copyright June 2000

by Holistic Wellness Foundation II

ISBN: 0-9631452-4-X

1. Holistic medicine. 2. Mental healing. 3. Mind and body. 4. Health–Religious aspects. 5. Self-actualization (Psychology) 6. Alternative medicine.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
What it Means to Heal

Why We Have Disease, Pain & Suffering 1

Chapter 2
Impediments to Healing

Necessity of Third Dimensional Existence 9
Vows: We’ll Have “NUN” of That! 12
Karma & Other Feelings of Obligation 29
Curses & Hexes 30
Psychic Cording 35
Those Who Live Alone 40
Abortions & Miscarriages 41
Artificial Insemination & Test Tube Pregnancies 48
Disembodied Entities 50
Soul Fragments 52

Chapter 3
Emotional Ownership

Emotional Ownership 55
Emotions & Emotional Ownership 58
Feelings vs. Emotions 62

Chapter 4
Body Symbology & Taking Personal Responsibility

Body Symptoms 65
“Soul Tourists” 67
Body Symbology 67
How the Body Communicates with Us 68
The Astrological Body Symbols 72
Examples of Symbolic Body Communications 74
Nervous System 76
Addictions 82
Head 87
Neck 94
Disorders of Metabolism & Energy Usage 96
Upper Extremities 97
Chest 98
Blood & Circulatory System 101
Immune System & Infectious Disease 107
Lymphatic System 112
Spine, Skeleton & Joints 113
Abdomen 116
Intestines 124
Reproductive Systems 130
Lower Extremities 132
Degenerative Conditions 134
Physical Symptoms to Watch for upon Making Spiritual Changes 140

Chapter 5
The Creation of Our Lives

The Creation of Our Lives 147
Why Our Children Kill 148
Masculine & Feminine Energies 160
Lemuria & Atlantis 162
The Battle of the Sexes 164
Homosexuality 168
Transvestites & Transsexuals 170
The Karma of Religion 173
WICA 177
Buddhism 179
Hinduism 180
Judaism 182
Christianity 184
Islam 186
Scientology 187
Science of Mind, Unity, Eckankar, Church of Religious Science 188
Atheism & Agnosticism 188
The Karma of Race & Nationality 190
The Red Race 191
The Brown Race 193
The Black Race 194
The Yellow Race 201
The White Race 203
Racial & Religious Mirroring 204
Unresolved Atlantean Karma 206
Canada & New Zealand 207
Latin American & Mediterranean Countries 208

Appendix I

Physical Body Chakras 209
Base Chakra 209
Creative Chakra 211
Solar Plexus 212
Heart Chakra 214
Throat Chakra 217
Brow Chakra 219
Crown Chakra 220
Earth’s Chakra Points 222

Appendix II
Therapies for Self-Healing

Giving Ourselves Permission to Heal 227
Reclaiming Our True Power 227
Healing Modalities 229

Chapter 1

What It Means to Heal

Why We Have Disease, Pain & Suffering

This is not a typical book about healing. It is a book about awakening your consciousness by recognizing and owning aspects of yourself that you have long forgotten. It is a book about remembering and understanding . . . understanding leading to wisdom . . . and applied wisdom leading to enlightenment. Most importantly, this book is about taking responsibility for all that you create by engaging in emotional ownership.

We cannot heal what we don’t see, so our Creator has given us each other and a three-dimensional planet. We see ourselves in each other as perfect mirrors. Everything on the third dimensional plane is here to mirror our patterns and our consciousness.

For example, our consciousness is symbolized through our bodies and material possessions. We need these things to function in third-dimensional existence. However, these items also give us clues about our state of consciousness. Since Earth is a planet where most of us reject our ability to communicate telepathically, we communicate through spoken or written communication and through our bodies. Many incarnate souls on this planet aren’t even aware that there is more to us than our physical bodies.

In such a world, how is God to show us things about ourselves to help us along our path and teach us? One way to get our attention is through changes in the physical body. In the beginning we may ignore a small ache or pain, some small muscle twitch, or a loss of body function. However, the Universe in It’s infinite love and compassion will keep intensifying this signal until we finally pay attention. If we still don’t, the aches and pains will get even more severe until we do pay attention.

It is interesting to note people’s reactions to this amplification technique. Some get angry at God for turning up the signal so we can “hear” it. Others feel they are being punished by God. It is all a matter of one’s picture of reality, which includes how souls perceive their Creator, the Universe, the Cosmos, or whatever you choose to call this Force that permeates all existence. Some call this All That Is, the Life Force, or just Life. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is your relationship to this energy.

How you view the Creative Energies is a wonderful place to start with your journey into yourself. Some people see God as a fatherly figure wearing a white robe, sitting on a cloud while the angels play their harps and flutes. Some see God as an external force that makes it all happen here on Earth. Some see everything as a manifestation of the Universal Creative Force. Some people believe that we get sick when we “offend” God, and all we have to do is submit to God again and voil� � healing is instantaneous! Some people think they just have to find the “right” medicines or healer and then all will be well again.

Some feel that disease, pain and suffering are punishments from God. Some Christians believe that because they have the Holy Spirit, they should be exempt from experiences of discomfort, pain or disease. Other people feel that doing enough “good” deeds will save them from their perceived punishments of God.

Some people say faith is the only solution. All we have to do is say our prayers and trust that God will heal us. When they see someone who is very ill, they may point fingers and judge that person, saying “you lack faith.”

Listen! There is no separation between you and God. You are God and God is you. The Creator cannot be separate from the Creation. God would not punish you because God would not punish Itself. Love is not something that we “earn” once we are good enough, have said enough prayers, affirmations, or done enough good deeds. Love isn’t something that can be given to or taken away from you. Love isn’t something you can not be, because you are love. Love is who you are.

However, sometimes we can feel there’s an absence of love in us. We can feel unlovable. We can feel incapable. We can feel unappreciated. We can feel like we are stupid. Even though we experience these feelings or perceptions (albeit misperceptions), they are not the Truth. When we experience these issues, illness often happens in our bodies in some form or another. This is one way the Creator can help us in seeing our misperceptions. All of us have issues, patterns and ways of denying True Reality. Most of these involve judging, criticizing and rejecting ourselves until we feel unlovable, incapable or unacceptable.

Our emotional bodies are true gifts from God because they give us “feelers” or “probes” with which to experience life. Many of us still see our emotions as the enemy � something to be eradicated, squelched, gotten rid of, repressed or denied. However, it is through our emotional bodies that we can give a passionate response to our day-to-day experiences. Unfortunately, many people do not value feeling and owning their emotions. Many people are so congested, confused and “tired of it all” that they blame others for how they themselves feel.

Projection can sometimes be a very useful tool. We all do it. We project something which is inside of us onto someone else so that we can see it, own it and heal it. Energy of any kind cannot be “gotten rid of.” Energy can be transformed, changed, and directed differently. However, energy cannot be ignored or discarded. Energy that is present is there for a reason. Look and see what is in your body, what is in your environment, and who are the people with whom you have relationships.

In order to be healed, one needs to discern energies. Why are certain energies present? Why are we drawn to particular healers, remedies and pathways? All of these have something to teach us. There are no accidents, no mistakes, no victims.

Everyone is always in a process of restoring wholeness and integrity within the body. Remember, what is manifested in the physical is always a mirror or reflection of something happening in one of our subtle bodies, (or on some level of our consciousness) which vibrates at a higher frequency of energy.

If you want to know what ideas you have about men, simply look at what kind of men you have in your life. Do you have men who abuse you, criticize you, seek to control you and lash out at you? Then this is your picture of masculine energies. Granted, it is a distorted picture which contains images of imbalanced masculine energies . . . but then most people don’t know the difference between balanced and imbalanced masculine energies. Most people have never seen true masculine or feminine energies.

Do you want to know your ideas about God the Father? Then look and see what kind of an earthly father you have created. Does he tell you that you have to earn his love by doing enough good things in order to please him? Does he punish you when you don’t follow his wishes? Can you really feel his love for you?

What ideas do you have about relationships? Why do you keep having relationships that turn out to bring up the same issues and patterns in you even though you keep changing partners? If you want your relationships and external reality to be different, it is necessary for you to re-evaluate your internal beliefs and own your internal emotions. These and other topics we will explore in this book. Most importantly, we will show you how to take emotional ownership and responsibility for your life.

Some people feel that if they just eat the right diet and take the right supplements, then they can be free of all disease. This is especially true in people who don’t wish to engage in emotional ownership. They simply look to third-dimensional reasons for things in this and only this lifetime, and that’s all there is � so they think.

There is no one cause for disease or for any of the other challenges we all face as humans on this planet. Yes, there are some generalities which we will discuss in Chapter Four on “Body Symbology.” However, no one but you knows the unique set of characteristics that are a compilation of the thousands of lifetimes you have lived.

Some people wonder why “Sally Smith” took “xyz” supplements and cleared her disease, but when “Frances” (who had the same physical symptoms as Sally) came along and took those very same supplements, it didn’t do a thing for her. This is because Sally had already done extensive emotional ownership work and accepted responsibility for what she had created, so her Higher Self allowed her to discover a physical substance that would make the difference. She had already cleared up the problem at the level of the Source.

The difference is that Frances doesn’t believe that the mind or the emotions have anything to do with physical disease, and she refuses to consider this possibility. So her Higher Self will not allow her to “find” the solution until she takes responsibility for her actions. We have given you many tools in this book to go deep within yourself and discover all the judgments and emotions you have hidden inside of you, which have been preventing you from healing yourself.

One of the most important films to come out of Hollywood in recent years is What Dreams May Come. This film chronicles the journey of a doctor, portrayed by Robin Williams, who dies in a car accident several years after his two children were also killed in a car accident. Then, after the doctor’s death, his wife commits suicide. The film illustrates what disincarnate souls may experience after death, determined by a soul’s belief systems, expectations and emotions.

Physical life is a mirror. It’s purpose is not to justify, prove or validate anything. Life reflects. Nothing is true or not true simply by what happens or by what is observed. It is our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears and expectations that manufacture what we choose to accept or deny, validate or invalidate.

Your life experience doesn’t prove or disprove anything. It reflects your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations. You then must determine what to do with that information and experience. What Dreams May Come is a powerful film to illustrate this truth and help individuals look at themselves and their lives in a whole new perspective. We highly recommend this film to assist you on your life’s path and as an illustration of what we wish to convey in this book.

The following pages explore the various aspects which are within us, mostly those aspects which have been repressed or denied expression and ownership. This has been going on for thousands of lifetimes. Denial is no longer appropriate if we are to evolve beyond the third dimension. If we don’t address our previously denied energies, we will be sent to another third-dimensional planet until we “get it,” or until we take ownership and reclaim those lost aspects of ourselves, which we refer to in this book as our lost will.

This book is meant to stimulate you, to bring you into full experience and acceptance of your emotions, patterns and issues. You may feel hurt, angry or resentful. You may want to throw this book against the wall in a fit of rage. What is appropriate is that you honestly feel that which comes forth from within you. Since you drew this book to you, it means you are ready for this information on some level, and you are ready to make some powerful changes in your life.

There was a reason that you chose the country of your birth and also the country where you currently reside if it is different from your country of origin. There was a reason you chose your sex and sexual preference, your religion, lack of religion, your race, your parents (including your genetics) and siblings. The information which follows will give you clues so that you can discern why you made the choices that you made. The important points are to honor, respect, love, own, and take full responsibility for your choices. As you do so, you will accelerate your healing process.

Chapter 3

Emotional Ownership

The single most important reason for physical existence is to experience emotional ownership. This is our true ultimate mission on Earth. Most people think they are bound to Earth by an exclusively external mission of teaching or serving others. Certainly this is an aspect of it; but in actuality we are our own ultimate missions. We are in physical bodies to develop our emotional bodies and integrate them both fully into our spiritual being.

Emotional ownership means allowing ourselves to feel one hundred per cent any and all emotions and feelings, and to accept them one hundred per cent as our own creation. Many New Agers are trapped in the belief that they grow spiritually through mental learning and then doing external missions. However, our main spiritual growth does not come through knowing, understanding, learning or doing. Spiritual expansion primarily comes from feeling and being who we are to the absolute honest depth and being of our Selves.

Each of us is a unique individual with our own history, as well as simultaneously being the God Totality. God created the physical Universe in order to expand Itself through emotional experience and feeling. God is not a static state of being. It is the natural state of all beings to eternally expand in energetic consciousness and expression. Therefore, God is always expanding just as all Its incarnate soul expressions are eternally expanding both as individuals and as the totality. It is emotional embodiment that is the ingredient that allows for this expansion.

This is not to say that the mental body is inferior or should be rejected or ignored. Rather, we have over-focused on the mental body to avoid emotional experience, and it is a matter of integrating the emotional body into a balanced blend with the intellectual, physical and spiritual. The reason for centuries of imbalanced focus on intellectual learning is fear of the emotional body as well as the fearful denial of that fear.

We can read and learn and understand all we want so long as there is a genuine commitment to taking responsibility to own and feel the emotional experience and accept it as an equal aspect of our Selves. There is a tremendous amount of struggle and conflict taking place here because most of us stubbornly maintain the imbalance of the intellectual control over the emotional. This mental control, with its denial of the emotional body, is the foundation for all the struggle and conflict being experienced on Earth.

Emotional ownership means accepting who we are one hundred per cent as the creator of every moment and every detail of our lives. We are not victims of a victimizing universe, and nothing happens to us that has not been created on some level by us. We do not create some things in our lives and not others. We cannot be “a little bit pregnant.” We either are or we aren’t. In fact, we are pregnant with our eternally evolving spiritual Selves!

It is extremely important to understand that taking full responsibility for emotional ownership does not imply fault or blame. Most people define responsibility as assigning fault or blame. We say clearly that ownership means simply that and nothing more. Life is experience mirroring to us what we choose and create so that we can learn to make conscious choices and become who we want to be. The God Totality does not judge, blame, punish, reward or do anything that implies judgment.

Many people are afraid to “stick their toe into the water of emotional experience” because they project so much judgmental guilt, blame and expectations upon themselves and others. This pattern is part of the process that needs to be both owned and released in order to achieve true emotional ownership. As long as we judge or blame something, we are not owning or being who we are. As long as we project negative expectations, we are not being our Selves in the present moment. Emotional ownership means allowing us to see, feel and express whatever is going on in any moment and to do so without guilt, judgment, blame or expectation towards ourselves or others.

Nobody ever makes us feel or do anything. It is time to take our “mother made me . . .,” and our “father made me . . .” statements and flush them down the toilet. Life will always reflect back in day-to-day experiences our issues that require our ownership and processing. In our dreams, we have our most direct dialogue with our Higher Selves in which we create symbols for the unresolved emotional issues whose healing will lead us to our spiritual expansion. Whatever is not resolved in the dream state is then projected, or (more accurately described as) solidified into our day-to-day life.

We magnetize to us individuals and events to act out these unresolved issues as another opportunity to own, feel and embody the unresolved issues that block our continued spiritual evolution. When we continue to deny and avoid the lessons and ownership in these daily-created experiences, the issues then solidify further to manifest in the physical body as illnesses and diseases.

Many people fear the emotional process because they are afraid the emotions will hurt. We say, “Emotions are only emotions.” It is not the emotions that create pain but rather the fearful resistance and denial of them. It is like learning to ice skate. If we are about to fall down and stiffen in fearful expectation, the fall may be very painful. If we just relax and fall, the pain will probably be much less if any at all. Learning that it is this mentally projected negative expectation of emotions that creates our pain rather than the emotions themselves is a major breakthrough to allow us to open up and feel our emotions with less drama and struggle.

Many people resist the emotional process because they are addicted to judging themselves and defining certain emotions as bad, evil, dark, unspiritual or disgusting. Any kind of judgment will certainly intensify the emotional experience. When we are willing to let go of judgmental definitions or negative expectations of emotions, a less painful and more graceful healing experience will unfold.

A stubborn, fearful mind does not want to give up its illusionary control and will hold on to defining and projecting negative judgments in order to keep the emotions away, convinced that it remains in control. This, of course, will lead to excessive drama, struggle and pain. Many of us are therefore addicted to acting like Drama Kings or Queens, to avoid the real emotions, convinced that nothing is real unless it is overly dramatic.

Emotions & Emotional Ownership

It is important to be clear on the difference between emotions and feelings, especially since both are experienced the same way. Emotions are programmed reactions based on past-life experiences, whether or not we are conscious of it. It is important to be aware of our emotions to learn how we are subconsciously programmed to react to situations based on our life histories. This means we are not truly feeling and being who we are. When we become aware of what we emotionally feel in any situation and can see a pattern of repeating reactions, we can then begin to take conscious responsibility and control for what we choose to create and feel.

For example, if we share with someone a particular spiritual truth and they say, “You’re crazy!” and we react by feeling hurt and stupid, it is important to be aware of this reaction and to let ourselves feel it. One of the most important keys is that everything we feel is real, but everything we feel is not necessarily true. So if we feel hurt or stupid because of a remark like that, it’s a very real feeling.

After allowing ourselves to feel that emotion and see how we react, then it is important to ask, “What does this feeling tell me about myself?” If we choose to believe someone’s projected judgment, some questions to ask are: Why do I choose to believe it? Do I not sufficiently trust my truth? Am I insecure with my truth to the point that I am addicted to validation or acceptance from others in order to feel safe?

Our emotional reactions help answer these questions. If we feel hurt or stupid because of the other person’s judgmental statement, then this shows a lack of self-trust. Choose whether or not to feed more energy into the emotional reaction: Do I choose to remain feeling hurt? Do I choose to accept the feeling that I am stupid if someone else does not accept my truth? We are in control of our own lives. We are not victims unless we choose to victimize ourselves.

Here is another illustration: Let us say that your husband slaps you across the face when you serve him dinner. He says he hit you because dinner was late and tasteless and you’re stupid and useless. What is your emotional reaction? Are you angry at his ignorant arrogance and lack of respect for you? Do you feel hurt, stupid, inferior and useless because you believe him? Do you feel that he is right and you are worthless unless you can do more and serve him “better”?

Here again, the emotional reaction reveals how we see ourselves and how we show ourselves to others. People treat us the way we perceive and treat ourselves. We magnetize people to interact with us as mirrors to reflect our self-perceptions. The next questions to ask are: Do we feel enough emotional reaction to no longer choose that kind of judging and hurtful experience and therefore choose to remove ourselves from any further experiences of that nature? Do we choose to feel like the “poor little victim” who needs to sacrifice and demean ourselves even more in order to get the acceptance that we do not feel worthy of? Do we buy into the experience or accept that this shows us something about our self-perception that we have the opportunity to heal and transform?

The abusive husband in the above example is one hundred per cent responsible for his emotional attack, even though his wife co-created the experience. The husband has chosen to play his role consciously or unconsciously because it is a role he wants to be in and / or has agreed to play out for his wife’s learning experience. The wife has also consciously or unconsciously created her husband acting out this role for her own reasons. People who feel weak and inferior will choose to either act as a victim or as a victimizer, but the victim and victimizer are equal “victims” and are two sides of the same coin of self-rejection. Feeling our emotional reaction can lead us to this realization. It is important to not inject judgment, fault or guilt into it. The purpose is to act out our patterns so that we see what patterns are there, feel them one hundred per cent in order to derive all the learning experiences we can, and to then make a conscious creative choice of who we decide to be in each moment. Those who choose to act out the roles of victimizers do so from the same patterns of self-disgust, fear and denial as the victims. They repeatedly abuse the opportunity to take self-responsibility by attempting to escape feeling their self-disgust and self-judgment – maintaining an illusionary external control on their circumstances and upon other individuals.

Emotional ownership becomes total emotional healing when we have the discipline to ask ourselves in any situation: (1) What do I feel in this moment? (2) What does this feeling tell me about myself? (3) What do I choose to do with this? Remember to ask these questions again and again from one experience to another. This develops a conscious awareness and ownership of all emotional feelings and patterns which will, in turn, lead us to a more conscious healing and a more conscious choice in being who we want to be. Emotional Ownership means no longer being unconscious victims of external events from which an outside savior must rescue us.

It is precisely because emotional ownership removes the pattern of being a “helpless victim” needing to be “saved” by an outside savior that many choose to avoid or deny this ownership process. This is why people cling addictively to religious and New Age beliefs. Having the “right beliefs” will not save us. Believing in an external savior will not save us. Giving our emotions “to the light” will not heal anything. No guru will take away our karma or alleviate our emotional issues. We are our own creators, our creations and saviors. Christ Consciousness is not based on any religious belief system. It is not based on denying feelings and desires or “being less” on the Earth. Christ Consciousness is to feel and be one hundred per cent emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically in the incarnate body here and now!

Feelings vs. Emotions

Emotions are always reactions to memories and conditioning from the past. It is vital to recognize, feel and work through all the emotions to erase whatever behavior tapes are no longer lovingly constructive and supportive to us. It is also next to impossible to connect with our true feelings until we have recognized, owned, felt and processed all the emotional reactions and have done so without guilt, judgment, or negative expectations. Common examples of emotions are jealousy, envy, fear, hate, disgust and being in love (attraction to characteristics or qualities in others) as opposed to the spiritual feeling of love, which will be defined next.

Feelings are responses to being one hundred per cent in the present moment. When we experience true feelings, we are not subconsciously acting out a reactive history from other lifetime experiences. Rather, we are one hundred per cent present in the body in the moment as our total selves. Intuition is a feeling and is the most direct communication with the Higher Self. Even if we hear a voice with intuition, it is nevertheless experienced as a feeling from our innermost depths.

Whereas the emotion “in-love” involves attractions based on needs and history, the feeling love is an acceptance and embodiment that is not based on need, fear or expectation. It is a sense of total acceptance and being that contains no sense of incompletion or inadequacy. Whereas the emotion of sympathy involves personal attachment or identification, the feeling of empathy allows for an unconditional compassion and understanding of another’s experience that does not require personal involvement. Other feelings such as joy and bliss are not about denial of any desires or needs � which they are often misrepresented as � but are rather unconditional acceptance of total beingness.

Emotions are always conditional because they are based on reactions (whether consciously or unconsciously) and on a sense of insecurity or inadequacy. Feelings are always an unconditional acceptance of being. The more we accept individuals and experiences in our everyday lives as opportunities to feel and learn these differences, the greater the potential for healing and expansion. The book A Course in Miracles has as one of its daily lessons, “I am never upset for the reason I think.” This is an excellent lesson to keep in mind when approaching the process of emotional ownership. What makes life more painful and chaotic is our subconscious reaction rather than the emotion itself. When we are willing to experience any moment without judging or needing expected results, this relaxing and accepting into the moment can alleviate much of the suffering and struggle.

The more we try to avoid or escape something, the more we cause it and become it. Whatsoever we love the most in anyone or anything, the more that mirrors the same quality in us that perhaps is not yet fully felt and recognized. The more we hate anything in someone else, the more we tend to deny and avoid that quality within ourselves. We choose and create every moment based on what will most assist us to heal and grow. We need to accept this without guilt, blame, fault or judgment. The more we are willing to trust that whatever we feel reveals something we are ready to experience, embody, feel and heal, the easier the process can be and the greater the healing.

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