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News - Part 5

Welcome to The Brain Garden & the Food First Program!

Pulse Whole Food from The Brain Garden is our choice of nutritious food to form a basis for physical health. It is affordable and convenient. At Kornax Enterprises, we continually look for the best producers of natural health products, and pride ourselves in selecting only the best for our customers. While we stand by our […]

E3Live TM

“E3Live TM is a qualitative leap compared to the other AFA coming out of Klamath Lake.” – Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D **** Special Offer US Residents Only – Includes Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air ! **** E3 Live 4+1 Free Bottle + A Free Gift E3AFA, Enzymes, Phycomin, Probiotics or “Renew Me!” All for $145.80 – […]

3 Book Excerpts

Free Excerpts of Books Published by Kornax Enterprises Akanthos – A Book of Channeled Insights A trance channeled book full of profound spiritual insights. Topics include Soul Mates, True Love, being an Adventurer rather than a Warrior in life, and much more. Out of Print! Embraced by the Essence – Your Journey into Wellness Using […]

Aromatherapy Books

Essential Oils Reference Books Embraced by the Essence – Your Journey into Wellness Using Pure Quality Essential Oils Dr. Marcy Foley Davidsson Out of Print Free Excerpt This reference work on essential oils is Dr. Foley’s most popular book. Dr. Foley’s expertise as a Naturopathic Doctor is combined with the knowledge and wisdom of aromatherapy […]

Angstrom Minerals TM

Angstrom Minerals Product & Price List The nature of minerals in their most elemental state is that of single atoms. Only in this state can they carry an electrical charge, positive or negative. The body can only take up these elements if they carry an electrical charge. When minerals do not have an electrical charge […]

Lactobacillus acidophilus And Other Probiotics Supplements

Probiotics – Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus: Probiotics are our friendly intestinal bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus. The intestinal flora is a crucial element in the total health picture of an individual. The colon could be compared to a compost bin. It helps to decompose the waste products, which then sets the stage for […]

Alternative and Holistic Health

Anti-aging Manual Joseph B. Marion The most comprehensive encyclopedia on herbs, nutrition and natural health remedies ever published. 6″ x 9″, 1,475 p.; $49.95 The Anxiety Epidemic Dr. Billie Jay Sahley, Ph.D. A wounded healer takes you through her own five-year battle with panic, fear and phobias. Her healing came not from drugs, but vital […]

MSM Powder

MethylSulfonylMethane A 100% Natural Organic Sulfur Supplement Best Buy! – Kornax Brand 2 lb. MSM Crystals $19.95 !! Kornax or Rich’s* MSM Powder: Approximately 4 g/tsp. (4,000 mg) = 12 g/tbl. (12,000 mg). At Kornax, we pride ourselves in selling only 100% pure MSM. Much of the MSM on the market is produced through a […]

Ormus Minerals

“Having personally tested and evaluated the Ambrosia product range, I can confirm that their quality is second to none.” Liquid Chi 8 oz. Ambrosia Technology Step one in Ambrosia’s five step ormus program, followed by Vulcan’s Treasure, Hermes’ Elixir, Titan’s Tonic and Manna Tonic. Liquid Chi: Monatomic Gold 337 PPM Monatomic Iridium 588 PPM Monatomic […]

Liquid Copper Supplement

Ionic Copper Water Copper 16 oz (0.47 L), Angstrom 150 ppm = 0.75 mg/tsp = 2.2 mg/tbl** Regular price: $12.00 Kornax price: $9.50 Copper 16 oz (0.47 L), WaterOz 30 ppm = 0.15 mg/tsp = 0.45 mg/tbl** Regular price: $19.00 Kornax price: $14.67 Copper 32 oz (0.95 L), WaterOz 30 ppm = 0.15 mg/tsp = […]