"Disclaimer from WaterOz Regarding the Storage of Their Products"

About the Shelf Life of WaterOz Products

WaterOz is deeply concerned about our customers and their health. We view you as members of our extended WaterOz family and as such are committed to providing the purest, highest quality products that are second to none.

Once the products leave our factory we have no control over the environment or conditions in which they are stored or used. We have always suggested that our products be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, with the caps tightly sealed. We do not use preservatives in the manufacturing process for our mineral waters; therefore, it becomes imperative that no foreign substance be introduced into the bottle. Minerals should not be mixed together and stored. Minerals should not be stored close to magnets, electrical equipment, nor stored directly on concrete.

Unfortunately these suggestions are not always followed, along with other circumstances that can affect the long term viability of our products. The minerals can fall out of solution or incorrect storage can cause the possibility of unknown concentration due to these conditions. It is in this regard that we can no longer label our products as "stores indefinitely."

We hope this chance in labeling does not adversely affect anyone and look forward to your continued support.